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Emil Berengut 08-15-2003 10:12 AM

Hi, I'm just starting here, so have a couple of questions:
I can't seem to locate any area on the site called "workout of the day". There are exercises listed and also routines, is that it? I also can't find any patterns to the routines, or do I just do something different every day? Please help.

Mike Minium 08-15-2003 11:19 AM

Welcome, Jasper.

The WOD is the workout listed every day (with the exception of rest days) on CrossFit's main page at For example, today's WOD is max deadlift, max bench.

Regarding your observation about not being able to detect any patterns to the routines, you're absolutely right! Although there is some underlying methodology to the WODs (this was discussed in one of the previous CrossFit journals), one of the cornerstones of CrossFit's approach to fitness is lack of routine or randomness.

I'd highly recommend going to the Get Started section of the website ( and downloading the free "What is Fitness" CrossFit Journal available on that page. Also, read the rest of the stuff on the Get Started section and if you want more, read through some of the backposts on this board--there's a wealth of information here.

And of course, feel free to ask more questions.


Larry Lindenman 08-15-2003 02:34 PM

I am by far not an expert in the methodolgy of Crossfit and am still in the break-in phase, so to speek. I have been training CF for two weeks now. What I have learned: Start slow, don't try to break any records. I work a week behind; I print up the six workouts and then go for it, this way I know what's coming and could prepare equipment the night before the workout or substute exercises. Read everything on the site. Really examine the WOD and know what it says. . . for example, 21X12X9 is 21 reps then 12 reps then 9 reps not 3 reps of 21X12X9. If you don't have equipment, make it. persevere.

Tony King 08-18-2003 05:44 PM


First time on the site. Lot of great info. I figured I would give it a try. The WOD, 18 Aug, kicked my ***. I gave it 100% but I made sure I used strict form. It took me 56:43 to complete it. I am sure that is a monster of a time! The pull ups took the most time for me. That was brutal. I guess I am not as fit as I thought. Look forward to reading about other peoples times.

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