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Marc Johnson 12-04-2006 06:33 AM

Where are people getting quality climbing ropes from now? I looled on the main page but there was no link listed anymore.

Michael Stehle 12-04-2006 12:00 PM

I got mine from

Roger Smith 12-04-2006 04:02 PM

search for rope,

work and family ok

also check locally if you want 3/4 you might be able to get it. lowes has it....

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Travis Hall 12-04-2006 06:20 PM

this is a link to a great article on rope climbing. it alos has adivce on buying rope and links to suppliers:


work and family safe.


Tony Young 12-09-2006 11:53 AM

Check out rigging and rope/cable places locally. I got mine cheap at [url=]Industrial Rope Supply Co.[/url] in Cincinnati. These places can be tough to find. They don't depend on walk-by traffic and everybody who uses the stuff regularly seems to know about them already.

Ask at the counter if they have any returned pieces at a discount. Companies over-buy or misorder all the time. Sound advice from Eddie Lugo in his article from CFJ #46, June '06.

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