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Michael A. Jones 09-03-2016 03:41 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


[COLOR="Blue"][B]Hero WOD Nickman[/B][/COLOR]

With a 55-lb. and 35-lb. dumbbell, 10 rounds for time of:
200-meter farmers carry with both dumbbells
35-lb. weighted pull-ups, 10 reps
55-lb. dumbbell power snatches, 20 reps, alternating arms

Subbed from jump with 2 x 40# KB. My grip was failing after five rounds, so dropped weight to two 30# DBs. I did ring rows, and did 10 snatches with my right and rows/band pulls with left.

This WOD ranked in the top five hardest that I've ever done. Looked moderate on paper, but execution was another story....Finished in 49:00.

Rest easy, Specialist Burley!!!

Michael A. Jones 09-04-2016 12:05 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


Did 75 minutes of interval training/ AMRAP training.

Our trainer had us do Tabata style work at 40:20, rested, then 5 Minute Partner AMRAPs.

Michael A. Jones 09-06-2016 07:57 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log



[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Began the 21 Day Kettlebell Squat Challenge with 20 Goblet Squats 40#. I'll use 40# throughout and will add 5 reps per day for the week.

24 Minute AMRAP
4 Burpees
4 G2O
4 Push Ups
4 Jackknifes

20ish rounds...Lost track while coaching.

[B]Conditioning[/B] 30 minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 09-08-2016 07:53 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

Challenge Day 2
25 Goblet Squats 40#


I was long overdue for a long run, so today was the day. Bonus was that I ran on a new stretch of trail that I missed out on a few weeks back.

Bad was that my wife texted me while running, and it paused my app...:( I knew something was screwy when the audio coach didn't announce my second mile.

Trucked on until I hit two miles, and turned back. It wound up being nearly 5.5 miles; 4.8 miles in 46:04 by the app.

Challenge Day 3
30 Goblet Squats 40#

Michael A. Jones 09-10-2016 06:59 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B]:yawn:


38 Minute AMRAP
8 Snatch
8 Figure 8
8 Burpees
8 Push Press
8 Loaded Russian Twists
8 Goblet Cossack Squats
8 Rows
8 Skaters
16 rds.....:eek:

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Challenge Day 4 & 5
35 Goblet Squats, rest, then 40 Goblet Squats

That'll teach me to skip a day for rest....:devil:

[B]Conditioning[/B] 20 minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 09-11-2016 07:54 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


[B][COLOR="Blue"]San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Climb[/COLOR][/B]

My daughter, some friends and I participated in the 4th annual climb at the Tower of the Americas. It's always been an honor to sweat and honor the sacrifices of the brave who lost their lives on 9/11.

1904 steps over two ascents in 1:16:00.

Challenge Day 6
45 Goblet Squats

My knee feels like it's gonna be nagging me for a day or two....:crutch00: I've iced it and currently using a compression sleeve. We'll see how it feels in the a.m.

Michael A. Jones 09-12-2016 08:15 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Active Rest Day[/B] :snore:

Wisdom dictated that I lay low today....My knee felt much better but I don't want to jeopardize my legs for the sake of a workout. So, ended the 21 day challenge until further notice:(

Did some shoulder mobility work at PT, and iced my knee. Compression sleeve will go back on until bed.

Michael A. Jones 09-13-2016 07:50 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

For Time
60 Snatch 30#
60 Single Unders
60 Step Ups 20"
60 Jackknifes
60 Push Ups
60 C&P
60 Goblet Squats
60 Burpees
Complete 20 seconds work, then 10 seconds rest until all reps are completed.


Michael A. Jones 09-15-2016 07:57 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
10x 135#
10x 205#
6x 275#
3x 325#

I was really surprised that I was able to pull over 300....It's been a while since I have done any deads.


[B]Active Rest Day[/B]
Stretching, check
Shoulder strengthening and mobility, check
Stretching, check
Hydration, check

Michael A. Jones 09-17-2016 03:42 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

Lateral Box Jump Overs 16" [url][/url] (WSF)
DBall G2S 40#
Straddle Box Jumps 16" [url][/url] (WSF)
Ring Rows


[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Front Squats
5x10 135#

50 DUs
20 Step Ups 80#
50 DUs
20 Goblet Squats 70#
50 DUs
20 Lunges 80#
50 DUs
20 Single Leg Deadlifts 80#
12:00 :evilsmile

Playing around with the Little Method of interval training....60:75
Single Unders: KBS 25#
Single Unders: Squats
Skaters [url][/url] (WSF): Flyes
Skaters: Standing Russian Twists
Power Knees, right [url][/url] Jabs 10#
Power Knees, left: Curls 10#

Only did 6 rds for 13.5 minutes.

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