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Don Milliken 01-13-2003 02:08 AM

Check out for this guy's take on sports nutrition. T-mag ( has been hyping him for a while now - type Massive Eating into the t-mag search engine and you'll find his articles, Massive Eating I & II, which give the basic outline of his approach. I'll give you the bare bones of his rules here:

1. Eat protein and fat together (P+F meals).
2. Eat protein and carbs together (P+C meals).
3. Never eat protein, carbs, and fat together.
4. Never eat carbs alone.
5. Eat P+C meals for the six hours following your workout. Before your workout, eat P+F meals.
6. Consume a carb/protein drink consisting of whey hydrolysates and glucose/maltodextrin during and after your workout.
7. Carbs, proteins, and fats should come from healthy, whole sources (lean meats, low-fat dairy, beans, veggies, fruit, nuts, fish oils, etc.)
8. Calorie recommendations are VERY HIGH! I used Berardi's calculations and ended up with close to 4000 cals, and I only weigh 176lbs.

It seems that Berardi's approach is to separate carbs and fats into different meals to manipulate hormonal response. His major departure from diets like the zone is in the amount of food he prescribes - for me his calcs yield almost double what the zone would suggest.

Any thoughts?


Robert Wolf 01-13-2003 11:41 AM

Don-i brought up this issue in another thread. I have followed either this protocol or the one in Natural Hormonal Enhancement (low carb three days and then a few carb load meals). Both seem to work better for me than the standard zone protocol. Additionally with the zone one starts adding fat into the diet if you are at a disirable bodyfat add additional calories such that performance is good but bodyfat is not increased. this protocol still is lower calorie than the massive eating protocol recomended by berardi. to further complicate things I have incorperated some of the philosophy of Fred hatfields "Zig Zag" diet. Essentially a few hyper caloric days and a few hypo caloric days. If one is hypo caloric for too long you down regulate many beneficial hormone pathways but if one is hyper caloric for too long one just starts dissapating excess calories as waste heat. I think this is some of how the zone protocol works...riding the cusp between these two states.

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