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Mike Moore 03-21-2005 12:04 PM

Is there supposed to be a "recomended" rest interval between these sets or does is it flexible depending on what the individual wants to train. If we are seeking to develop multiple qualities, i.e. power and stamina, is it better to use a longer (3-6 min) RI on some days when single are on the menu and a shorter RI (30sec - 2 min) on other singles days or to use both on the same day (ie decreasing RI for the last 4 or 5 sets) or just use other days that are designed as stamina/endurance days (e.g. cycles of pullups - dips - 400m runs) for that purpose and use the singles days for power and max strength? I've just started incorporating the CrossFit style into my training and perhaps I haven't seen the big picture in terms of the yearly training cycle yet. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for any feedback.

William Hunter 03-21-2005 12:42 PM

Mike, I think whenever you see singles you should use this as a day to really push your max. Take as much rest as you need btw sets. Most WOD's are timed, so on those you want to fly. The 1-1-1 etc or 5-5-5 etc formats are where you slow down and hammer some heavy poundages.

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