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Anonymous 11-28-2003 10:20 AM

Anyone have any comments on hormone replacement, specifically testosterone. Do people's testosterone levels drop as they get older (inhibiting muscle growth, sex drive, etc), at what rate, beginning at what age. Is there anything one can do to slow down the loss? How about the testosterone supplementation available from doctors? Are there any long term negative effects (ie body begins to make less of its own, etc)?

Thanks for your help

Ryan Atkins 11-28-2003 12:04 PM

Rob Faigin, author of Natrual Hormonal Enhancement, is against the process for the most part. If I remember right, he makes an exception for women and estrogen replacement (which, after menopause, is no longer produced anyway). In the book he discusses the dangers present anytime hormones are introduced from outside of the body. The example you give above, about the body producing less of its own hormone, is one of the dangers he mentions. I think he used anabolics as an example. When they first came out and people started using them they made significant gains in strength, but these gains were only maintained while taking the substance. Once the supplementation ended many of the participants became weaker than when they first started supplementing. Although I am pretty sure testorone levels do decrease as one ages, the effects can be reduced through good lifestyle (i.e. diet, sleep schedule). I might be fuzzy on some of the information just given - it's been some time since I have read the book. Guess I should have taken better notes.

Hope this helps,


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