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Anders Alkaersig 08-21-2011 02:02 AM

Anders' log
Hi there!

[U]A little about myself:[/U]
25 years old
From Copenhagen, Denmark
Crossfitting since summer 2007
This is my first log (that will last longer than a week - hopefully:))

(none of these are 1rm - just the heaviest i've done for a heavy rep)
BS: 137,5kg/304lbs
FS: 100kg/220lbs
OHS: 72,5kg/159lbs
DL: 145kg/319lbs
Press: 63kg/139lbs
PP: 90kg/198lbs (behind the neck)
BP: 90kg/198lbs
PC: 78kg/172lbs
SC: 85kg/187lbs
Snatch: 65kg/143lbs

I have no stats of my metcon, thats is partly because i have never written them down and partly because i often have trained without a timer.

I'm starting this log because i really want to start logging my fitness, and by sharing it with the world, i'll hopefully commit to it:D

I anyone reads this, please share your thoughts - should you have any.

Today is a rest day so i'll start of by accouting for yesterday's session.

[U]Saturday 11th of August[/U]
Visiting the in-laws with my girlfriend at the countryside in Jutland. Felt a little heavy (problably due to some excellent red wine friday evening:))
Jogged to the local stadium and did:
10 mins of mobility (KStar-style)
15 mins of dynamic warmup (Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Pullups, situps, backex, handstandwalks, jogging)

[I]Workout: [/I]
12min amrap
8 Wall burpees (think 2010 final event burpee over a chest high wall)

I ended up with 5 rounds and 2 burpees.
Quite satisfied with that, don't know how it stacks up in comparison with others, but the intensity was definately high and i layed it all out there.

Jogged back home and ate a delicious egg-bacon-avacado breakfast:)

I'll return monday evening, take care

Anders Alkaersig 08-21-2011 01:51 PM

Re: Anders' log
Well... I ended up training anyways:)

Did a bunch squat cleans at Crossfit Copenhagen ([url][/url] safe for work), some ring push ups, and a short metcon

[I]I did:[/I]
[B]30 x 1 Squat cleans (from 40kg/88lbs to 81kg/179lbs)[/B]
Worked mostly on technique. 75-81kg got heavy but i was not my maxing out. I'm still catching the bar above squat depth, so they were basically powercleans with a frontsquat.
[B]5x10 Push up in rings[/B]
I always have 1-2 weaknesses i focus on. At the moment it's pushups and rope climbs.
Basically it means, that I incorporate push ups or rope climbs in all of my training sessions these days.
Push ups can be dynamic, ring, clapping, regular, whatever....
Rope climbs are with different techniques. I focus on the weaknesses until they aren't weaknesses anymore :)
[B]2 amraps of 4mins (2 minute break between)[/B]
1 Clean&jerk @ 50kg/111lbs
1 Burpee-pullup
1 Clean&jerk @ 50kg/111lbs
2 Burpee-pullups
1 Clean&jerk @ 50kg/111lbs
3 Burpee-pullups...

1st round: 5 rounds + 1 C/J + 5 B-P
2nd round: 6 rounds flat
I felt really tired before the last metcon and it ended up beeing a massive suckfest! The simple workouts are always the worst!

Rest day tomorrow (i promise:))

After a shower i met with some friends for coffee in sunny Copenhagen. Great sunday!


Edit: spelling

Anders Alkaersig 08-23-2011 03:57 AM

Re: Anders' log
Here’s today’s session, done after breakfast (Sumatra coffee, apples with peanut butter☺ and milk) and some of the usual various-crossfit-homepages-browsing ☺

Done at a rather empty Crossfit Copenhagen.

[B]Today’s work:[/B]
Deadlift – sets of 5-5-3-3-1-1 @ 100kg-110kg-115-kg-120kg-125kg-130kg (from 220lbs-287lbs)

In the rest periods between sets, i did 3 wall climbers and 15 hand release push ups – both of the exercises for 5 sets. No intensity intended for these to exercises, just playing around.

Rested about 15 minutes and ended the sessions with a couplet:
3 x
Row 500m
20 Wall Balls (20lbs to a 3,5m/11,8 feet)
My time: 9mins 45secs

I suck at wall balls.

Biked home and ate lunch with my mate. I had some scrambled eggs, hummus and a nectarine (and some delicious Sumatra Gayo Coffee;)).

