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Norm Swann 07-08-2011 03:03 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Tim; great time on "Morrison"!!!

JT Kalnay 07-09-2011 03:58 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Saturday July 9, 2011

a.m., walked one hour up and down at Hinckley

p.m., Xfit Games Open WOD #1
AMRAP in 10 minutes
30 du, 15 gto 75#

made 2 rounds & 17 dus,
finished the third round in 12:32

compare to first try at this WOD on 3-19-11 in the SoP (1 round + 30dus + 5gto)

got in 10 more gtos and 17 more dus.

The dus were easier, but the GTOs were harder. Am 6 pounds lighter today doing this than I was on 3-19-11.

JT Kalnay 07-09-2011 04:08 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
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Saturday July 9, 2011

Witnessed at Hinckley!

needs a caption....

Tim Babcock 07-09-2011 07:04 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Climbed at Hinckley with Rick and JT. O-Wall. Did all 3 versions several times. Fun.

JT Kalnay 07-10-2011 08:53 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Sunday July 10, 2011

Karen: 13:41, with elbows touching outside the thighs on each rep, with the sand filled b-ball instead of the big ball. The big ball makes my elbows hurt...

Then did some OHS practice (was this a good idea after Karen???)

Going to play 18 this afternoon in the heat to train for N.C.!

Tim Babcock 07-10-2011 09:00 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
8 KBS 2 pood
12 GHD situps
AMRAP 8 minutes
5 Rounds

Elbow RX

JT Kalnay 07-10-2011 03:15 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Sunday July 10, 2011

rode TWO laps around the farm with Emma (age 7), Elli (age 8) rode one lap, and Eve (age 5) made half a lap. way to go girls!!

played 18 in the heat, was able to avoid "coming over the top" most of the day, and shot 4 shots better than friday on the same course. man it was hot...

Jeffrey Fortuna 07-10-2011 06:38 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Just got home from probably the worst climbing trip I've ever been on. The first route on Saturday, Trad Sucker, felt hard and it was only a 5.11c. I ended up redpointing it on the second go, but it was a bad omen for the rest of the weekend. Next I got on Twisted 5.11b, that I had top roped last trip to the Red, and redpointed it first go. Next got on Ale 8 one 5.12b at the mother load. It was all I could do to go from bolt to bolt. I did all the moves but in no way did I feel like I could send it. On Sunday I got on a 5.10 something to warmup and couldn't get past the first bolt. I tried three times but my head wouldn't let me pull over the low bulge. I got so ****ed at myself that I wasn't able to climb the rest of the day. All I could think was "I hate over hanging routes." I never want to go to the Red again. I HATE IT!

JT Kalnay 07-11-2011 06:53 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Monday July 11, 2011

Swam 1100m in 26:47 using the pull buoy b/c my thighs, hips, and lower back wouldn't work after yesterday's Karen then biking then golf.

@Jeff, sorry to hear about the RRG trip. Sounds like NRG trips where 1/2 the time is spent at the cirque and the other half is spent on either side of the cirque are likely in your future. Or, at the RRG, there is Military wall, which has some really nice face climbing about 40 yards away from some crazy overhanging RRG stuff. The motherlode is only one of hundreds of crags at the RRG, there are other crags where there are NRG-like face climbs very near to more RRG-overhanging-pockety stuff. For example, there is Autograph 11a (crazy RRG overhanging crap) right beside Apopleptic Chick from Missouri 10b, NRG face climb. Both of these climbs are 100 yards from a very nice wall that has both Jill-like 12a face climbs and Lena-like overhanging RRG monsters. So, before you go the next time, and you know you're going again..., let's get into my guidebook and pick an area that will accomodate both your styles...

Tim Babcock 07-11-2011 09:10 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
2 TGU's each side (every kb in the shed-5-10-10-15-20-35-45-53-72) took the 72# kb outside!
1 Problem
9 rounds + 1 additional problem to make it an even 10.

Fingerboard Workout 45 Minutes

Afterwards I tried some HSPU on my parallettes (thanks Jeff). I did better than I thought I would. Fun.

Jeff, I'm sure the heat didn't help the climbing. This fall the rock will feel magical after climbing mid summer. I also agree with JT's advice.

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