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Scott Joyce 05-07-2006 11:18 AM


i see everyone is having a lot of problems with their biceps affecting the elbow area. i have looked back through the archives and read everything i could find. however, it all seems to point to the elbow area. my pain is on the inside (medial) area of bicep and deep in that area. it hurts when i do any pulling movements, not a real loss of strength, but nagging none the less.

is this the same problem? mine just seems to be in a dif. area. and if it is the same problem, i figure the same treatment. i have tried the massage and didn't feel the rough bumps like i read about. i'm just at a loss cause my pain seems to be located differently than what i have been reading.

thanks for feedback and sorry to post about similar topic. also, i have been icing and ibuprofen, or however you spell it, and that has been helping. however, on dumbell cleans the other day, i still feel the strain in that medial area deep inside the bicep and it runs down to the inside of my elbow, not outside.

Jason Erickson 05-07-2006 10:23 PM

Are you trying self massage or are you seeing a competent therapist? There is another muscle, the brachialis, located deep to the biceps brachii. You won't feel its "bumps" unless you have advanced palpation skills and have previously released the excess tension in the biceps brachii.

I highly recommend seeing a nationally certified professional. I've seen too many people go too hard in self massage, causing muscle tears and internal scarring that contributed to their existing problems. A good pro can get in there and treat it appropriately without risk of injury.

Ben Kaminski 05-08-2006 06:04 AM

Is this a chronic problem Scott, or has it just come up? Do you know what might have caused it? Have you tried resting it a couple days? or longer? You might find you need to lay off pulling movements with that arm except for rehab until tendonitis or whatever it is heals up...

As for paying for massage, I am of the opinion that it will help you little compared to what you can do on your own. Just my two cents.

Craig Van De Walker 05-08-2006 07:10 AM

Are you sure you are not feeling pain from medial epicondylitis? Look up "golfers elbow" online and see if the symptoms fit. If this is the case the problem is in the forearm muscles not the bicep. Try this little test hold your hand up like you are an old fashioned traffic cop signaling for a car to stop. Reach over with your other hand to your upheld fingertips. Push hard with your fingertips, the pain should be present. This is a position that should not activate the biceps muscle but should activate the forearm flexors.

There does not necessarily have to be lumps present, they just are if the tear is bad enough. When I had my bout pullups really iritated the area, using a neutral or palms away grip was least painful for me.

Now I'll tell you it doesn't really matter, because the cure if the same rest or scale so you don't make it worse. Ice after exercise (because you probably will) crossfriction massage. Some people like one of those bands, straps that keep pressure on the area . I don't have any experience with those.

I will tell you mine took a long time to heal. I think it was ~12 months if I remember correctly, before I realized hey, I doesn't hurt anymore!

Scott Joyce 05-11-2006 12:40 PM

thanks for the replys. Ben it just came up when i started doing all the pull ups problably before my body was ready for them. I used the lift assist to help me reach those high numbers when i first started. I have been going lighter and changed from an overhand grip to a neutral palms facing towards the body grip for pull ups right now and i feel no pain. i also, don't feel the great back workout either. however, i feel it mostly, when i am holding an overhand grip and pulling.

James R. Climer 05-16-2006 09:00 AM


I am currently dealing with the golfer's
elbow on the right side, but a while back
I had pain in my left bicep similar to
the pain you describe.

When I did pullups with palm facing me
I felt no symptoms. When I did wide
grip pullups with palms facing away
my left arm went weak with the bicep
pain. Over time I gradually worked it
out with 3 sets daily of 5 slow & easy
wide-grip palms away reps. I think
it was exposing some imbalance in the
muscles of my upper arm. I actually
forgot about those symptoms since
I've been pain free for about a year.

If only I could get rid of this golfer's
elbow now.

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