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Todd Selva 12-01-2014 07:51 PM

Re: Crossfitting after a Spinal Fusion
Just stumbled upon this thread. I recently had an anterior lumbar fusion L5 S1. Previously had a discectomy in the same spot but reinjured. I did physical therapy and I'm doing my own rehab. I still have pain but am consistently increasing mobility and strength. I could not even do a pushups when I first started training again. I weight 150 lbs 5'5". I'm squatting my bodyweight on a bar again' pressing 95 lbs overhead. Its still early as I'm still a few months away from full bone growth at the fusion site. I don't know that ill hit my 315 dead lift again but I hope to do cleans and snatches again I'm just to nervous yet and worried about the impact. Ill go ahead when the surgeon says so. I'm running 2 miles. Impact isn't totally killing me its manageable. At the least I'm hoping to be a master of technique at a lighter to moderate load. Toes to bar, g h d, and burpee may be out for me based on How I feel but I did get a ring muscle up the other day. Best of luck to you.

Francesca Caviasca 04-25-2017 09:06 PM

Re: Crossfitting after a Spinal Fusion
Not sure if anyone will get this since the post is old. I have dealt with L5/S1 herniation since 2006, which was when I found out. In 2010 it flared up like you would not believe and ever since I've had issues. Long story short, in 2010 I was pretty much disabled (even got a form to take to dmv), after rejecting surgery I did epidural injections. They helped. I became a crossfitter 4 years ago. (currently out for a shoulder surgery including a bicep tenodesis). Last year I was being treated for my back again. During workouts, I would get a very bad pain in my lower abdomen. Woman issue was ruled out. The pain I experience now in the back is in the back and not going down the leg as in 2010. (still have numb toes and calf). Today I saw a new dr and he talked about Stem cell surgery. I am now researching it then came across this forum when I searched for "athletes who had l5/s1 fusion" because fusion is also an option. Have you who posted on this thread had the surgery? How are you recovering? To the guy who made it to regionals, how are you doing? I'm amazed you could muster through the pain. But we all experience it different. But go you!

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