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Mark Williams 04-20-2007 03:46 PM

Well, I’m back for another crack at the whip. (I warn you, this is a beast of a first post!)

My health, fitness and body composition have gone to hell since I last posted - I started at 192lbs, dropped to 185lbs while using cross fit methods (but with quite a bit of a composition change), then rapidly went up to 205lbs after stopping training. 205lbs on a 5’3” guy is not a good look.

I stopped training because my circumstances changed and I was unable to use a gym - I did improvise for a while but without a place to go to and focus my energies on I fell by the wayside fairly quickly. I tried to get back into it again in February but tore my quad quite badly playing my new sport of American football. For the past month I have been breaking myself into weightlifting again so I didn’t come in totally out of shape - basically I wanted to get past that sore for 5 days after a good workout that seems to follow a return to training after a long lay off.

Now I feel ready to get back on the cross fit program.

Historically, my training has always been about getting bigger and stronger, with no real consideration for appearance or general fitness. Although I was only on crossfit for a few months, I was starting to get an idea of what I could look like, and I felt much fitter.

Last time round, I copied Anthony’s training template and enjoyed it thoroughly. This time round, I will do weights to maintain strength and as much muscle as I can while trying to “chip the rest of the rock away” to see what’s under all that lard! My basic idea is to train 5 days on, 1 off, with American Football training/game on the Sunday. Training sessions will begin with a compound lift for 5x5, and will then be followed by the WOD. When the WOD is heavy-lifting based I will play it by ear - if it’s deadlift day for me, and the WOD is low rep deadlift based, then I will either do the WOD and ignore the 5x5 or do the 5x5 and a different WOD.

Diet is something that I have always struggled with - the leanest (and strongest) I have ever been was when I weighed 168lbs a few years ago and that was the result of a 5 month period when I got my diet spot on. I have tried various plans - including paleo and zone, over the past few months but have struggled to stay on them - also I have suffered somewhat with “paralysis through analysis”, so many different ideas of what constitutes the ideal diet etc. The past couple of weeks, I have eaten a different way - largely because I have had no money! During the day I have eaten just fruit and then straight after training come home and had a generous portion of meat and veg. It flies in the face of all the 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight recommendations and while I haven’t sat and counted the calories, it can’t be what is conventionally seen as “enough” - but I have felt absolutely brilliant, haven’t felt sluggish in the afternoons as I normally do after chicken and pasta or equivalent, and my workouts haven’t suffered at all - weights have been climbing back up steadily each week. I’ve only followed this “diet” for a couple of weeks, but my weight has dropped from the 205lbs I ballooned to, to 199lbs, with my arms actually having grown a quarter of an inch (mostly down to muscle memory I think).

I did an experiment today (got paid so could buy food!) and ate what I have always considered to be “healthily” - 1 egg and 3 egg white omelette for breakfast, chicken and rice with low fat tomato based sauce for lunch, a banana pre-workout and a chicken breast and parsnips after my workout. I didn’t feel great during my workout and I did feel a bit groggy and bloated throughout the day - but only relatively. This is how I have always felt and previously I would have said I felt fine but its rubbish compared to how I have felt this past fortnight on my “no cash no calories” diet. It may well prove to be too low in calories/protein but for now I feel very comfortable on it and capable of maintaining it (very early days though!) so if I seem to be ignoring dietary advice at this stage, forgive me, I’m not being rude or not respecting your opinions, but I want to give this a go for now. I will probably add a couple of almonds during the day to give me some healthy fats and to get rid of any hunger pangs I might get.

Now (and if you’re still reading: well done and thank you!) onto my goals.

While I would like to improve my football game, I’m only playing a low, recreational level and I will be more use if I’m fitter, faster and lighter anyway. While I would like to maintain my strength or perhaps even get closer to how strong I used to be, if I have to lose a couple of pounds of muscle to strip this fat off, so be it. My training is now for health and fitness, but also (and probably mainly!) to transform my physique… hence the title of the Log.

