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Aston Webber 05-20-2005 01:22 AM

Hi to everybody on this board,I'm new to this great site and was wondering whether anybody had any info on elevated V sits and the progression which is required to complete this static hold,Also has Coach
Sommers book been released and will it be available in the UK.Thx in advance.:wink:

Peter Galloway 05-20-2005 02:43 AM


Welcome! Another Brit joins the CrossFit ranks! As far as I know, the progression to a V-sit is simply to work L-sits and keep trying to raise your hips higher each time. I'm a long way from that though, so you might want to wait for an expert to confirm or deny this!

As for Coach Sommer's book, it hasn't been released yet (I think we'll know about it when it does get released - it is quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated book of the decade!). I'm sure it'll be available over here, although it'll probably be question of ordering off the net.

Roger Harrell 05-20-2005 07:12 AM

Working L-sits a lot is a good start. Another method is to do tucked V sits, then straighten your legs. This will start teaching you how to really get the compression in your pike while holding the V. Warning: your quads will cramp, when they cramp, relax stretch em out, do it again. It will go away in time.

Aston Webber 05-20-2005 07:27 AM

Thanks for the info guys,and roger is that you in your avatar?,pretty impressive.

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