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Rick Meldrum 07-20-2010 05:51 PM

I just opened my affiliate on the 1st and I'd like to know how other affiliate owners do their programming. Is it planned out a week at a time, 2 weeks even? Or is it a daily thing? If it's planned far out in advance what guides you or directs you? I have talked to the affiliate I "grew up" in and some other owner friends of mine but I'd like more input from the community. I am some what limited to the number of movements I can do since we are still building our garage gym up. Any insight will be MUCH appreciated.

Mark Wood 07-20-2010 11:57 PM

Re: Programming....
I do mine a few weeks in advance. I also considering putting in a strength orientated week once a month. Just backing off the metcon a little and focusing on very short metcon and strength.

As far as it goes having limited equipment, I am in the same boat. I just go with what I can, If you mix up the modalities then you shouldn't have a problem.

Eric Montgomery 07-21-2010 06:16 AM

Re: Programming....
I think this article--part 1 and part 2 (both WFS)--does a good job of explaining the logic behind some pretty smart programming. You can look at some of the other experienced programmers and see how they do things...I'm partial to OPT (WFS) due to his track record and how it's worked for me.

At CFSD we program in 8 week blocks and I'm in the midst of putting a cycle together right now. In general, each day has a few sets worth of heavy lifts, then possibly some skillwork, then a 10-15 minute metcon. Occasionally we'll go longer but 10-15 minutes seems to work pretty well for time effectiveness. I try to vary it to make sure they're doing some variation of a squat, press, deadlift, and Oly lift just about every week, and will work in stuff like weighted pullups, weighted dips, or max-effort Oly skill transfer exercises every few weeks. Some of it will be done at prescribed tempo and some with be more along the lines of "find your 1RM front squat." Skillwork will cover muscleups, rope climbing, pistols, handstands, turkish getups, and stuff like that. And with the metcons I try to cover as many movement patterns as possible throughout the week without burning any particular one out...i.e. no workouts with 100+ box jumps the day after 100+ squats. Some will be straight AMRAPs, some with be rep schemes for time, some will incorporate work/rest intervals, some may have 2-3 different parts.

What's working for me is to do it in Powerpoint and put together "blocks" of stuff I'd like to do for strength training and for metcons, then I can drag it all around to arrange it in a more logical way. So I can look at things as a whole and see when it would be better to swap one day's metcon for another, or when I need to put a few more days of semi-deloading after a taxing max effort day.

Alexander Martin 07-21-2010 08:33 AM

Re: Programming....
Great post Eric. This is the manner in which we are programming as well. Since me and my bus. partner come from similar strength training backgrounds we feel it neccesary to devote a bit of time to Strength/Skill work. We vary between the main lifts as well, oly and powerlifts, and then do a 10-20 min metcon at the end. Works out very well and develops great strength as well as getting their monies worth with the MetCon.

Rick Meldrum 07-21-2010 12:44 PM

Re: Programming....
Wow thank you very much Eric; that was very enlightening. I think its SUPER important to work on strength/skills and think that there are some places out there that sort of leave it to the client to develop their skills. Those links helped big time!

Jean-Paul Lara 07-21-2010 02:17 PM

Re: Programming....

Originally Posted by Rick Meldrum (Post 814666)
Wow thank you very much Eric; that was very enlightening. I think its SUPER important to work on strength/skills and think that there are some places out there that sort of leave it to the client to develop their skills. Those links helped big time!

funny this thread appeared, I wanted to post one as well...i'm actually starting my own programming to accomodate my resources and what i've learned from my body by just doing the dot com WODs...i'm doing a 1 month - 1 on 1 off , next month 2 on 1 off, and next month 3 on 1 off schedule...i'll probably mix it up a little more. This way i can balance rest days accordingly. I realized that after doing about 2 months of nothing but 3 on 1 off, i get burned out by the 3rd month.

anyone else doing something similar?

Craig Takahiro Descoteaux 07-21-2010 02:58 PM

Re: Programming....
attend the crossfit prep course.
they cover programming for three hours on the second day.
great stuff.

Stephen Flamm 07-21-2010 06:16 PM

Re: Programming....
I program 5-week blocks to accommodate our 5/3/1 strength cycles. Eric's advice is sound, so I'll just add a few points:

1. Have both long- and short-term goals, and then program backwards to efficiently and safely achieve them. Long-term, I want my clients to make consistent gains in strength while maintaining a base level of conditioning, hence my use of Wendler's 5/3/1. In the short-term, I select a benchmark to be performed at the end of each 5 week block, and program to ensure that everyone is properly prepared to perform that benchmark. So, if the benchmark is "Grace", for example, I will work in significant amounts of Oly technique work. In addition, I will focus on conditioning sessions in the 2-5 minute range. If the benchmark was "Eva", on the other hand, I would make sure that there is a build-up to such a high volume of swings and pull-ups. Ultimately, help your clients succeed by preparing them for what lies ahead.

2. Lay out what is most important to you/your clients first. Again, for me that is strength, so I lay out the entire 5 weeks' worth of strength work. Conditioning sessions are then arranged around those sessions in such a manner that they will not interfere with strength gains.

3. I limit my total conditioning/metcon time to 60 minutes per week, and it often totals under 30 minutes. Short and intense.

If you are not confident in your abilities as a programmer, find someone who has similar goals to yours and work off of their programming. Read as much as you can, and test out new methods on yourself. I followed OPT's programming for many months before integrating some of his methods into my own gym's programming.

Jason M Struck 07-22-2010 12:04 PM

Re: Programming....
My template is very close to Stephen's, down to the detail that this cycle we are working 5/3/1!


Casey Raiford 07-22-2010 12:28 PM

Re: Programming....
The trainer that writes our programming usually has about three months of material in at least draft format. We post the entire month at the start of each month in a PDF and then the next day's WODs each night on a 5/2 schedule. It's written in meso and macro cycles to accomodate 5/3/1. We just started that and I'm interested to see what kind of results we get.

We use a CFFB/CFSB influenced WOD, plus the 5/3/1 supplemental strength WOD. In light of the baffling fact that not everybody is interested in a 400lb DL, we're going to start writing a CFE style endurance WOD as well in the near future.

We also have a challenge each month that focuses on goats. It's the standard one rep on the first, two on the second...etc thing but for some reason is wildly popular. Right now it's ring pushups in unbroken sets, for example. Deadhang pullups a couple of months ago. Maybe 30/24 box jumps in August. Basically whatever I pull out of thin air on the last day of a month.

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