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Jay Edvardz 12-14-2003 09:38 PM

Ok... From the 19th to the 25th I will be on vacation and will be taking a break from Crossfit and NHE. At first, I planned on starting the metabolic shift on the 26th. After some thinking though, I have decided that I am going to go straight paleo; for various reasons. If I start to notice that my performance is slipping, I will eat some sweet potatoes or squash. As far as Paleo "plans" go, what do all of you suggest? From what I've read, it seems most of you are fairly partial to Cordain's work. However, my only beef with his book is that it's so PC (I am well aware that the book did not end up in print how he intended). Keeping this in mind, I was thinking it would be better to follow Neanerthin. Better yet, just follow my own rules:proud:.
All fresh non processed meat (this is to include all flesh foods).
Simple as that.
How does this sound?


Roy 12-15-2003 06:59 AM

Jay, when my dad and I went camping for 4 days, We had to take two big coolers. ONE JUST FOR ME. because I was tryimg to follow paleo the whole time. I brought tons of lettuce, apples, oranges, meat, etc. I WISH I brought a bunch of walnuts and pecans, but I wasnt very educated at the time. It made the trip a little worse that I had to eat 6 times a day of only the most perfect food every time.

IMHO, this is the time of year to enjoy yourself a little. Heres what I would bring if I were you:

Pre-cooked chicken breasts(i mean cooking them all yourself and saran wrapping them)

lot of walnuts

lot of pecans (yummy)


carrots and/or other veggies

hardboiled eggs

Damn! Why did'nt I do this??



p.s> At christmas dinner, eat LOTS of turkey! good replacement for dressing, rolls, etc.
You might fall asleep at the dinner table though ;)

Jay Edvardz 12-15-2003 09:35 AM


Good suggestions, thanks. I love nuts (God that sounds bad)! Almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts, etc. I try to stick mainly to walnuts because of their omega 3 content. I pretty much cook my food at night and save it for the next day; it's much easier this way. Another thing I like to do is throw a bunch of meat and various ingredients into the crockpot and let it cook overnight.

Roy 12-15-2003 11:05 AM

Thats sounds convenient. I should try that. Are you a fan of Pecans? They're highly addicting. I hope I dont find Pecan Butter somewhere(if there is such thing), because that will empty my pocketbook.



Jay Edvardz 12-15-2003 11:54 AM

I love pecans! Actually, my mother brought home some pumpkin pecan butter. It's fabulous! It contains sugar so I really don't eat it. However, I tried some and the taste was incredible.


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