Take care!


Anders Alkaersig 08-24-2011 02:58 PM

Re: Anders' log
Played the season's first football (the real kind) match today. I'm not even going to mention the result.

I'm goalkeeper, so apart from Kstar-style strechting and a dynamic warm up with som running and goalkeeper-related stuff, I did not tax my body too much.

I'll count it as a rest day.

Looking forward to tommorow... shoulder press - ***** yeah!

Anders Alkaersig 08-26-2011 01:05 AM

Re: Anders' log
My training buddy, Kræn just got home from 3 weeks of vacation.

Yesterday’s training ended up like this:
Shoulder press 8-6-4-2 @ 45kg-50kg-50kg-55kg (from 100lbs to 121)

I only got 5 reps on the 6rep round. RAGE!
Instead i did 6 on the 4rep round. ***** Yeah!

Between rounds we played around with some Bulgarian split squats. Haven’t done these too much, so they weren’t heavy. I think the last round was 5 reps each leg with around 40kg/88lbs.

After a short break we did the following metcon:
15 Dead lifts @ 90kg/198lbs

Then 3 rounds of
250m row
10 Burpees
5 Front squats @ 70kg/154lbs

15 Dead lifts @ 90kg/198lbs

Kræn beat me by 10sec. RAGE!

My time was 10mins 28secs.

Have a good weekend!


Anders Alkaersig 08-26-2011 04:27 AM

Re: Anders' log
Woke up quite sore today, but since my day wasn’t too booked (semester hasn’t started yet) I swung by Crossfit Copenhagen.
I did almost an hour of stretching, mobility, and dynamic warm up. It felt good, can’t remember the last time I had a session like that.

After nearly an hour, my body felt ready to do some real work. Sort of.
I did 15 reps (with approx. 90sec rest between) of power cleans. The weights went from 65kg/143lbs to 78kg/172lbs.
I’m quite satisfied with that. The lifts didn’t feel to heavy and i have a feeling, that i might be able to hit a rep at around 87,5-90kg. That’d be cool ☺

Meeting some friends tonight for beers and burgers – so tomorrow will probably be a rest day.

Anders Alkaersig 08-28-2011 12:48 PM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep. Quite hung over. My buddy, Kræn convinced me to do a session with him. Given the circumstances, it went pretty well.

After our warm up we did the following:

6 sets of Powerclean-hang power clean- front squat- front squat-front squat.

My top set was at 75kg/166lbs. Satisfied.

After that we played around with handstand push-ups. We used 3 exercises from Carl Paoli’s gymnastics WOD.

I finished off with a 2k row @ 2:00min/500m. Easy.

Kræn did
3 x
500m row
20 thrusters @ 30kg/66lbs

He busted out a 9mins 20sec. Wow!

Went to bed early!

Today’s workout consisted of 4 hours of manual labour. Carrying washing machines up and down from 4th floor and carrying concrete from the basement. Hell Yeah☺

Anders Alkaersig 08-30-2011 01:18 AM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday’s training was quite eventful…

After breakfast I headed down to Crossfit Copenhagen. My warm up consisted of rope climbs, rowing, handstand walking, t2b, and push-ups.

I went on and did some shoulder presses:
3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps @ 50-52-54-56-58-60-61-62kgs (from 110lbs to 137lbs)
That’s right up there, near my 1RM.

Then I did some snatch practice. I did about 30 mins of hang squat snatches with 30kg/66lbs. Videotaped them and watched them afterwards. A great learning experience.
After about 30mins I hit my head with the barbell and decided to call it a day ☺

In the evening I did 90mins of football training (ie. lots of running). High intensity and loads of fun (and loads of rain)...

Anders Alkaersig 08-30-2011 02:12 PM

Re: Anders' log
Fun training today!

Participated in 5x5km run today with my work place. Me and 4 of my co-workers each did 5km run in Fælledparken in Copenhagen.

I warmed up with some strecthing and little dynamic warm up. The surface of the route had taken quite a hit from this afternoon's rain, so about half of the run felt like a beach run (they had put mats untop of the muddy ground).

My time was 19min 45secs. I'm very satiesfied with that (the muddy ground considered).

