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Jason Arsenault 08-24-2006 08:30 PM

For the 3 on 1 off workout of the days, is it usually 2 metcon and one strength? And is that enough to get stronger?

Anthony Bainbridge 08-25-2006 03:42 AM

The WOD is constantly evolving.

I've made pretty good strength gains on a strength/metcon/metcon/rest/repeat pattern.

Jason Arsenault 08-25-2006 05:41 AM

Yeah, I've been looking at your journal. I'm just trying to get a program made up for myself:wallbash:

Jason Arsenault 08-25-2006 03:27 PM

anyone else?

William Hunter 08-25-2006 03:45 PM

The real answer is YMMV.

I started CF(following the mainpage 3/1)at 5'11, 160 lbs coming from an endurance running background. I put on 5 solid pounds in just a few months, then stalled out a bit. I think the super high rep WOD's were driving me into the ground. I started to replace a workout here and there with a 5x5 workout. Within a few months I dropped the WOD entirely (extreme I know) and focused exclusively on Rippetoe's SS book (actually found and bought the book a couple of months before he joined the CF family - weird). No metcon's for about 6 mos, pure strength. I don't have a sport I compete in regularly so I felt it was OK to do this. I'm now at 180 and starting to work the normal CF-style workouts back into my routine. Overall it feels like it was the right thing to do, for me at least.

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