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Ben Kaminski 08-09-2005 03:31 PM

Today I acquired the clapping pull-up. I can do several in a single hang from the bar, but need to work on timing in order to rhythmically crank them out. After playing with this, I did yesterday's WOD with the 80+ pullups. After the second set, I had to take a short break. I tore four callouses, and had to tape them up to finish the WOD.

Suffice to say that the catch in the clapping pullup can be a little tough on the hands.

Scott Kustes 08-09-2005 04:08 PM

I've seen Barry Cooper attempt these, but never have myself. I've got a feeling that the catch would be hard on my chin.

Joshua Newman 08-10-2005 05:24 AM

I've been working these a fair amount as well.

The key to getting them, and to chaining them together, is kipping like a madman. You really need to explosively swing to get enough height for the clap.

Which, in turn, improves your kip on non-clapping pullups - or, at least, it has for me. I'd say they're definitely worth the time.

Chris Forbis 08-10-2005 07:05 AM

I haven't gotten a nice resounding clap sound yet, though I have gotten my hands to make contact.

And yes, the catch is brutal on the hands.

Nic Nakis 08-10-2005 08:11 AM

Awesome. I will try it today at CF North.

How about behind-the-back clap pushups?

Don Stevenson 08-10-2005 08:35 AM

After reading this I had to go try it!

I'm in the same position as Chris, I got my fingers to touch but no good clap.

I will have to try these on a better pullup bar though because my home bar is a little low and its hard to get a good kip. I think on a decent bar i could get it.

My bar also makes funny grinding noises as i land and i fear pulling it out of its hallway mounts.

Nic Nakis 08-10-2005 08:44 PM

I did a strong set of 20 today, with noisy claps. Felt awesome.

I almost think I could do more clapping than regular...

Nic Nakis 08-13-2005 03:44 PM

Did 20 again today, got a bunch of others to try it too. Good fun. Video coming soon.

Steven Stackpole 08-13-2005 06:47 PM

clapping pull-ups

Eric Cimrhanzel 08-13-2005 08:35 PM

Beautiful movement. I can't get more than a single yet, but I said that about bar muscle-ups, and three weeks later, I got triples right and left.

This will be a fun one to work, except for my hands getting ripped to shreds.

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