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Keith Stevens 10-23-2007 02:14 PM

Re: PT says no more Squats
It seems like a chiropractor will be a good fit for you, as long as he/she is NOT a rack and crack style of chiropractor. Someone experienced with athletic injuries, muscle work and analysis, postural correction and cold laser therapy. If you want some recommendations, or have questions about a certain DC, let me know. Good Luck!

Shane Upchurch 10-23-2007 02:36 PM

Re: PT says no more Squats
How would I identify a chiro that is not a "rack and crack" style of chiro? If you have any recommendations for any in the Charlotte, NC area I would definately like to know...I will be moving there shortly.

Tim Donahey 10-23-2007 05:14 PM

Re: PT says no more Squats
[QUOTE=Shane Upchurch;207553]How would I identify a chiro that is not a "rack and crack" style of chiro? If you have any recommendations for any in the Charlotte, NC area I would definately like to know...I will be moving there shortly.[/QUOTE]

Their fee is a good indicator (mine charges $25 per session), also if they offer massage, trigger point therapy, and other "alternative" treatments.

Matt DeMinico 10-23-2007 05:36 PM

Re: PT says no more Squats
[QUOTE=Shane Upchurch;206994]Ive been going to the PT for about 2 months now, again, for pain in my lower back. He has made it somewhat better but cannot seem to make it completely go away. The past two weeks I have not done any squats or dl's with weight, air squats only. Today he told me he didnt think there was much else we could do and that I may consider going to see a back specialists. He also said that I should leave out any type of squats for a while, weight or no weight, and see how my back feels, because it seems to flare up whenever I go into a deep squat. I was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced something like this? Im guessing I should do what he says but would like to know what you all think as well. He believes I may have a herniated disk that is touching a nerve. Its not that bad of pain just irritating more than anything, but I want to get it back to 100% so I can start doing some oly lifts. Any suggestions?[/QUOTE]

Does it feel like muscle soreness? I've had it twice, the first time I laid off all back type exercises (deadlifts, rowing, most squats, stretching it, etc) and it stopped, I never found out the source. The second time I finally realized it started when I was rowing, because I was bending my lower back on the catch. I fixed that problem and it's getting better right now.

Aileen Reid 10-23-2007 11:50 PM

Re: PT says no more Squats
My guy belongs to a group with a website called (w/f safe). They are interdisciplinary. Not sure if you have an equivalent in the states. He generally does 3 visits only and at the end of that you're self sufficient in techniques to keep you right.

Corey Duvall 10-24-2007 07:41 AM

Re: PT says no more Squats
That seems like a great group. Do they have chiropractors associated with it? I just might have to move to australia after graduation, haha.

In all honesty... look for a chiro who considers themselves musculoskeletal specialists. Certainly, there are lots of good chiropractors out there but some of them often focus solely on the joints of the spine and ignore, or do a mediocre job at best in dealing with the soft tissues and extremities. Find one who looks at the whole body, will probably utilize functional tests to see how well you move, and will treat what doesn't move properly, not just what hurts. Chiro's with a spinal focus do a lot of good for folks, but often there is more to the body's dysfunction than solely the spine. Good luck.

Keith Stevens 10-24-2007 08:08 AM

Re: PT says no more Squats
Corey hit the nail on the head! You can usually determine if they are a rack and crack or not buy asking questions about what a typical visit includes, if the do muscle work, address postural changes(and ergonomics), and work on/adjust extremities. Typically a DC who does this is looking at the body as a whole and trying to find the cause as opposed to taking care of pain locally.
I have a collegue on the border of NC and GA but he nows several in the Charlotte area. I'll post the names ASAP. When are you heading that way?

Kelly Brown 10-24-2007 11:50 AM

Re: PT says no more Squats
[QUOTE=Shane Upchurch;207165]Okay, I have had x-rays that a dr. and pt have looked at, but the dr. was a urgent care dr, which I have been told are not always the best doctors. He saw nothing wrong nor did my PT. My PT did point out one joint just above the sacrum I think its called and showed me how the distance between the vert. were different but said he didnt think that was a huge problem.
I have quit doing weighted squats the past two weeks and that seems to have helped with the pain, but I can still feel it when I let my back hunch over at the shoulders and lean forward. The pain started 1.5 years ago and I dont know what exactly triggered it, most likely bad form in a DL or SQ (this was before I started CF). I havent seen anyone other than two different PT's from the same practice. It always feels good when I leave the PT but usually creeps back throughout the day. I almost always feel it, in my back and some in my right buttocks, when I sit down no matter what my posture is. I've trained some recently with CCT Joey and he hasnt seen anything awful in my squat but my form has changed dramatically since I started CF. Im not sure about the butt winking but I do hamstring stretches before every WOD.
Okay, I think that answers about everything...thanks for the advice guys and keep it coming.[/QUOTE]
My 2 cents. Okay, maybe 2 1/2.

Sounds like a lumbopelvic mobility/stability problem to me. As a PT I can tell you that there is a lot of misinformation about squatting in our community. I do agree that [B]if it hurts you shouldnt do it[/B]. I would guess that some stretching and more active abs with your squats should improve the situation.
I cannot truthfully say that I am not biased, but please be careful with chiropractors. Especially if they recommend prolonged treatment. If your x-rays are fine then the problem is most likely soft tissue and the only way to permanently correct soft tissue problems is to restore the muscle balance. In my opinion, exercise, the right exercise, is key.
Someone in here mentioned pilates. Pilates is great for helping you find your core and learn how to control it but the exercises dont really translate to function. You have to use the awareness of those muscles you can get from pilates and apply it to functional movement.

Some PTs are planning to get together at the Affiliate gathering to talk about PT concepts and Crossfit and how we can increase awareness in both communities... stay tuned:)

Aileen Reid 10-24-2007 05:23 PM

Re: PT says no more Squats
That's what I like about this guy - 3 visits each 2 weeks apart. Each visit he teaches you something else to do for yourself - as well as looking at you, adjusting you etc. I think what he does is a lot of chiro type stuff. I'm now staying "in" most of the time after my 3 visits. Just doing my exercises most days and my own "adjustment" several times a day as much as a check as anything else but being on leave at the moment and doing a lot of heavy work and often one sided stuff - bending, digging, demolishing bathrooms......, I feel its really being put to the test.

Over time I am now able to go heavier on eg squats and leg presses. Deadlifts are my most difficult one still, I guess after 2 years of being "out" it will take time for all my soft tissue to strengthen, lengthen, shorten, whatever and get back to normal. So I am loading up gently. All my butt pain is gone and I can dig in the garden all day and not feel crippled at the end of it!

Blair Robert Lowe 10-25-2007 01:04 AM

Re: PT says no more Squats
The Chiropractor I had started going to, is the one our head coach picked up locally from the ones he tried out. He was looking for a good chiro to refer our gym kids to. His opinion is that if they're body is out of alignment, gymnastics will be tougher simply put, not even going to the impacts of it.

He was pretty interesting and was able to find interesting points on my body that were all tense due to muscular imbalances, some of these being caused by skeletal injuries.

I was really interested in finding out what was all messed up. Mostly it's due to some muscles just being far too tight, pulling things out of alignment.

I'm hoping to go back when I can find the time and money. It's been crazy since August. Even the idea of being fully functional in my shoulders makes me dream of pain free gymnastics.

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