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Hunter Jones 09-04-2016 05:42 AM

Endurance Programming
Where's the best place to find information on endurance programming?

Steven Wingo 09-09-2016 05:56 PM

Re: Endurance Programming
Are you just looking for workouts? Or do you want to learn to program for yourself or others?

I can recommend a bunch of books. In terms of CrossFit specific, it looks like there have been some changes to the offered courses. I attended the CrossFit Endurance- Running course a couple of years ago. Now it looks like there have been some tweaks, probably for the better, so they have an Aerobic Capacity Course and then specific courses to address running (Pose Method) and Rowing.

I coach a twice weekly CFE class and do all the programming for it. Right now I'm also programming a once a week workout specific to preparing for a Spartan Super in December.

I have not attended the new Aerobic Capacity course, but intend to do so when I get the opportunity. My anticipation is that it will be a great source for knowledge on how to program for multiple endurance modalities--running, swimming, biking, and rowing as well as other activities.

David E. Garcia 09-13-2016 09:14 AM

Re: Endurance Programming
Chris Hinshaw's website - [url][/url] posts a workout of the week for multiple disciplines and goals. They are posted every Monday and are broken down in to running workouts and then swim/bike/row workouts. Both sets of programming offer Aerobic Threshold, Lactate Threshold, VO2 max, and Speed/Strength Endurance specifications.

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