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Jim Colby 06-27-2011 07:40 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
Man, I am messing up dates left and right...

[B][U]June 27[/U][/B]
Forgot to mention that last night I golfed a few holes to prepare for today. Today I was fortunate enough to walk 18 holes of golf at Winged Foot, where the U.S. open was played. The course beat me up for not playing yet this year, but it was the perfect active rest day!

Jim Colby 06-28-2011 06:46 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]June 28[/U][/B]
[U]At Lunch[/U]
Swam: 2x500M, 1x200M, 1x100M, 4x50M
[U]After Work[/U]
Biked 15 moderately hilly miles (47:35)
Went with a friend tonight, so I was a couple of minutes slower. That's ok, since I'm tapering this week. Felt like crap today, almost like I'm getting sick. A good night's sleep will help.

Jim Colby 06-29-2011 08:53 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]June 29[/U][/B]
2.7 mile hill run (untimed)
20 minute TRX circuit
3x10 DH pull-ups

Jim Colby 06-30-2011 05:50 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]June 30[/U][/B]
Cycled 15 miles ((463 feet of climbing, 45:31, PR by 5 secs, didn't wear HR monitor since I just wanted to go out for an easy ride)
I surprised myself with the PR tonight since it was supposed to be an easy ride just to keep the legs fresh for the race this weekend. I won't complain!

Jim Colby 07-01-2011 12:56 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 1[/U][/B]
Swam: 2x500M, 1x200M, 2x100M, 2x50M
Off to Canada, sprint triathlon on Sunday

Jim Colby 07-04-2011 04:43 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 2[/U][/B]
Easy 1.5 mile run
Some light swimming in the lake
Fine-tuned the bike

[B][U]July 3[/U][/B]
Sprint Triathlon (500M swim, 20K bike, 5k run)
1:16 (4th in age group, 22/110 overall, 16/110 on bike, 32/110 on swim, 39/110 on run)

I was hoping for sub-1:15, but didn't quite get it, so I'm a little disappointed, but this is an ok result for the first tri in 12 years. I lost over a minute on the bike course due to traffic issues. I lost a minute taking off my wetsuit since I hadn't practiced that. Took too much time in transitions and, despite telling myself not to do it, I walked through the water breaks on the 5K run instead of just toughing it out for the last 15 minutes. The race was short enough that I didn't need the water station and I had already taken in enough water on the bike leg. Had I done all of that properly, I would have been well under 1:15. Drinking beer by the bonfire at the lake the night before probably didn't help either, but it was fun. It was a humid 97 degrees on the course, so the heat out on the run was brutal and messed with my head a bit. There were some blistering fast 50-54 year-olds. They took 2 of the top 3 spots. I ended up 4th in my age group.

Can't wait for the next tri on July 24th. Hopefully I worked out some of the kinks on this one, because the next one is twice as long.

[U][B]July 4[/B][/U]
Swam: 7x200M, 7x100M, 2x50M

David Orr 07-05-2011 08:25 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
Nice job Jim! Sounds like you had some stiff competetion, add in high humidity and 97 degree heat? :super:

Jim Colby 07-09-2011 03:18 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
Thanks Dave! Yeah, there are a lot of very fast 50-54 year-olds. Its one of the most competitive age groups. Seems like only the hard-core stick it out this long.

[B][U]Tuesday, July 5 and Wednesday, July 6[/U][/B]
Busy in general and didn't have time to work out. Probably not the worst idea to take a couple of days off, although I hate doing it.

[B][U]Thursday, July 7[/U][/B]
[U]At Lunch[/U]
Ran 3 miles (first mile at 7.0 mph, second mile at 7.5 mph, third mile at 8.0 mph), then
Swam 1000M straight through. No time on the swim, since there's no lap clock at the outdoor pool. I should start wearing my racing watch.
[U]After work[/U]
Played around with the TRX suspension system and did some jump rope practice.

[B][U]Friday, July 8[/U][/B]
3 circuits of (5 DH pull-ups, 15 squats, 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, max unbroken DUs). Did 31/39(tied PR)/40 (new PR) on the DUs. Like a dumb-a**, I stopped and celebrated after I got #40 instead of getting as many as I could.
10 minutes of dynamic stretching
Main Workout
20 minutes on the TRX trainer, working the core and legs really hard, then
2.6 mile run (289 foot high hill in the middle, 22:48). About a minute off the PR with very little effort. Ran very easy.

[B][U]Saturday, July 9[/U][/B]
[U]At Lunch[/U]
Swam 1600M straight through, then drove home and
Cycled 25 miles (1300 ft of elevation gain, 1:28).
I was all set to break soundly break my PR on my normal 25 mile route (with 1200 ft of climbing), when I came upon a downed tree and power line. I had to detour over a huge hill, so lost a lot of time, but still beat my old time. Different route though so I won't log the time.

Jim Colby 07-10-2011 05:47 PM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]Sunday, July 10[/U][/B]
Ran 20 miles (3:30, 650 feet of elevation gain, HR avg. 134, HR max 150, distance PR by 2 miles).

The purpose the run was to extend my "wall" and not to run fast. The targeted pace was at least 2 minutes/mile slower than my best effort. I'm targeting 9 mins/mile for the marathon in Oct and did 8:28/mile for the half marathon. I ran 4 minutes and walked 1 minute, averaging 10:30/mile. 10:30 might have been a touch fast, but not too far off my targeted pace.

I'm not gonna lie, this wasn't much fun. I didn't run until 2:30, so I think it was over 90 degrees. Two 10 mile loops with a nasty little 150 foot climb at the end of each loop. I didn't take much pleasure out of doing the hill the last time around. Overall, the first 10 miles were easy, the next 5 ok, and the last five would not be classified as entertainment. I forced myself to keep walking after this was over and stretched and rolled thoroughly. Showered and had a little nap, during which muscles I didn't even realize I had started! Anyway, I feel better now. These runs are hard but necessary and worth it.

Jim Colby 07-11-2011 11:41 AM

Re: Down in Jim's Garage
[B][U]July 11[/U][/B]
Swam 1600M straight thru

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