Afterwards we ate ribs, hotdogs, beer and ice cream :D

Anders Alkaersig 09-01-2011 02:50 PM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday was more or less a rest day for me. I was home all day reading but did 10 pull ups (dead hang) every hour – ending up at a 75-80 in total.
In the evening I had a football match, but since I’m goalkeeper I didn’t tax my body to much (apart from 40mins of warming up).

Today was another story!

Met up with my buddies Kræn and Jonas at 11am.
We started with some strength and technique work and finished with a brutal (!) metcon.

Bench press 4x3 (same weight across)
Good mornings 4x10

I originally intended to do 4x4 bench presses, but couldn’t remember my stats in the BP. I decided to do 80kg/176lbs - which I thought was my 5RM. I only managed to get 3 reps in the 1st set. After another consideration, I figured out, that 80kg was my previous 1RM. I haven’t done bench press for a least 1½ months, so i’m actually quite satisfied with the 3 reps. I managed to get 3 reps of 80kg in all of the 4 sets. 3rd set was a massive grindfest!

I’ve never done good mornings as a strength piece before (I use it often in my warm ups – 20kg). Therefore I played it safe and did 20-30-40-50kgs (88lbs-110lbs).
Nice to try something new.

The metcon:
Inspired by CFNE’s ”Manhandler”
5 AMRAPS of 3mins of:
3 Thrusters (40kg/88lbs)
6 Hang power cleans (40kg/88lbs)
9 KBswings (24kg/53lbs)
1min rest.

I managed to get a total of 13 rounds + 3 thrusters. I can’t remember when a workout was so painful for me. My grip was lost by the first round. I definitely felt ”Mandhandled”!
The metcon had two of my goats in it – thrusters and intervals. Nice to be out of comfort zone.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Crossfit Copenhagen’s newest affiliate – Trykkeriet (The Print shop) – I’ll probably play around with some tires and some ropes☺


Anders Alkaersig 09-03-2011 03:47 AM

Re: Anders' log
Was really sore yesterday due to Thursday’s training. Nevertheless I decided to visit the new Open Gym at Crossfit Copenhagen’s Trykkeriet.

I did an extensive dynamic warm including playing around in the awesome monkey bar system they’ve got at Trykkeriet..

After lots of overhead squats just using the 20kg barbell, I started my work sets:
Overhead squats: 5-5-5-5-5-5 @ 55-56-57-58-59-60kg (from 121lbs to 132lbs)
Reverse hypers: 10-10-10-10-10-10 @ 15kg/33lbs (across)
Behind the nech push press: 1-1-1 @ 60-65-70kg (132kg to 154lbs)
Behind the neck split jerk: 1-1-1 @ 70-75-80kg (154lbs to 176lbs)

I think my previous OHS 5RM was 55kg, so very satisfying to lift the 60kgs with ease. I could have gotten higher but decided to play it safe.
I have only tried the reverse hyper once or twice so just played around a bit. At the relatively low weight I used, it really loosened up the lower back.
The push presses and jerks were heavy but not near max.


Anders Alkaersig 09-04-2011 11:18 AM

Re: Anders' log
Caught up with my buddy, Kræn last night. We’d both had a long day of studying so we were ready for some serious training.

After warming up we did:
Back squats 10-8-6-4-2 reps @ 60-70-80-90-100kgs (from 132lbs to 220lbs)
Ring push-ups 5x10

It’s been a while since the last time I did back squats. A month or so. To be honest all of the sets were pretty easy and I guess I underestimated myself there.
The push-ups in the rings are always fun (and hard). The last set was a grinder but both Kræn and I left something in the tank for the following metcon.

We did the main site wod from a couple of days ago:
15-12-9-6-3 reps of
Power clean/60kg

I finished in 8mins 34secs, while Kræn finished at around 7mins 50secs. This was a tough one!
I’m satisfied with my time, but even more so with my burpees. I’ve always had a hard time stringing them together at a decent pace. But yesterday I managed to be consistent without falling completely apart. Cool.

Afterwards Kræn and I shared a few tomatoes, a few asparagus, 850grams (30oz) duck breast, and 1 ½ bottle of delicious Corvina red whine.

