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Matt A. Windsor 04-07-2014 10:53 AM

Matt's Workout Log
I've got a much older workout log, but am replacing it for a very good reason, aside from the fact that it's > a year old.

Back on 28 January of this year, I was lifting a boxspring in a fairly unorthodox way. Picture a truck to your left, and a boxspring lying on its side to your right. I essentially leaned down to my right, right hand on the ground, left hand up in the air, to pick up the boxspring.

Got it 2' off the ground, and heard a *snap* and suddenly I have a one way ticket to pain city. The upshot is that I found out a week and 5 days later that I had ruptured my right distal biceps tendon 90% - it was hanging on by a thread.

So on 12 February I had it reattached, and today I was essentially released to do CrossFit again, with severe weight limits (I can handle about a 3# curl right now).

So, that said, this will be my 'recovery' log from that injury.

Today's WOD:

25 Abmat Situp
25 Air Squat
25 V-ups
25 Goblet Squat (done w/8# wallball)
25 Hollow Body Rock
25 Burpee (did 25 box pushups and 25 air squats as a sub)
25 Supermans
25 Wall Balls (25 more goblet squats lol)
25 Flutter Kicks
25 Slam Balls (25 8# med ball thrusters)
25 Russian Twists (with a REALLY freaking light weight)

Took me something astronomical, like 21 minutes and some change. My right arm looks like some 89 year old guy traded me for my right arm. LOL

But hey...better than sitting on the couch, and it felt good to put work in. The arm is fine, other than being sore (duh). The soreness is in the biceps and the forearm muscles, specifically; if I feel any pulling or pain very localized to the repair site, then obviously I back off immediately.

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