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Hans Wurst 05-03-2014 05:23 AM

training for 5k
Hey folks,

I recently got an invitation to do a 5K-run in early July this summer. This means, roughly 8 weeks to train for it. I am a strength athlete and I guess my endurance is below average. My goal is to finish it in under 30 minutes.
In the meantime, I also want to keep doing my strength training. Is there a way to train for it in the most efficient way? I read about tabatas and how this group of athletes had better results doing this protocol than another group that was training longer runs.
Is that a good idea?

What do you think of:
strength training 3x week and tabatas 2x/week?


David Meverden 05-03-2014 05:38 AM

Re: training for 5k
We need more info on you: What kind of training plan are you using now? How many days a week? Weight, age, and how strong you are would also be helpful.

Without any of that I will say that Alex Viada has great Westside/Conjugate modified plans for endurance, but if you aren't already familiar with Conjugate methods you'll probably want something more familiar right now.

Alex Viada articles (WFS except for shirtless guys):


Hans Wurst 05-03-2014 09:18 PM

Re: training for 5k
David, thank you for your reply. Currently I am doing Starting Strength, 3x a week right now. 23yo, back squat 253, bench 187, press 134, deadlift 297lb. bw is 187lb.

Desmond Pegrum 05-05-2014 04:43 AM

Re: training for 5k
8 weeks isn't a lot of time. Intervals are very important but so is building up your running specific muscular endurance and aerobic fitness. Do at least one long run per week (slower than intended race pace) increasing it every week for the next 6 weeks then taper off that last 1-2 weeks before your race.

Ideally for 5K, you would want to have completed a long run of around 8 to 10K in training.

The rest of the week, you can mix it up. Mix it up between tempo runs (2.5 to 3K faster than race pace ), long intervals (say 800m X 4), short intervals (400m X 8), some hill work, fartlek etc etc

3-4 running sessions per week will be adequate

in my younger years i was really into running, my 5K PB is 16 mins 18 seconds.

Mario Beltran 05-06-2014 12:55 AM

Re: training for 5k
I think the complete opposite. If you are able to run 2k hard, you are able to run 5k hard.

Start with sprints. Those will teach you proper running mechanics, preferably hill sprints. Those also help build the needed endurance. Then slightly build up distance.

I would do it this way:
week 1 -
- 5-10x 50m hill sprints
- 3-4km easy pace jog

week 2 -
- 8x100m acceleration runs, start fast and become faster till the end
- 3-4km easy pace jog

week 3 -
- 6x200m sprints
- 3km at desired pace + 1 min./km

week 4 -
- 5x400m sprint
- 5km easy jog

week 5 -
- 3x800m sprint
- 5km easy jog

week 6 -
- 2x1600m sprint
- 2x2500m fast

week 7 -
- 7-8km easy jog

week 8 -
- competition

rest 90 sec. to 2 minutes on short sprints and 3-5 min. on long sprints

try to sprint at a sustainable level. highest repeatable pace.

EDIT: my PB is 17 min. 8 sec. btw.

Alex Burden 05-06-2014 01:11 AM

Re: training for 5k
Anyone can run 5k it just depends on what your goal is....

If 30min is your only goal then you should not have a problem at your age.

I'm 44 220lbs 6ft tall and can run 5k in 25min, 10k 51min with no problem at all...

The best measurement is to go out and actually run 5k... see what happens, how did it feel, what time you clock...

From that you will know if you have to train hard to improve on this or just turn up on the day and do the same thing you did when you first run 5k.

Why complicate things

Dare Vodusek 05-06-2014 01:57 AM

Re: training for 5k
Hope im not hijacking this thread, but I do wonder if anyone uses a HR when running?
I am terrible when it comes to endurance mainly because my HR goes up so high (over 90% - and very low pace also, almost jogging) and I fear Im damaging my heart and therefore I only do intervals lately.

Andrew Bell 05-06-2014 06:58 AM

Re: training for 5k
[QUOTE=Alex Burden;1229959]Why complicate things[/QUOTE]

Best advise in this thread (and I highly respect David and some others in here).....

I don't understand why it makes sense to do anything besides run 2 miles, 2 days a week. You're 23, and your strength numbers aren't so high that you are going to loose all your gains (gainz).

For instance, on Sunday I deadlifted up to 455lbs, and then ran 4 miles afterwards. You know how I got up to 4 miles? By running 3 the week before. Know how I got to 3? By running 2 miles 5 days before. Know how I got to 2? By running 1 the week before. All the while squatting and doing cleans with a pulled back.

Stop trying to beat around the bush, and go run 2 miles after your training. I think on an LP program such as SS a week or 2 off may be good for you and keep you from stalling out actually.

Just my $0.01.....

[QUOTE=Dare Vodusek;1229960]Hope im not hijacking this thread, but I do wonder if anyone uses a HR when running?
I am terrible when it comes to endurance mainly because my HR goes up so high (over 90% - and very low pace also, almost jogging) and I fear Im damaging my heart and therefore I only do intervals lately.[/QUOTE]

Dare, I am a pretty slow paced guy myself at 6'3 and 250lbs. I don't use heart rate, but I just keep it to where I can keep a steady pace throughout. Usually ends up being around 11 minute miles. I don't know how to get under that, but I can continue to build up distance, just not speed.

Let me know what you find though.

Luke Sirakos 05-06-2014 07:02 AM

Re: training for 5k
A 5k in 30 minutes is nothing, I ran one faster than that when I was pretty out of shape. Just run a mile once or twice a week, increase it to 2 miles, then 3. If you were talking about running a half marathon then you might want to really change your training but just start running and you should be more than fine.

Phil Washlow 05-06-2014 08:46 AM

Re: training for 5k
In conjunction with whatever running plan you choose to follow I would advise looking at the running as a skill and not just something to complete. Do a search for Brian Mackenzie and Nicholas Romanov, they have plenty of videos about proper mechanics that have helped me tremendously. In the past year I ran 1 5k and the rest of my running volume was 400M or less at a time, just working on form. Last weekend I was convinced to go for a run with a runner friend and easily completed 7 miles (previous most was 5 miserable miles a few years ago), this improvement was not only due to increased fitness but also improved mechanics as I had no foot, ankle, knee, or low back discomfort, which I typically did when running before working on my mechanics.

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