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Marty_Johnson 06-23-2010 06:20 PM

Training for TAC team CF Log
Greetings, I am training for my organizations TAC team scheduled for August 2I need to improve my pushups, situps, 1.5 mile run, and most importantly, I need to perform 3 dead hang pullups w/ 40 lbs. of gear. I also want to lose about 15 lbs. of fat, more to lighten my pullup load than anything else. I am 6'1, 215lbs. and I'm 45 yoa.

I believe CF gives me the best chance to successfully prepare for this tryout, and I plan to post daily CF workouts, as well as my diet. I will use the CF model, incorporating the aforementioned exercises as often as possible, using the 3 days on/1 day off schedule. Dietary, exercise and recovery advice is welcome.

I start tomorrow, and I could use all the advise and support I can get. Thanks in advance.

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