Today at noon I attended an Olympic weightlifting session at the WL-club IK99 (house of the best Danish weightlifters)
It was my first time ever with a coach in the Olympic lifts. Very very cool.
I spend to hours doing OHS, snatch balance, high hang snatches, knee high snathes, high cleans, knee high cleans, push presses, and split jerks.
The weights never exceeded 40kg/88lbs but due to the high number of repetitions it ended being an extremely taxing session.


Anders Alkaersig 09-07-2011 01:22 AM

Re: Anders' log
Monday’s training consisted of 90mins of football practise. Fun as always.

Yesterday I played a football match. So it basically was a rest day. Today will have a lot of volume. More about that later.

Anders Alkaersig 09-08-2011 11:06 AM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday afternoon, I met up with 3 friends – Jonas, Kræn, and Erika.

Deadlift 7-7-7 @ 100-110-110kg (from 220-243lbs)

The grip was the limiting factor in the deads. The gym at Egmont College has very fat and slippery barbells. “Fun” combination. Had I been using a normal barbell, I think 120kg would be plausible.

Between the sets of deads, we played around with heavy KBswings. I used the 32kg (71lbs). In the first two sets, I did 10 Russian swings. In the 3rd set I did 10 Russian and immediately 10 American.
It wasn’t too hard, but I plan on using 32kg swing more often in strength training, thereby making the 24kgs feel easier in the metcons.

We finished off with a metcon from CFNE:
The Sensation”
6 Rounds of:
Every 3 minutes complete the following as fast as possible:
12 Pull ups
12 Burpees
Each round should be done as fast as possible. Do not game – work on speed!

Pullups were done on a (horrible) fat bar.
First round was done in 55secs and last in approx. 1min 15secs. Horibble HORRIBLE workout. Felt pukie in every round but managed to hold it back.

Two hours after the workout, my arms still felt as if on the verge of exploding. Quite hard to cook dinner when feeling like that. I actually did (my version of) Nick Massie’s Sprouts’n’bacon dish from the Journal. Delish!

Anders Alkaersig 09-09-2011 03:08 PM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday’s training:

An extensive warm up followed by

Shoulder press 4-3-2-1 reps @ 54-56-58-60kgs (119lbs-132lbs)
GHD situps 5x10
Back extensions 5x10

As cash out I finished with max reps of 30kg/66lbs shoulder press. I managed to get 31 ( the last I would count as push presses☺ ). Brutal.

Met up with 3 friends for our first swim practice. Ever.
We did 90mins of swimming. Mostly crawl and skill developers for crawl. This was extremely taxing and far away from comfort zone. I’m a lousy swimmer and these Thursday sessions will be grinders – still, I think it is going be a blast!
The next time we will attend the training with matching (red) speedos and goggles. It is all in the appearance ☺

Have a good weekend


Anders Alkaersig 09-09-2011 03:09 PM

Re: Anders' log
Today: Rest day

Anders Alkaersig 09-11-2011 06:42 AM

Re: Anders' log
Friday I took the train from Copenhagen to Jutland to attend a funeral.

Early Saturday morning I jogged to the local park, warmed up and did a metcon.
I always dread 20min AMRAPS – they tend to be boring. I don’t really mind going long, but long AMRAPS just often seems boring and uninteresting.
Therefore I designed a workout that took me through three different stages, thus making the whole experience more fun.
Still, quite sore arms from the swimming, so mostly chose lower body and core exercises.

20min AMRAP of :
20 Atomic situps
Climb 230cm wall (approx. 75inches)
20 Air squats
Climb wall again

3 x
Run the three hills (Three very steep hills located 50meters from each other.)

20 Box jumps (approx. 26 inches)
20 Atomic situps

10 Pistols
10 Atomic situps

Run max distance until time runs out.

I managed to keep intensity high through the entire workout. I started my max distance run with about 2mins left and was able to run approx. 600min. My abs were screaming and the pistols made my run look rather funny initially.
Very satisfyingly I did all box jumps and pistol unbroken – the atomics no so much ☺

Anders Alkaersig 09-12-2011 07:13 AM

Re: Anders' log
Good session today at Crossfit Copenhagen.

Did 30mins of stretching and dynamic drills.

