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Brian Lelli 01-05-2015 10:15 AM

Wood Plyo Box Foam Cover
I've done a bit of looking and haven't been able to pull up anything. Does anyone know of a company or person that makes a foam cover for a wooden plyo box?

The foam ones are awesome but outrageous (for a little gym owner like me) to put the money into.

It would be wonderful if someone made a 20x24" pad that you can wrap around the 30" side of a plyo.....

Daniel OBrien 01-05-2015 11:19 AM

Re: Wood Plyo Box Foam Cover
Someone on another forum bought a Powermax 3" soft plyo box and attached it to their 20x24x30 wood plyo box with velcro.

Here's the link to the powermax soft plyo boxes: (wfs)

Not sure if I can link other forums, so I'm just taking the quote:

OSUDimond says:

"I ordered this 3 inch high density foam plyo box top to retrofit onto some of the stuff at the gym. I really couldn't justify $1000+ for a full set of soft plyo boxes. I am going to have it set up to work with the wood plyo boxes. Bought a roll of velcro at Ace Hardware. Total investment with velcro and pad is like $150."

Christopher Morris 01-05-2015 09:13 PM

Re: Wood Plyo Box Foam Cover
Look into buying your own neoprene or closed cell foam (a cheap camping mat).

Mark E. Wallace 01-05-2015 09:24 PM

Re: Wood Plyo Box Foam Cover
I'm not sure what kind of idiot would ever need something like this.

On a completely unrelated note, please do not read this post. (wfs, aside from being gross)

- Mark

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