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Bill Ennis 08-08-2007 10:44 AM

Hi Everyone;
This is a heartfelt thanks to Crossfit and all who are involved in it- posting the workouts , the videos , Crossfit journal etc.
I stumbled upon Crossfit in April of this year and have been following scaled down versions of the WODs four days a week. Between Crossfit and a moderately strict Zone diet , I have lost 25 lbs .
Several weeks ago , my family and I were in France during the Tour de France .We were in Lyon staying with family friends and one of our friends suggested that he and I go see the Tour- but not just see it but bring bikes(velos) and ride part of the stage. And not just any part of the stage but the Col de La Colombiere (Stage 7 , July 14 ). This is a category 1 climb with an average grade of 6.8% with the last 3 km at 11%+. It's about 18 km to the summit and we were riding it on mountain bikes with big fat tires.As someone who has followed the Tour de France for 25+ years , this was a dream come true.
The point of all this is that I hadn't been on my road bike in almost two years yet I was able to do that climb ( and walk the next day ). I completely attribute this to the fitness and conditioning I derived from Crossfit. The running and squats etc. of the WODs I know had me in good enough shape to survive that mountain stage-we didn't go fast but we made it.
Once again, thanks to everyone in the Crossfit community.
Bill Ennis

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