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Paul Elliott-Smith 06-06-2013 02:07 PM

Best S&C Exercises for Boxing
In your opinion what are the best exercises for S&C training for boxers?

Pearse Shields 06-08-2013 11:34 PM

Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing
That's a very broad question.

Short answer: most of them

Can you be more specific? What kind of boxing, for instance? How many rounds? What is the fighter's style? What are their current physical traits like- how are their strength, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, etc?

Andrew Joseph 06-12-2013 12:16 PM

Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing
I'm interested to know if the question was directed towards what a typical, standard boxing workout routine would be--the type that a boxing trainer would have you go through--or whether the question was about which type of Xfit or non-traditional training he thinks should be added to those types of workouts.

I think the reality is that boxing S&C at most boxing gyms is still going to be very "old school". Besides maybe track and field, I can't imagine many sports still train as similarly as they did 100 years ago as boxers often do. Go into a boxing gym or watch any HBO training documentary like 24/7 and you generally see the same stuff--jumping rope, hitting the speed bag, hitting mits, swinging an axe/bat/sledghammer, ab and neck strength training, jogging, etc.--that has always been a part of boxing training.

I know some boxers hire outside S&C trainers and have tried to incorporate "modern" S&C into their workouts, but there aren't enough of them--or they don't stick with a routine for long enough--to have created a paradigm shift. TBH, I am skeptical when I hear that a boxer is hiring some hired gun to make him dramatically stronger or to help him change his weight in a short time frame as I think it's often a cover for PEDs more than a real change in routine.

Andrew Joseph 06-12-2013 12:27 PM

Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing
Looks like this guy would be perfect to ask:


Richard Colon 06-12-2013 08:06 PM

Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing
I'm not trying to name drop here but I am friends with a S&C boxing coach. Been to his house, on my phone, eats dinner at my mom's, calls us family, my father is at his house whenever he wants, known him for 25+yrs sort of thing.

Specifically he is Pacquiao's S&C coach and I've been with him in Wild Card Gym in L.A. when others aren't normally allowed watching him do his work.

The short answer is...he does boxing stuff. He isn't an acquaintance. He is a family friend so he has shared what I thought was "special stuff" since he is now all high society in the boxing S&C world - I mean, Manny - cmon..

Jump rope, morning runs, mitt work, bag work, maintain ab/core strength, shoulder stability, footwork, etc.

If it would jeapordize and doesn't directly help with a multi million dollar fighter then it isn't used. Now, if you mean general boxing, hobby, amateur, then I'm sure you can do more. They sure as hell aren't training like Froning though. No need for AMRAP HSPUs and high rep Hang Cleans in their world.

Michael Cuccia 06-20-2013 07:31 AM

Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing
[QUOTE=Paul Elliott-Smith;1170152]In your opinion what are the best exercises for S&C training for boxers?[/QUOTE]

I boxed for a couple years. Not competitive, but trained 3-5 days a week for close to four years and did a lot of sparring.

Besides the obvious (bag work, mitt work, running, jumping rope) one thing I did that a lot my partners didn't was spend a good amount of time drilling footwork and movement.

Basically, I'd use an open space or ring and move/shadowbox for 15-20 minutes and really focus on lateral and backwards movement and while keeping on my toes and dragging my feet.

Not very sexy or exciting, but I definitely felt I had an advanatage in sparring. A lot of guys tend to drill too much on the bag, or on the mitts without considering the amount of real estate that is available in the ring, and how to move properly and efficiently.

Mike Steadman 06-24-2013 10:55 AM

Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing
Boxing requires high level of Specialized Phyisical Preparedness (SPP). This takes place in form of technique, focus mitts, heavy bag, etc. Old school trainer know that no matter how strong or inshape their fighters are, if they have flaws, eventually someone will figure them out. You have to remember that boxing is called the sweet science for a reason, it's a game of chess. I say all this because this to drive home the point that S&C for boxing is done to a level to allow a fighter to have productive and successful training sessions. Training for a boxing match is no small task and requires a high level of General Physical Preparedness (GPP). As long as there fighters have the ability to execute the training and compete in the matches, that's the priority of their programming. Fights are one in the gym before the fight.

I know this is pretty broad but hopefully this will help anyone trying to understand a boxing trainers approach to S&C.

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