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Steven Quadros 03-24-2008 11:11 AM

IF to Gain Weight
I've been doing some reading on IF; it sounds interesting, to say the least. I am 6 ft, 180 lbs and on SS. I don't necessarily want to gain weight, but according to Rip gaining strength and recovering well are easier when one is getting their calories in. I went from 155 lbs before Christmas to the 180 lbs I am now, with considerable muscle gain and solid fat gain. Like I said, I'm most interested in increasing my strength levels considerably; so far I've been successful in this by drinking near a gallon of milk a day and eating three square meals a day.

Should I just stick with what's working and deal with the fat gain inherent in making sure I get my caloric surplus?

Could I benefit from IF?

I'm trying to go as paleo as I can, though my thread asking about calorie dense foods besides avacado, nuts, and olive oil didn't get much in the way of replies. This is not to say that I'm paleo, as I drink my milk and basically eat whatever my parents cook, which is a solid amount of Indian food; I also indulge in the occasional bagel, which is hard to avoid as Brooklyn has some great bagels, though this is only a once or twice a week thing.

Any suggestions or advice?

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