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Leah Turner 09-23-2009 05:32 PM

Chasing down a pickpocketer
Well it's not as glorious as it may sound, but I was a bit pysched.

After Mass I noticed a younger man out of place, sitting in the back pew. A few moments later standing outside he ran past me with a wad of money he stole from a women's purse. Everyone just stood there and watched while I immediately started walking, just to see where he was going. But, I really wanted to sprint him down despite a false inhibition holding me back. Finally an usher came up behind me and said, "hey let's get him." I sprinted, kicking off my dress shoes along the way, running through the grass near the highway. As I approached the man I asked for the money back, which he handed over.

While, my instinct should have been near instant, which I want to work on developing, I am sure that without Crossfit I wouldn't have had the confidence or desire to attempt to run in such a situation. But since CF I want to be one of the silent protective watchdogs that someone in the CF Journals wrote about.

This experience illustrated my weakness of senses. I noticed the out of place man before the incident occured, but was distracted and thought nothing more of it. A mistake.

And lastly, I need to increase my amount of sprinting because this guy wasn't too fast a runner to begin with.

Despite the revealed weakness to improve on I thank Crossfit for the ability and desire to respond in this situation. It's also interesting what adrenaline does to a person...

Wayne Riddle 09-23-2009 05:40 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
Detection skills are a good thing, nice job on noticing something out of place. Many people would shrug it off or "reason" it away.

Now, what would you have done if you caught him and he decided he wasn't giving the money back? Lucky most people like this are wimps and want to avoid a fight at all costs. First sign of resistance and they fold their hand.

It isn't a bad thing to be a watchdog, but if you want to fill that role I suggest training. Lucky Crossfit has many of Tony Blauer's videos available, those are a good place to start.

Leah Turner 09-23-2009 06:18 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
Agreed. I wouldn't have been prepared to fight and would have retreated.

Yes, I enjoy Tony's videos and would like to make it to the Summer Training Session someday...his videos have increased my awareness a bit and led me to plan ahead what-if escape situations in my head when I'm sitting around somewhere.

Wayne Riddle 09-24-2009 02:29 AM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
I attended the Summer Session this year and it was a blast. Keep an eye out for regional seminars or coaches in your area via the [URL=""]PDR Team[/URL] website (WFS).

Nathan Doherty 10-06-2009 08:38 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
I would not call this a weakness of senses, as you described. As you sensed something was wrong initially, and it wasn't confirmed until the usher said 'lets get him', so you knew he had in fact stolen something. It was probably rather obvious once he was running out with cash, though imagine if you would have tackled him or whatever when you first saw him running and he had not in fact stolen anything. Your initial senses were good, and in my opinion, the sense you demonstrated in not overeacting before having complete information was even more impressive.

I would of been delighted if he would of resisted. Pounding a scumbag thief into the ground would be a pleasure.

Veronica Carpenter 10-06-2009 10:47 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
Dang, I was waiting for the "sprinted him down and tackled him in the middle of a crowded intersection!" line. :-D

Blair Robert Lowe 10-10-2009 08:33 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
Your senses are probably higher than the normal person, but I can't say I think much of what I consider what would be normal. Still this shows promise. I'm dismayed sometime of what normal people senses are limited to ( I am talking about some of the people that I work with, especially in a new job that is mostly marketing ).

Obviously, you were not ready to confront them until you had someone leading you or going with you. What was this person like?

You might want to think about that.

While I like most of the Blauer stuff, if you were to go after him; you need to be ready to take them offensively versus be defensive.

Self Defense begins with the ability to be offensive. If you can't be offensive...well, it's kind of pointless and better to just evade and escape. This requires more than just the physical H2H training but mental/emotional preparation to take the offensive.

Chris Sinagoga 10-11-2009 03:44 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
start up some parkour training. that should come in handy next time you gotta chase down a bad guy

John Blount 10-20-2009 01:05 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
[QUOTE=Chris Sinagoga;678304]start up some parkour training. that should come in handy next time you gotta chase down a bad guy[/QUOTE]

haha, there would be no escape

Tony Black 10-20-2009 03:31 PM

Re: Chasing down a pickpocketer
Id start thinking more seriously about a decent self-defence class its all very well "catching" the guy but what then?

Fitness give options and allows you to chase some1 - but you might want to put some thought into what happens at the end of that chase...

What if hes desperate/armed/high/got a buddy etcetc....

How does the law in your area view joe public chasing down people? Can you make citizens arrests? Or perhaps following him until the police arrive. Think about the logical conclusion to you ending up in a confrontation belting him unconscious and the police showing up....

Having said all that well done m8.

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