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Sam Lepore 11-27-2006 06:02 AM

Hey guys--

[url=][/url] (Worksafe link)

Anybody using this as a supplement?

Yael G-- I know you are. Like it? What brand? Why is it good?

Nick Cummings 11-27-2006 07:02 AM

Sounds silly to me. Although, if it's stupid and it works, it's not that stupid.

Yael Grauer 11-27-2006 01:49 PM

Yeah, I use Himalayan crystal salt sole. You can buy a little starter kit for around $12, a jar with the salt crystals to make the sole. Very simple to do, and you can keep reusing the crystals by adding water for a while.

It seems like a gentle way to detox that doesn't destabilize me.

I'm a big fun of the "it's stupid, but it works, so I guess it's not that stupid" school lately. That's why I use homeopathics.

Yael Grauer 11-27-2006 03:02 PM

I guess I should add that I don't know about all that stuff on the page. It seems a bit extreme. But I do believe in the healing properties of salt... anybody who's swam in the ocean likely will as well.

Also, good quality unrefined salt (Celtic sea salt is good too) is important. It's like a mineral supplement, and is loaded with trace elements as well.

Dr. Mercola's into it, but who knows if he's getting a cut or what: [url=][/url]

I say, try it and see how you feel. Then keep it if it works for you or chuck it if it doesn't.

Steve VanGilder 11-30-2006 10:33 PM

I usually buy [url=][/url]

Ever since I did the disolve in a glass of water test between table salt and real salt, I won't use table/refined salt. My friend noticed a difference in the flavor immediately (although I didn't). She said it's sweeter. I read that refined salt is heated over 300 degrees and it becomes altered to a point that it's acidifing in the body, but realsalt is alkalizing. Don't know if that is all true, but, still, since the glass of water test I'm sold.

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