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Michael A. Jones 10-11-2013 11:16 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log



[B][I]20 ea jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, stretching and 1 minute singles[/I][/B]

4 rds
80' farmer walk 75#/hand
8 SB ground to shoulder 55#
80' OH sloshpipe carry 45#is....

Michael A. Jones 10-12-2013 11:29 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Strength[/B] :weight_l:

I skipped out on any endurance and conditioning today. I had not HIIT class this morning and feeling kind of drained.....:(

Michael A. Jones 10-13-2013 07:16 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B] :snore:

Michael A. Jones 10-15-2013 04:01 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

I fell asleep before posting last night. I was so darn tired from running errands, cleaning house(the wife was off work ;) ) and my classes.

4 rds
4 Curtis Press plus 4 shoulder to shoulder 45# SB
8 rotational DL 45# SB

I ran thru 10 minutes of speed and agility drills with the teens at the community center, then 45 minutes of HIIT.

Michael A. Jones 10-16-2013 08:36 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


50 minutes of HIIT. I am working on different formats for my classes right now. This session incorporated suicide-like sprints coupled with 30 seconds of work, then 10 seconds of active rest.

I think everyone enjoyed it until the end which was 1 minute of jumping jacks....Lucky for them that I didn't plan in burpees:rofl:


[B][I]Stretching, Burgener WU and 10x135# bench[/I][/B]

5 rds
5 bench press 170#
10 KB curls 30#/hand
15 tri press 52#

[B]Assistance Exercise [/B]
3 rds
wrist roller 10#

Michael A. Jones 10-17-2013 12:42 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

I stayed up way to late watching old school flicks....:D I was drained but managed to get some work in courtesy of some Spark and the Vince Lombardi quote: "I firmly believe that any man’s finest hours – his greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear – is that moment when he has worked his heart out in good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."

[B]Strength[/B] :weight_l:
Deadlift Cluster
60% 1RM-250#
70% 1RM-290#
80% 1RM-330#

I felt really good considering I haven't been doing deads for quite some time.

10 DL 225#
20 KBS 50#

3 rds
10 Supermans
20 Crunches
10 Oblique crunches/side

2 rds on the heavy bag with 120:30 splits

I am so looking forward to my rest day!!!!:highfive:

Michael A. Jones 10-19-2013 07:39 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log
[B][COLOR="Red"]20131018[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR="red"]and[/COLOR] [B][COLOR="red"]20131019[/COLOR][/B]


I took yesterday off, my birthday, to relax and used today to just get some sleep....:yawn:

Michael A. Jones 10-20-2013 09:45 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B][I]10 goblet squats 50#, stretching and foam rolling[/I][/B]

Front Squat
4x10 190#

Standing oblique crunches 30#/side

6 rds on the bag with 30:10 splits

Michael A. Jones 10-21-2013 08:15 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Endurance[/B] :run:

Got out to run for the first time in over two weeks. I was expecting to have lost a step or two, but faired very well.

Ran two miles in 16:23!! I eased into it with a 8:30-something pace, then turned on the jets because I was feeling pretty good.

[B][I]Burgener WU[/I][/B]

3 rds
5 cleans 145#
5 renegade rows 30#/hand
15 box jumps 18"

[B]Endurance Part Deaux[/B]
20 minutes of HIIT at my new Monday location.

Michael A. Jones 10-23-2013 06:26 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B] :crutch00:

I took an unscheduled rest day due to my back....I've learned to listen when something is aching.

Did a ton of icing and rolling!!!


I felt a whole lot better after taking yesterday off.:pepper:

[B]Strength[/B] :weight_l:
5x5 200#

Put in a solid 30 minutes of HIIT at the lake tonight!! Some of my regulars were in attendance, and got a newcomer; I think she's hooked....;)

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