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Frank Tardi 02-08-2009 10:58 PM

Survey Question Help!!
Hey guys - I have made a quick little survey for class and I need to get 10 respondents and write a 2 page response to the findings for Wednesday. If anyone can lend a hand that would be great. More than 10 is acceptable! And if anyone as any suggestions on how to better my survey or on adding more and better questions have at it! Thanks in advance everyone.

Were supposed to be doing this in person but I got permission to use the Discussion Boards on here. If you feel comfortable, give gender, age, race, etc... Anything to keep you anonymous really. No names will be used by any means.

1. Do you consider yourself to be an endurance training athlete?

2. What do you believe is better for building stamina/endurance; Short, intense workouts or long slow distance workouts?

3. During an average workout, how many minutes do you normally train?

4. On average, how many days per week do you workout?

5. Do you plan to compete in a endurance type of competition of any sort within the next 6 months?

Brad Thompson 02-09-2009 07:56 AM

Re: Survey Question Help!!
What is your hypothesis? What are you trying to find out?

From a statistical research point-of-view you will have a biased sample. Be sure to indicate this in your writing.

It also seems like the wording of your survey items is biased as well. #2 might say something more along the lines of "What is the best form of endurance training?" Take all of the opinion wording out of all of the questions. That opinions is what you are going to get is understood.

Just my 2.

Frank Tardi 02-09-2009 09:04 AM

Re: Survey Question Help!!
awesome - those are the tips i need. i didnt take too much into consideration when making the survey so im sure theres a lot to fix.

Frank Tardi 02-09-2009 09:10 AM

Re: Survey Question Help!!
oh an for my hypothesis - im not exactly sure. i wrote a paper titled High Intensity Interval Training vs. Endurance Training in order to support the fact that HIT programming is very sufficient in maximizing Endurance Training. So I am not exactly sure how to word my hypothesis for this survey?

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