Front squats 5-5-5-5-5-5 @ 70-75-80-85-90-95kg (154lbs-210lbs)
Ring push ups with 20lbs weight west 10-10-10-10-10

I only intended to do 5 sets, but the 5th set (90kg) felt easy and I had more left in the tank. The last set of 95kg was definitely hard and a grinder but I find huge satisfaction in doing 5 reps only 5kg under my 1RM :pepper:

Rested about 15 mins and did:
8min AMRAP of
1 Clean&jerk @ 50 kg/110lbs
1 rope climb @ 5 meters/16feet
2 c/j
1 rope
3 c/j
1 rope
4 c/j

I completed 8 rounds and 7 c/j.

It is funny how you have to game these kinds of workouts. One of the descents from the rope was definitely fast :yikes: Had my grip been 1% more fatigued I could have been severely hurt (think it was round 5 or 6). From that point and on I played it a bit safer.

Anders Alkaersig 09-13-2011 11:54 PM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday evening I met up with Kræn, Jonas, and Erika

I did a warm up inspired by the Jeff Tucker warm up video and continued to do:

Pull-ups 7-7-7 (Dead hang in rings)
Bulgarian Split squats 5-5-5 each leg @ 32kg/71lbs
Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1 @ 21-22,25-23,5fail-24-24kg (46-52lbs)

I rarely do weighted pull-ups, so this was a fun change. I was initially a bit disappointed with 24kg result. I’ve managed to get 25kg up before. But while checking my old PR-sheet I discovered that, I’ve gained 5kg BW since the last weighted pull-ups. So I guess it is a PR :) (a total of 108kg/238lbs)

Afterwards we did the CFNE workout “Enigma”.
6 x
12 SDHP (95lbs)
12 Push press (95lbs)

My time was 7mins 20secs immediately followed by 1min of static plank hold (because all the boys were crushed by Erika).

Tough workout! But very satisfied with my performance. I laid it all out there.

Anders Alkaersig 09-15-2011 03:07 AM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday’s training consisted of 90mins of football practice. Hard and rainy.

Today I will attend my second swim practice. Partly looking forward to it, and partly dreading the pain.

Afterwards me and 12 friends will celebrate the Danish Parliament/Prime Minister election with roast pork and applesauce. And beer.

Anders Alkaersig 09-17-2011 05:53 AM

Re: Anders' log
Met up yesterday with Kræn, Jonas, and Erika for a workout to celebrate the coming of the weekend. Was a bit hung over from the election-beers Thursday night, but managed to get a good session anyway.

After the warm up we did
Back squats 5x5 @ 95kg/210lbs

I’ve previously done 5x5 of BS at 110kg/243lbs, but my legs (especially the calves) were fried from Thursday’s swimming. So, I kept it at 95kg/210lbs. They got hard at in the 2 last sets, and I think it was clever not to go higher. I don’t think I still got the 110kg I me, but the next time I BS, I will try at 105kg.

I also played around with back extensions, ended up with a total of 70 reps.

After a short break we did a partner workout:
In teams of two, complete
1000m row
150 KBswings 24kg/12kg
100 Burpees
One person working at a time.
Finish one exercise before moving on to the next.

Jonas and I finished in approx. 13mins. A brutal workout.
Rowing was done in 250m intervals (500m would be smarter)
KB swings were done in sets of 15. (grip wasn’t an issue, managed to keep all sets unbroken, a gasser)
Burpees were done in sets of 5. Brutal. Brutal. Brutal.

After showers, we ate burger and drank whine. Lovely.

Anders Alkaersig 09-18-2011 05:39 AM

Re: Anders' log
Saturday was a well-needed rest day.

In spite of yesterday’s rest, I woke up quite sore in my calves and hamstrings today. I made it to the gym though and after an extensive 45mins warm up including foam rolling and tons of broomstick ohs I did the following:

Shoulder press 10x2 @ 57,5kg/127lbs. Exactly one minute of rest between sets.
Weighted pull ups 10x2 @ 5-8-10-12-14-14-14,5-15-15,5-16kg (from 11 to 35lbs). Exactly one minute of rest between sets.

I’ve never done heavy sets like that before. A fun change.

Anders Alkaersig 09-20-2011 01:01 AM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday was an active rest day.

I played a football match but since I’m goalkeeper, I didn’t tax myself too much. I did an extensive warm up including a bunch of different push-ups and atomic sit-ups.
Previous to that, I studied all day and accumulated 85 dead hang pull-ups throughout the day. Looking forward to today’s training!

