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Nada Hassan 03-02-2015 08:40 PM

Is there something as to much endurance work?
I know there is something as to much resistance training bec u need rest for your torn muscles to heal and get stronger . But for endurance work ; (correct me if I'm wrong) you are working on your lungs capacity and lactic acid threshold which recover way more quickly than muscle tears. So I guess my question is could you do multiple endurance WODS or track session in a day or do them everyday instead of every other day or every 2 days like resistance training?

Robert Fabsik 03-03-2015 07:04 AM

Re: Is there something as to much endurance work?
Although they train different areas, any physical stress and really any stress in general will take away from your overall recovery.

So if you are doing 3 endurance workouts a day 7 days a week, good luck getting your squat up.

In addition you get less and less benefit from the more you do especially if your recovery can't keep up.

Those who can handle high volume have built their overall capacity over years. So you have to go low and slow to build.

So I'd back it up and ask what are your fitness goals.

From an efficiency stand point, what is the minimal amount you can put in to get the desired result. This type of thinking will probably be better for recovery as opposed to how much of a beating can I take before I breakdown.

Larry Bruce 03-05-2015 06:37 AM

Re: Is there something as to much endurance work?
I agree with Robert above me here. If you were only training for running or biking for example, 6 days a week is not that uncommon, but the combination of the two is another story.

It's difficult to train both optimally together - Crossfit hits both and for general fitness it's enough with the 2 days on and 1 day off schedule. That works out to 4 days one week, 5 days the next approximately.

If you want to add more endurance I do recommend intervals - not because they have magical power - but because the break in between does make recovery easier. You can improve your aerobic endurance with longer ones of 3-5 minutes, and your anaerobic endurance with 30-60 second bouts. 2 times per week is enough if starting. You don't want to go all out - but keep it pretty intense - like 80% on the longer intervals and maybe 90% on the shorter. How long you do it for is up to you. Certainly build up. Listen to your body. Give it a go for 6 weeks and observe how it impacts your other training, and decide what needs to be cut out if anything.

Brendan McNamar 03-05-2015 07:33 AM

Re: Is there something as to much endurance work?
This is an excellent article about how a young female runner is being developed by the best program in the US. Much to be learned from this article about not over training or under eating.

Mary Cain Article

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