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William Winger 07-07-2006 06:34 PM

I used to post on, which is a great site for lifters, but now I'm hooked on crossfit. I've decided to move my journal over here. Anyway, here's some info about me:

I started out over a year ago just working the 'glory muscles,' mostly bench press. Then I moved into powerbuilding (powerlifting for hypertrophy), then straight powerlifting. Only recently have I begun olympic lifting. And today I did my first true crossfit workout. At this point I am pretty strong, but I desperately need the neuromuscular training of oly as well as the cardiovascular training of all crossfit workouts.

I'm not going to follow the WoD for a little while. I'm going to begin with some work on the 'girls' that I can do (need some equipment) this summer.

William Winger 07-07-2006 06:50 PM

When I return to school I'll have more equipment and so can add more 'girls.' Right now I don't have bumper plates or a squat rack, so I'm kinda limited in what I can do.

I've also come up with five workouts that are more focused on lifting, but with a crossfit twist (these I've given the names of ancient 'goddesses').

Athena, Demeter, and Minerva done for max pound-reps.
Athena - BP 5x5, Inc 4x4, CaJ 3x3, SQ 5x5 HSQ 3x3 (when I say this it means Hack Squat, which is a variant of the squat very similar to a deadlift).

Demeter - Dec 5x5, Inc 5x5, Sna 3x3, DL 5x5, SQ 3x3.

Minerva - BP 3x3, Dec 4x4, Clean 3x3, HSQ 5x5, DL 3x3.

There are two others as well:

Artemis and Shiva, done for max total reps, counting the minimum over two sets each of:

Artemis - OHSQ 95lbs, Sna 115, PPress 135lbs, CaJ 155, Clean 175,

Shiva - Upright Row 95, Sna 115, BO Row 135, Supine Rows, Pullups.

Hope you guys like these, maybe even make use of them too...

William Winger 07-07-2006 07:04 PM

Now finally for today's workout!

Grace - 19:16.0, 5/2/2/2/3/3/2+1F/3/3/3/2.
400 m Run (treadmill), 1:35.0.

I was surprised with how quickly my ability to CaJ decreased to just 2 or three per set. Also surprised at how long this took. Shows how badly I need muscular endurance huh? But I also need work on my jerk. Other WoDs including thruster ought to help.

William Winger 07-08-2006 12:54 PM

I was planning on doing Lynne yesterday after Grace, but my left anterior deltoid was killing me, so I passed then. Little did I know it would come up today!

Lynne: total - 59, done with 2 minute rests between each round, five rounds, no rest moving from bench to pullups.
BP - 35... 10-8-6-5-6
PU - 24... 8-6-4-3-3

My goal for my first time, which was set to be achievable was a total of 50. I'm pretty happy with a score of 59, hopefully I'll manage 65 next time.

Followed Lynne with a 5 minute rest, then did a max effort 1 mile stationary bike ride.
Time - 2:56.0 (actually the computer doesn't show tenths).

I'm glad this was under 3 minutes, I'll try to improve to 2:52.0 next time.

William Winger 07-09-2006 09:42 AM

Today I did Fran, was planning on a 1000 m row afterwards, but I was too gassed after Fran.

Total time- 22:20.4

Thruster breakdown - 7-6-4-4/5-5-5/5-4
Pullup breakdown - 6-5-5-5/4-4-4-3/4-4-1

Hopefully next time I'll get it under 20:00.0, just a nice gradual improvement.

William Winger 07-10-2006 05:18 PM

Rest day today for me, I'm going to try to go 4 days until my next one to get back on schedule with the WoDs.

I tried to work on my handstand balance, I can't wait to begin handstand pushups!

William Winger 07-11-2006 05:57 PM

Well, Nancy kicked my *** today. I wanted to do it because of all the work I need on overhead squats. Unfortunately... I need a lot of work on overhead squats...

There were some positives however, my 400 run time was 1 second faster, 1:34.0. It's hard to substantially improve much more, since I'm running on a treadmill. The fastest I could get to 1/4th mile is 1:15.0 plus the time it takes for the treadmill to speed up to max speed, which is at least 12 seconds.

I'm planning to try Angie tomorrow, so in preparation I did 30 supine rows followed by 30 dips for time. It took 4:59.9, narrowly under 5 minutes. Next time 4:45.0. I figure any time I can do it all under 4 flat I'll add 5 supine rows and 5 dips.

William Winger 07-12-2006 05:07 PM

I was planning on doing Angie, but instead did Cindy as the rx'd wod:

Cindy - 10 rounds in 19:00.0 flat. Could have done more, but was extremely queasy. I think I discovered the worst possible pre-workout meal...

1 lb (pre-cooking weight) of bacon, inside of two and a half grilled cheeses. Thank god I didn't finish all three...

William Winger 07-13-2006 05:56 PM

My gym only has two bars, so I decided to do something different:

Tabata rowing (for calories per round):
9-9-8-9-7-7-8-8, total of 65. Next time I'll aim for 70.

Since I was wearing a Stanford t-shirt, a woman asked my dad, who had been yelling 'stop' and 'go', if I rowed FOR Stanford. Had to laugh at that.

Clean 135lbs 10 times.
Clean and Jerk 135lbs 4 times.

Then I worked on handstand balance against the wall twice. Able to do 1 handstand pushup each time. Unfortunately I am a big person... so there was a lot of blood rushing to my head. This was the limiting factor (well, and balance).

Pullups to failure: 15 palms away, no kip, full ROM.

Not super great, but I was pleased. Plus I helped my dad learn some new exercises: arnold press, clean, push press etc.

Tim Dewey 07-14-2006 06:01 AM

Hi DubDub. Just a hint. I never let the 3 bar thing bother me. I happen to have two O bars and an EZ curl bar on the back porch, but what I do for the 3 bar thingy, is to load up one for the DL, the other for the BP, and either load up DB's or load my duffle bag up with rocks for the cleans. If I only had one bar, I would sub in weighted dips for the BP. The WOD's were't written in stone as to equipent, so a little innovation goes a long way.

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