Edit: oh yeah, I caught a penalty shot in the match.

Anders Alkaersig 09-21-2011 02:38 AM

Re: Anders' log
Awesome training yesterday!

Kræn, Jonas, Erika, and I met up in the evening and started up with a warm up, I did at Crossfit Santa Cruz in the summer:

4 Rounds (of increasing intensity) of:
30sec rowing
30sec back extensions
30sec sit-ups (different variations)
30sec push-ups

Afterwards we did a little bit of stretching and went on to push presses and k2e.

Push press 3-3-3-3-3 @ top weight 67,5kg/149lbs (don’t remember the lower weights)

Did 5 sets of k2e, t2b, and different core exercises on the bar.

I dreaded the metcon since Monday and it lived up to my expectations. It was horrible.

Tabata squats (bottom to bottom) and a 1,23km run (around the block).

I managed to do a total of 120 squats and ran the course in 3mins 37secs.
We used time(in secs)/reps as our score system.
My score was 217secs/120reps = 1,81

I admit, I laughed loudly at Dave Leys when I saw his awkward run on the mainsite video. I reckon, my running was equally funny looking ☺

Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with my performance. 120 squats followed by a 17,2 km/h run.

Major DOMS today

Anders Alkaersig 09-23-2011 02:03 AM

Re: Anders' log
In spite of heavy DOMS early in the day, I managed to survive Wednesday’s football session. Lots of interval running and running at different paces involved. Harsh!

Thursday’s training consisted of 90mins of swimming drills. I’m getting better, but it is still a 90min grindfest!

Anders Alkaersig 09-24-2011 09:50 AM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday I trained with Jonas and Kræn.

After a thorough warm up we did:
Bench press 5x5 @ 75kg/165lbs – in the 5th set I went for max reps and managed 8.

Between sets we played around with lat pulldowns (for the first time in 3 years or so ☺). I did 5 sets of 8-10 reps at weight from 55-80kg/121-176lbs.

Before wine and schwein we finished off with a mainsite-inspired chipper:
25 Lunges
20 Pullups
30 Boxjump – very high
30 Pushups – h/r
20 T2B
30 KBswing/24kg
30 Atomic situps
30 Back extensions
30 SDHP/24kg
500 m row
1 min in plank position

Time was approx. 13mins and 10secs.

Today I worked out at my backyard.
Strict pullups 8-8-8-8-8
Pushups h/r 15-15-15-15-15
Atomic situps 25-25-25-25-25

Rested 5 mins and

12 min AMRAP of
10 Burpees
10 KBswing/24kg
Up and down of a 5-story stair.
My score was 6 rounds + 8 Burpees.

Anders Alkaersig 09-25-2011 02:11 PM

Re: Anders' log
rest rest rest :kicking0:

loving sunny copenhagen:)

Anders Alkaersig 09-26-2011 02:44 PM

Re: Anders' log
I Was at home all day studying. During my small breaks I managed accumulate approx. 80 strict pull-ups throughout the day. Mixed grips, Mixed widths.

Was goalkeeper at a football match in the evening. Looking forward to heavy fronts squats tomorrow.

Anders Alkaersig 09-27-2011 04:20 PM

Re: Anders' log
Very satisfying training today. Met up with Kræn and Erika.
After the warm up I did:

Front squats 5x3 @ 85kg/187lbs
Ring push-ups 5x12

Front squats felt really good today. I haven’t lifted that heavy 3rep front squats since a massive strength bias period last winter. Very cool to regain that strength while, at the same time, my metcons are getting better.
Ring push-ups were smooth and not too hard.

10 min rest.

For time:
Every minute on the minute do 4 burpees and complete
50 Dead lift @ 80kg/176lbs

My time was approx. 3mins 45secs.
Grip and back was fine and not that fatigued. HAMMIES WERE (AND ARE STILL) SCREAMING! :censored:

Anders Alkaersig 09-28-2011 07:01 AM

Re: Anders' log
Serious DOMS today. Forced rest day.

Anders Alkaersig 09-30-2011 01:49 AM

Re: Anders' log
Before yesterday’s 90mins swimming, I met up with Kræn and Erika.

