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Jim Colby 08-06-2011 07:07 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Sorry, no updates for a while. I've been on vacation and was very busy with work before that. Here's a quick update.

[B][U]July 24[/U][/B]
New Jersey State Olympic Triathlon - This was miserable in the heat and humidity. The water for the swim was 87 degrees and it only got worse from there. It took me 3 hours, which was about 20-25 minutes slower than my goal. I thought I was going to pass out in the run and had to walk for much of it. Half way through the run, my only goal was to not quit and to finish. I was upset afterwards, but I think the weather just got to me in a bad way. Finished right in the middle of my age group.

[B][U]July 25-26[/U][/B]
Busy at work, discouraged from the race and rested.

[B][U]July 27[/U][/B]
Cycled 20 miles, ran 3 miles

[B][U]July 28[/U][/B]
Busy at work, so did not work out.

[B][U]July 29[/U][/B]
Cycled 15 miles, ran 4.5 miles

[B][U]July 30[/U][/B]
Swam 1 mile

[B][U]July 31[/U][/B]
Swam 1 mile, Cycled 30 miles, ran 10K (Olympic tri distance + a little more). My splits were equivalent to a 2:50 oly tri and I was not going at race pace. I felt a lot better after doing this, as it means my poor performance the week before was due to the heat. It was a dry 95 degrees today, much better than the week before.

[B][U]August 1[/U][/B]
Travel day to Canada, so no workout.

[B][U]August 2[/U][/B]
Biked 32 miles, then ran 5 miles.

[B][U]August 3[/U][/B]
10K trail run (52 mins, not race pace)

[B][U]August 4[/U][/B]
1 mile open water swim in Lake Huron (kind of wavy, so tough going against the wind)

[B][U]August 5[/U][/B]
Cycled 32 miles, then ran 2 miles at easy pace

John Burch 08-06-2011 09:57 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
wu jumprope 30 front squats @95

weighted pullup 70/80/96
triple bench 185/215/235
6x5 weighted dip @35 + 10 tri ext green band
triple power clean 135/185
5x10 25# DB pushup row

WOD 3 rounds
O/H squats @95
90 jumprope
3 rounds
10 pullups
100yd sled pull @95

2x12 box squat 1x2@225 2x2@315 7x2@275 3x2@295
7x1 wide stance DL @ 315
bent over row @ 135

WOD 3 rounds
30 lunge @ 75
15 BJ 24"
10 pullup

John Burch 08-06-2011 10:03 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
8/6 Happy 16th Birthday Kyle

Bench 9x3 @ 185 normal narrow wide grips
5 sets max bench with hanging 35# KBs 20/16/11/12/12/
5x8 Tate press with 25# DBs
30 Hang Snatch @95

10-1 pullup
1-10 push jerk @ 135
first time I have been able to finish this one @ 135 in the past at maybe 7 or 8 rounds into it I would dropped to 115. Glad to have made it with 135


Perry Dean Freedman 08-06-2011 12:00 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
6 rounds back squat, dead lifts and flat bench (same weight on all exercises)

1st round: 135 x 10
2nd round: 185 x 10
3rd round: 205 x 10
4th round: 205 x 10
5th round: 185 x 10
6th round: 135 x 20

Cliff Miller 08-06-2011 12:16 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
last nite 21-15-9 hi pin zerker squats 95 lbs
broken up with 30-20-10 ring pull ups


then 9 holes of golf with no cart.

up at 3 a.m. to start the smoker and fill it with 4 pork butt's for a friends wedding.

at the gym this morning

3-3-3 back squats
225-255-315 (pr)

good mornings 6-6-6-6-6


then 5x20 green band good mornings.

wooo hooo friends wedding tonite then off for 7 day road trip to the southern interior of B.C. planning on taking the logging roads for much of the week so with any luck there will not be many people around nor cell phone coverage. wife/dogs/bikes/good food/books and solitude. 8 months is way to long to go between vacations.

keep up the great work everybody and i will be back in a week.

Deb Weber 08-06-2011 12:23 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Congrats [B]Jim.[/B] The heat and humidity have been oppressive.
Nice on the 135# [B]JB[/B] and PR [B]Cliff. Perry[/B], Im guessing the back is good as new!

[B]8_6_11 Saturday[/B]

35kg (5) fast & fun
85# (2)
90# (2)
95# (1)
100# (f/f)
Same deal w/new snatch; harder to pull the bar back enough when the weight gets heavier or I get tireder. Seems like completely diff muscles. Trying to find that tension in my hamstrings and low back.
Catch and landing are screwy now b/c not sure where the bar is going to wind up, kinda feel like I might be stopping it from going back where it should be, afraid Ill lose it back? Lot of hesitation in my sit. The lighter weights just fly up, just gotta control and sit fast. Even the heavier ones w/the hip extension now seems like plenty room to get under.

I had the 100# and lost it in the catch; then I had a forward landing wound up on my knees. Didnt even feel heavy. But I snatched up to that w/no misses. :cool: Fun!
Picnic, pbly squat later.

Stephen Smith 08-06-2011 12:59 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
I love reading these logs! I'll be joining the over 50 club in a few short years, and I feel humbled every time I read what you folks are doing...

Perry Dean Freedman 08-06-2011 02:00 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Thanks Deb. A little sore but on the mend. Today was a test. See how it feels tonight.

Pat Quigley 08-06-2011 06:35 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
After long warm up,Cindy:AMRAP 20 minutes,5 pull ups,10 push ups, 15 square. 12r+2 pull ups.

Perry Dean Freedman 08-07-2011 11:24 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Back feeling sore today but nothing close to what it was last week.

4 mile easy run (30 minutes). Core routine and stretch.

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