Current Stats (as of Sunday 15th April) - will take again on Sunday
Weight - 199.4lbs
Waist - 40 1/4" (measured at fattest point)
Chest - unsure (spent 15 mins trying to measure this alone but kept dropping tape)
Left Upper Arm - 16 3/4"
Right Upper Arm - 16 1/2"
Left Forearm - 12 1/2"
Right Forearm - 12 1/4" (both measured with no flexion in wrist; just straight and clenched fist)
Thighs - 27"
Calves - 17 11/16"
Neck - 16 ½”

Ultimate Targets (loosely based on “Grecian ideals” calculator)
Weight - ?
Chest - 46 inches
Waist - 32 (- 8.25”)
Bicep - 17 inches (+.5”)
Forearm - 13 inches (+.5”)
Thigh - 24 inches (-3”)
Calve - 16 inches (-2”)
Neck - 17 inches (+0.5“)

This is an ideal - I may well not have the genetics to get here, but it is something to aspire to: shoot for the stars, at least you’ll hit the moon - and all that. I believe in putting timescales on goals but have no idea on this one - its such a long road to get to this - any suggestions?. I am going on holiday on the 17th June though - while the above measurements are obviously out of the question between now and then, I would like to set some goals for it. I’m unsure as to what can be achieved in this sort of timeframe - so if someone would care to throw down a gauntlet for me, I’ll do my best to pick it up!

I have laid down, on this ridiculously long post, my intentions and my hopes that I would normally have kept entirely to myself. I’ve done this to make myself accountable so any kicks in the , slaps on the back or general pointing and laughing would be greatly appreciated on this!


Mark Williams 04-20-2007 04:00 PM

Did todays WOD to shake off some rust - wasn't expecting miracles because I'm badly out of shape and did bench 5x5 yesterday - I didn't disappoint:blush:!

WOD 070420

Five rounds for max reps of:
Hammerstrength bench press @ 200lbs (16/10/7/6/5)
Hammerstrength Pull-downs @ 200lbs (15/10/9/7/6)

I rested about 2 mins between rounds.
No great numbers here but feel good and sore now, and you can't really ask for more than that. No exercise planned for tomorrow, except walking hyperactive puppy through woods. Will post diet though (todays was as detailed in previous post).



Mark Williams 04-21-2007 09:39 AM

By this afternoon I felt like I had too much energy to just sit around so I decided to do a 5x5 and a WOD from earlier in the week.

1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 100kg
3x5 @ 110kg

Three rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
40kg Hang clean, 21 reps

Deadlift - I've never dne much deadlifting - previous experience being restricted to the deadlifting on WODS first time round. The weight tself felt fine, but my hands felt like the skin was being pulled from them so will start at this low weight and build up gradually, to allow both muscles and calluses to adapt!
WOD - no time because need a new stopwatch (will get on Wednesday) and subbed hang cleans for hang snatches because my snatch technique sucks. Upped the weight slightly to compensate. Time would have been poor - truly forgot how x-fit is as much mental as physical! Feel great now though.

Throughout the day I have eaten 1 banana, 8 almonds, 1 tbsp peanut butter and I just had an apple straight after my workout. I have a nice, lean joint of beef in the oven and will have that with parsnips and some peas.

Football practise tomorrow - always a good workout although it will be a little lighter as we have our first game of the season next Sunday. Past couple of sessions I have dragged out the blocking sled and done various exercises on it and found it a great finisher. I will do the same tomorrow and do tomorrows WOD on Monday.

I also plan to buy a digital camera on Wednesday so that I can chart my progress (and if I work out how, might post if I get brave enough). The cheapest ones I can find (and budget is a major issue right now!) are 3 megapixels or something - is that enough to get a clear enough picture for my purposes? What do others on the board use?


Mark Williams 04-22-2007 03:00 AM

Feel a bit sore this morning - but its that "crossfit sore" you can still function pretty well with, not the sore you get from too much weights. Forearms and traps inparticular feeling it.

Measured and weighed today to give an indication of where I am before starting crossfit properly.

Crossfit Starting Measurements
Weight - 196.8lbs
Chest - still incapable of measuring my own
Waist - 38.75"
Thigh - 27.75"
Calves - 17.5"
Arms - 16.5" (L) 16.5" (R)
F.Arms - 12.5"

Since the 16th March I have lost 8.2lbs, 1.5" off waist, put 0.75" on thighs, 0.25" on forearms, and arms have remained the same. 2.6lbs came off in the last week alone when I have been eating mostly in the way described above (except for my experiment day).

Still a long way to go, but I'm that much closer now.

Off to football practice this afternoon - will prob be a light session cos we're a week out from first game, so I'll stick some blocking sled met-con on the end.

Mark Williams 04-22-2007 09:51 AM

ended up being a pretty tough training session so left the sled work til Wednesday.

throughout the day - 1 banana and 2 satsumas - and I confess I had a mars bar straight after training. About to sit down to a couple pork steaks (will be trimming most of the fat off) with some veg.