We did a whole lot of back extensions, atomics, t2b and pvc ohs.
Finished off with
Bench press 5x3 @ 80kg/176lbs

The felt good and manageable. Again, haven’t lifted this heavy since my strength training last winter (3 month with only strength, no metcons).
So cool to be able to hit those numbers again. :kicking0:

Anders Alkaersig 10-02-2011 01:27 AM

Re: Anders' log
Friday’s training took place late at night in a small town in Jutland.

I jogged to the local park and on my way there I stumbled on an unattended public weight room. Cool!

I couldn’t find anyone there, but figured it would do no harm to use the weights and pay for it if anyone showed up. Nobody showed up ☺

I did:
Powercleans – every minute on the minute for 10 minutes – 2 reps @ 75kg/165lbs

They felt somewhat heavy I could probably have gone for 4 reps or 5kg more.

Afterwards I continued my jog to the park and did a metcon.

AMRAP 10mins:
Escalating burpee boxjumps (bellybuttom height)
An approx.. 300min shuttle run between burpee boxjumps sets.

I finished the round of 9 burpee boxjumps in 10mins and 10secs. Harsh!

Yesterday afternoon I once again jogged to the park. The weight room was still unattended so I took another opportunity to do some heavy work.

Seated shoulder press with dumbbells – 5-5-5-5-5-5 5 @ ascending weights. last set was 2x 22,5kg/50lbs
Preacher curls :pepper: 5-5-5-5-5 @ same deal. ascending weights. Last set was 35kg/77lbs
Dead lift – every minute on the minute for 5 minutes – 3 reps @ 105-110-115-120-125kg (231-275lbs)

Never done shoulder press with dumbbells before. I just picked up the lightest dumbbells for the first set and then picked up the next in line for the next set. Stopped when it got a little sketchy ☺
Haven’t done curls since… since forever. Don’t think I’ll do them anytime soon again. They were fun though – definitely felt the pump :rofl:

Next, I jogged to the park and did:
5 rounds of
Approx. 400 m run (including 3 small hills)
2 wall climbs (around 230cm/87inches)
10 Boxjumps (approx. 60cm/24inches)
My time was: 12mins 30secs.

A real gasser!

Anders Alkaersig 10-02-2011 03:26 PM

Re: Anders' log
Spent all day studying, but accumulated around 20 sets of 5 reps of 30kg/65lbs bend over dumbbell rows (each arm).

Anders Alkaersig 10-04-2011 04:34 AM

Re: Anders' log
Felt strong yesterday.

Burgener warm-up

Backsquats 5x3 @ 105kg/231lbs
Shoulder press 5x5 @ 50kg/110lbs
Behind the nech push press 1-1-1-1-1 @ 70-75-75-80-80kg/176lbs
Reverse hypers 5x10 @ 15kg/33lba
T2B – 3 sets for max reps – 23-22-18

Actually planned on doing 100kg backsquat, however, they felt quite light, so added 5kg.
Shoulder presses were hard, but very cool to be able to hit those numbers again.
Push presses were fun. I’ve never maxed out on them, and the 80kgs left me with more in the tank. Played it safe though.

Football match.

Anders Alkaersig 10-05-2011 03:27 AM

Re: Anders' log
Yesterday’s training was in the company of Jonas and Kræn.

After the warm up we went on to the strength work.

Deadlift 5x3 @ 110kg/242lbs
Standing ‘curly’ barbell curls 10-10-9 @ 30-30-35kg/66-77lbs

Still smashed from Monday’s squats, I decided to play it safe with the deadlifts. 110kg felt heavy and taxing. Next time I do 5x3 deadlifts, I’ll probably amp it up to 125kg.
The curls were heavy. Though curls are often frowned upon by crossfitters, I actually think they serve as useful strength tool. Don’t mistake me, they should not be treated as a primary exercise like deadlifts, squats, presses, etc., but I think they are a useful secondary exercise like bench press, rows, sots press, high pulls, etc.

After a little rest we did a real gasser.
10 min AMRAP of
1 Atomic situp
1 Burpee
1 KBswing @ 24kg/53lbs
2 Atomic situp
2 Burpee
2 KBswing @ 24kg/53lbs
3 Atomic situp
3 Burpee
3 KBswing @ 24kg/53lbs

I managed to get 11 full rounds + 8 burpees.

Never reached muscle failure. This was a matter of lungs and willingness to suffer.
I couldn’t look at the watch while during the metcon. As a result, my pace was a bit off. I think I could’ve kept my pace for several more minutes.

