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Andrew N. Casey 08-09-2012 03:32 PM

Re: Edited
funniest thread ever. i have tears in my eyes.

Kent Newland 08-09-2012 03:40 PM

Re: Edited
Can someone help me brew Paleo beer? Or at least direct me to a recipe?

Clint Harris 08-09-2012 05:34 PM

Re: Edited
[QUOTE=Kent Newland;1085015]Can someone help me brew Paleo beer? Or at least direct me to a recipe?[/QUOTE]

Take the funny colored mushrooms you foraged from under that fern tree, mush them up and place in the stagnant puddle of water sitting in the bottom of your cave. Add some blue-berries, almonds or mammoth blood to taste. Let it sit for a few days.
Drink the puddle.

... mind you, I have no scientific proof, but I'm absolutely certain cavemen would have drunk beer. A lot of it too.

John C Corona 08-09-2012 06:22 PM

Re: Edited
[QUOTE=Andy Kauth;1084999]The greatest piece of "equipment" ever invented?:

[url][/url] (WFS ... worth watching the whole thing but if short on time skip to about 4:40).

Changed my life.[/QUOTE]

Though not funny at all...still appreciated. Instead of gut-busting-over-eating sessions of watermelon, I can now try this as an alternate. Im thinking cheese cloth would work, but both cheese cloth and blenders arent paleo, so I'll have to do it when no one is looking.

Andy Kauth 08-09-2012 06:57 PM

Re: Edited
[QUOTE=John C Corona;1085070] but both cheese cloth and blenders aren't paleo, so I'll have to do it when no one is looking. [/QUOTE]

Good point. But the paleo police will likely forgive you if it improves your jits.

Andrew Bell 08-09-2012 07:18 PM

Re: Edited
Welp, hello and welcome to the second installment of "Road To Glory". This is my summer log (which could possibly have a 3rd portion during the school year) of me trying to recomp away the 30 lbs i bulked on during the past school year and also up my strength to be able to enter my first powerlifting competition which I believe is in November.

Road to Glory Pt I included Abliderate Advanced/RK-125/Sline Sane/C4/NO3 Chrome/Hemotropin/Anabolic State/ Anabolic WIndow/Craze/andawholebunchauddaaastuff

Road to Glory Pt II will Include:
From MN: 1 XF OG, 2 XFA, 2 TFA
From SNS: 1 X-Gel, 1 TTA
From Cellucor: 1 M5, 1 P6, 1 R3, 1 Super Sport Protein (Shout out to Mike and Gerge for hooking it up yet again)
From Genomyx: 1 DCP, 1 Eviscerate (Beta Smolder Bottle)
From I-Force: 2 Hemavol (both flavor biotches)
From Nutrabolics: Package is incoming
Accessories: SNS Beta-alanine/Creatine/LeftOverRK-125 + PLCAR, LCLT,

One may say, "where da fawk you get all dat". I would say, "Thank you Cellucor & Nutrabolics first & foremost. The rest of this I have obtained over long period of time knowing that I would be doing a massive stack for a long ArA run. Everything here I got at some sort of discount or deal off of a plethora of sites.

I have run X-Factor before(Last summer) at 6 caps a day and had phenomenal results. Gained 10-15 lbs, lots of vascularity, a hell of a lot of strength, and still looked lean. I am hoping with this run I can recreate that and then some. Based on how my last set on the week 3 of my waves go, i may increase the weight slightly more than usual.

First 25 days will be 2 caps P6 morn 3 caps pre-bed
Next 50 days will be TFA

Will insert R3 prebed when the onset of DOMS from ArA begins to set in.

Right now its looking like
8 Caps ArA 45 mins preworkout
1 scoop Hemavol
1 scoop M5 Build
8 Caps DCP
1 Cap TTA
Additional LCLT & PLCAR
1 scoop preworkout (C4/M5 Ignite/Craze/Swollen)

Off days
no Ara
4 caps DCP
1 cap TTA

I am still running my Westside style 5/3/1 program with Oly lifts 3 days a week, Met Con 6 days a week, do gymnastic skills as my warm up 5 days a week and absolutely loving it. I am on week 3 of I believe my 4th wave. I will not be doing any off weeks for the rest of this log. This is because i just had 2 weeks off in Australia and with all these supps, my age and the amount I eat, I should be able to just cruise on through.

All of my lifts have been progressing very nicely except my squat which I can't seem to figure out whats happening. I am struggling with weights on my second set which makes no sense. After this week I am going to probably keep the squats at the same weight and add in a lot of accessory work for squat on both deadlift day and squat day.

Andrew Bell 08-09-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Edited
Ok, serious question time, why is there a workout log in the competition forum? Old Man Dave's log? wtheck? Seriously, move that sun of a gun!! lol

I've always wondered that.......?

Matt Thomas 08-10-2012 08:33 AM

Re: Edited
I wanted to bring everyone's attention to something. Especially those of you interested in purchasing oly shoes. Do not buy the Rogue Do Wins. I've only had them for 3 months and they're already falling apart. I do the standard stuff in them, cleans, snatches, etc. but I'm a CFer so I use them for my WADs too obviously so they see the occasional box jump, double unders, rope climb, 4 & 800m runs (no 1600m though. I'm not stupid), burpees, that kind of thing. I did some light trail running in them once because they have a good texture on the bottom, but it wasn't even anything serious. I also sometimes wear them to the mall because they're black, they say ROGUE on them and they match my jeans.

This little amount of use and after only 3 months they're coming apart. I will be emailing Bill asking for a refund and some romaleos to replace them. I hear they are much better woding shoes. You've been warned.

John C Corona 08-10-2012 09:11 AM

Re: Edited
Never use the Rogues name in vein.

I just heard that LoLo Jones was a virgin? Mhan, what a head case she must be.

Matt Thomas 08-10-2012 09:28 AM

Re: Edited
Hey man. Not my fault the shoes can't stand up to the needs of such an intense functional athlete as myself.

Don't even get me started on that last part. It will take this thread places we really don't want to go -_-

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