Mark Williams 04-23-2007 12:54 PM

forearms still a bit sore from Saturday and rest of body sore from football practise but spent all day looking forward to my workout.

Hammerstrength Bench (5x5)
1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 90kg
3x5 @ 102.5kg

50 20kg Thrusters
50 Gravitron Assisted Pull-ups (lvl 4)
35 20kg Thrusters
35 Gravitron Assisted Pull-ups (lvl 4)
20 20kg Thrusters
20 Gravitron Assisted Pull-ups (lvl 4)

Bench was ok, always feel heavy on a Monday after football, butno real diilty with the weight, up to 105kg next week.

No time recorded (stopwatch coming!) but would've been slow. Thrusters were broken sets to allow catching of breath and pull-ups. massively broken due to general lack of stamina (particularly in the forearms). Worked hard all the way through and never stopped longer than necessary.

Throughout the day - 2 bananas, 1 apple, 2 satsumas, handful of almonds.
Dinner - 1 pork steak (trimmed) and 1 chicken breast (made into chicken strips with some oats, tomato paste and paprika) with parsnips.

Mark Williams 04-24-2007 12:18 PM

no crossfit workout today, had my first game in the office squash league tonight - got my thoroughly whipped! Brilliant lower body workout though so I donlt feel too guilty - got football training tomorrow so will either do met-co with sled afterwards, or do todays WOD before training. Probably wll save it for Thursday though.

throughout day - handful almonds, 2 bananas, 2 satsumas, 1 apple.
tonight - a chicken breast and 1 pork steak made into breaded dippers(using weetabix crumbs and some chili powder) with veg.

Mark Williams 04-25-2007 02:22 PM

No need for extra met-con after practise because we did loads of reps of plays tonight. Will do yesterdays WOD tomorrow.

throughout the day: punnet of strawberries, 1 apple, 2 satsumas.
evening: planned cheat meal - kebab meat and fries.

Mark Williams 04-26-2007 02:12 PM

Did Tuesdays WOD today - this was the last WOD I did last time round so was looking forward to doing it for 2 reasons - firstly, to give me a measure of where my strength/endurance is relative then, and secondly to see if this working out on nearly an empty stomach business is going to badly affect my performance - this would be a good indicator as this WOD took me 46:29 last time. I was nothing short of shocked when I beat my old time by quite a bit!

WOD 070424
Deadlift -120kg
Bench - 85kg
Power Clean - 60kg
Time: 36:00 (PR -10:29)

Weights aren't exactly as rx'd - I have gained a few soft pounds since I did this last so kept the weights the same to see how I got on. Also, mistakenly did 60kg clean instead of 65kg as last time - but to be honest I don't think it would hve made much of a difference.
Deadlifts, as last time, were the major weak point, specifically my grip (even more specifically my left grip which is weird as I;m left handed). The benches felt like a rest period, the cleans winded me a bit but was surprised how I was exploding the bar up even in the later rounds. I stopped for water after round 5.

Throughout the day: handful of almonds, 1 banana, 2 satsumas.
Tonight: 400g extra lean mince, parsnips, a dairy milk.

Felt hungover this morning despite not having had a drop in ages - I felt absolutely crap after my junk food last night and to be honest, after the first few mouthfuls (which were like heaven) I stoped ejoying it - I only finished it because I could. Didn't feel hungry at all this morning - all daytime food except for 2 satsumas were eaten immediately before the workout.

Overall, I enjoyed today - I was reminded why I'm liking my new eating style and that (so far atleast) it isn't affecting perfromance adversely (definatley improving mental function during the day). And isn't it funny how after a really hard workout, everything in the world is cool?


Mark Williams 04-27-2007 10:08 AM

Today did:

WOD 070426

120 Gravitron Pull-Ups (Lvl 5)
120 Dips

Time: 28:13

Not a very good time, lots and lots of broken sets but all erps were full and good form so happy enough. Chest pumped, tri's fried, back tight and veins popping on bi'. Can;t ask for more from a workout!

Throughout day: 4 x plums, handful almonds, tsp honey
Post workout: 1/2 pack mince, some reggae reggae sauce and peas.

Will e going out shortly with the lads from work so expecting to drink too much but deserve a nigh out - its been a long time. Complete detox tomorrow with lots fo fruit and water and should be good for game on Sunday. I'm to broke to drink enough to affect my performance that badly!


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