Anders Alkaersig 10-06-2011 03:08 AM

Re: Anders' log
Trained at Crossfit Copenhagen’s ‘Trykkeriet’ yesterday. After a thorough warm up I did:

Power cleans 15x1 @ 75kg/165lbs
Reverse hypers 3x10 @ 15kg/33lbs
Butterfly situps 3x20
Shoulder press 5x3 @ 52,5kg/116lbs
OHS 10-10-10 @ 40-45-50kg/88lbs-110lbs

I’ve had a hard time gaining strength on my PC. I think it is the first time I’ve done 15 reps at a weight that high. Could have gone heavier, but kept it at 75kg to ensure proper technique. I’m catching the bar really high (only 1-2 inches of hip bend – almost a ‘muscle’ clean). Lots of potential there!
I’ll keep using the reverse hyper whenever I have access to it. Love it.
Butterfly situps were merely a warm up exercise for the OHS.
Shoulder presses were good. Could probably have gone for 5 reps, but I’m really trying to stick to a linear progression.
Did the OHS to prepare for a take on Nancy in a few weeks. Trying to get comfortable with high reps of them.

After 5mins of break I did the a fun metcon:
5 x
2 tire flips (tire from a tractor. Diameter just short of my height – 185cm)
10 Wall balls – 20lbs (to a approx.. 3m target)

Time: 5mins flat.

Tire flips were REALLY heavy.
Wall ball were unbroken.

Anders Alkaersig 10-08-2011 09:32 AM

Re: Anders' log
90mins of swimming practice.

Met up with Kræn and Erika.

Back squats – every minute on the minute for 20 minutes – 1 rep @ 105kg/231lbs

First with time with this format. Blair Morrison has played around with it quite a bit (you can read about it here on his awesome blog (WFS): [url][/url]).
They were hard, by Kræn and I decided to try it again in a few weeks with 110kg or 115kg instead.

Then a metcon: Scaled version of the Games 08 workout.
5 x
5 Dead lift @ 105kg/231lbs
10 Burpees

Time: 4 minutes 30secs.

Hard one! Looking forward to when I’m able to do it RX with 275lbs ☺

Rest and wine:shrug:

Anders Alkaersig 10-10-2011 12:34 AM

Re: Anders' log
Trained Yesterday with Kræn and Erika.

Shoulder press 5x5 @ 52,5kg/116lbs
Good mornings 5x5 @ 52,5kg/116lbs

In 4th and 5th set I only managed to get 4 reps. A shame but I guess it all right, given that I did 5x3 at the same weight Wednesday. Sure I’ll manage next time.
Have only done good mornings once or twice before. The weight wasn’t to heavy but I definitely felt my technique break down. The last sets felt like partial squats with a forward lean ☺

Afterwards we did a simple metcon:
15 KBswings @ 24kg/53lbs
10 Burpee pullups

Time: 8mins 48secs.

All swings were unbroken and I managed to keep a consistent pace on the burpee pullups. Very satisfied with my effort.:kicking0:

Anders Alkaersig 10-10-2011 10:34 AM

Re: Anders' log
Trained alone at Crossfit Copenhagen today.

Back squat 5x3 @ 100kg/220lbs
Reverse hypers 3x10 @ 20kg
T2B 5x10
Butterfly situps w/abmat 1x100

Felt really weak during the back squats. I planned on doing 5x5 at the weight, but already while warming up, I could feel the lack of strength today.

Redemption (sort of) in the metcon:
AMRAP 10mins:
5 Shoulder press @ 45kg/100lbs
10 Ground to shoulder with 50lbs slam ball
15 OHS with PVC pipe.

7 rounds flat.

A fun workout. Never done strict shoulder presses in a metcon or shoulderings before. Everything unbroken.

Anders Alkaersig 10-12-2011 05:52 AM

Re: Anders' log
Trained at Crossfit Copenhagen yesterday

OHS 5x5 @ 57,5kg/126lbs
Weighted pullups 5x2 @ 14,5kg/32lbs

OHS felt easy. Looking forward to doing them again.

500 m row
10 push presses @ 60kg/132lbs
Time: ? Rows were all at approx. 1min 45secs..
Tough. Hate rowing.

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