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Stephen R. Lampl 11-26-2008 12:41 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
[quote=Justin McGinley;456054]I think work like that counts as "active rest."

I thought about doing a Starting Strength cycle, but I've decided instead to just add a little bit extra strength work into my workouts(which sometimes messes up my programming when I try to follow the mainsite WOD, but I want more strength, so that is a "sacrifice" I am willing to deal with :D ) What goals do you have that make you want to try SS?[/quote]

Hey Justin!

I can relate to the "active rest" concept, though as badly as Angie kicked my hind end a week or two ago, I have NEVER been so sore recently as I was after playing on the roof and in those gutters. SHEESH!! I guess a lot of it was the static holds my body was in - - especially the quads, when I was facing down the pitch.

Yup, I too try to follow the main page WODs - - keeps my ADHD brain interested and tends to do a good job of mixing metcon or CFE with strength work. I do my own thing when the main page is clearly above my capabilities (WAY BEYOND...) or when I need to adjust for my maladies.

I'll be doing SS for two reasons. First, though I been lifting on and off pretty much since I got out of high school (about 40 years), I've developed a lot of bad habits, or never learned the lifts I've been doing the correct way. Got some pretty good poundages too, but luckily, never injured myself. As it is, I should be messed up from all the "bad" lifting I've done.

Second, I'd like to really develop some functional strength above what I'm gaining through CF. But, I can't do CF properly without having correct form under my belt for the oly lifts. My DLs and Bench forms are OK, but could be better. My best bench (from about 15+ years ago) is only 235 X 2 (I weighed about 210 back then - - still overweight). According to SS, if I improve my form just a bit (keep the lumber curve instead of forcing the whole of my back onto the bench) and learn to keep my core tight, I will greatly increase muscular efficiency and with some time and training, should be able to blow the old numbers away....Same with the DLs. I believe I've got a 300 + DL in me, and I'd like to shoot for a 2X BW DL down the road.

Sorry for the long-winded response, but you got me going (yes, I'm still stoked)!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Stephen R. Lampl 11-26-2008 01:06 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
Hi Nancy!

Yup........I[I][B] LOVE[/B][/I] to cook! I've had a lot of fun experimenting with different meals. Stumbled on to a new favorite of mine (Chicken or Steak and broccoli stir-fry) that I try to have once a week or so. Cheryll likes it too, so that's a plus. Chery's a great cook too, as is our daughter, so we all struggle with leading a "hand to mouth existence!"

It's all the [I][B]bad things[/B][/I] I like to make that are the problem. You mentioned pasta - - I make a mean spaghetti sauce which I love to smother angel hair pasta with. I'll still make small quantities of the sauce, make two servings for supper and freeze the rest. I'll probably carb load a little before doing a CFE type WO like a [I][B]L O N G [/B][/I]rowing session. I want to do a 10K or perhaps a 20K row sometime soon.

I've knocked off the breads, sugars, and artificial sweeteners. I use raw sugar or sometimes, saccharin in my coffee, but that's about it. Scared to death about the long-term effects of sucralose (Splenda) which has 6 free chlorine atoms in its molecule........unfortunately, chlorine binds with just about anything......Aspartame makes my rummy, so I quit using it.

Best to you and yours for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Justin McGinley 11-26-2008 02:03 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
[QUOTE=Stephen R. Lampl;456214]

It's all the [I][B]bad things[/B][/I] I like to make that are the problem. You mentioned pasta - - I make a mean spaghetti sauce which I love to smother angel hair pasta with.

Put it over spaghetti squash. It's better than you'd think it would be. I too make a mean sauce. It's a family recipe, and it is GOOD.

Charles Bennington 11-26-2008 05:18 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
[QUOTE=Justin McGinley;456254]Put it over spaghetti squash. It's better than you'd think it would be. I too make a mean sauce. It's a family recipe, and it is GOOD.[/QUOTE]

:yeahthat: Give it a go, I think you'll be pleased!

Stephen R. Lampl 11-27-2008 08:38 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
[U][B]Wednesday 11/26/08:[/B][/U][B]


[/I][/B][I]1/2 C Cottage cheese
1/2 C mixed berries - frozen
16 Oz coffee + creamer/reaw sugar, plus a partial refill.

[/B]Large salad w/chicken
5 oz chicken breast
Approx. 2C salad greens
3 Tbsp (approx.) blue cheese crumbles - - spilled them so messed up measure
1/4 C diced onions
1/2 C approx. broccoli tops
2 Tbsp garlic vinaigrette dressing

[/B]2 slices frozen garlic supreme pizza (DiGiorno).

[B]Water: [/B]Approx. 80 Oz.

[/I][U][B]Thursday, 11/27/08:[/B][/U][B][I] HAPPY THANKSGIVING[/I][I]!![/I][/B]

[I][B]REST DAY #6[/B][/I]

1/2 slice leftover pizza. (Late riser today - - not hungry!)
16 oz coffee w/creamer, sweet n low (saccharin), and packet of sugar.

[/B]Veggie tray (broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms) w/garlic ranch dip
Coffee w/creamer and raw sugar

[/B]4 oz baked ham w/ brown sugar/mustard glaze
1/2 cobette of corn
1/2 C mashed potatoes w/1 tsp butter
Small green salad w/ approx/ 1 1/2 Tbsp garlic vinaigrette dressing
1/4C cranberry sauce w/ berries
2 med. dinner rolls w/ 1 Tbsp butter
1/2 mixed berry tart (dessert)
More coffee..........:D:D

[/B]Approx. 80 Oz.


Stephen R. Lampl 11-28-2008 08:42 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
[U][B]Friday, 11/28/08:[/B][/U][B]

[I]REST DAY #6 . . . . Forging the Elite Come-back (next week!)

GTG Black Friday Shopping with daughter and honey........

1/2 C Cottage Cheese
1/2 C mixed blueberries and raspberries (frozen)
16 Oz coffee w/creamer + raw sugar

[/B]Medium salad - mixed greens
4 Oz diced Thanksgiving ham
2 Oz low fat swiss cheese - diced/sliced
1/3 C (approx) broccoli tops
2 Tbsp Greek (low fat) salad dressing

[/B]Triscuit garlic crackers (8) - approx. 3/4 + serving
2 Tbsp sour cream (as dip)

[/B]6 Oz lean tri-tip (BBQ)
1/2 C mixed (Asian) veggies
1/2 piece garlic bread (w/ minced garlic and 1/2 to 3/4 Tbsp butter)

[/B]Medium Granny Smith apple
2 Tbsp natural peanut butter

[/B]Trying for 120 Oz, but sloshing like an overfilled pitcher.........:rofl:

Erin Davidson 11-29-2008 10:40 AM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
Steve, you're posting your food! NICE! It helps so much... I have a few months of what I ate in my log off and on.

Can't wait for the elite comeback. :D

Lee Ann McCall 12-01-2008 01:03 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
Hi Steve.

Dropped by for a visit. I love your rest week idea, and can't wait to see the comeback!

I also love that you are posting your food. Maybe I will do that, too. I used to use an on-line service for that, but I did it only sporadically and they charged $9/month, so I canceled it. Maybe if I post it in my log it will help hold me accountable!

I hope you got some great deals on Black Friday. I look forward to hearing about your return!

Nancy Cohen 12-01-2008 05:00 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
Hi Stephen!

Your food plan looks great! (didn't want to call it a "diet"). Keep it up!

Delita Wright 12-01-2008 06:09 PM

Re: The Bassman's Log (Steve Lampl)
Hi, Steve! How's that comeback coming? Looks like you got a plan! Delita

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