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Paul Zagaria 07-23-2007 07:58 AM

Fitness and Law Enforcement
Does anyone have any information on where to find current research material re: incidence of CHF, diabetes, illness, death upon retirement, etc... relating to Police/L.E. Officers. I am currently researching material for an article I am writing relating to this subject.

Matt DeMinico 07-23-2007 09:05 PM

I heard one study on employees of major airlines and one major automotive manufacturer where if they retired at 55, they lived to like 83, if they retired at 60 they lived to like 74, and if they retired at 65, they died at 66.5.

Moral of the story: retire early.

As for law enforcement, I don't know, but that above study is literally a true story.

Andy Shirley 07-23-2007 09:52 PM


Matt DeMinico 07-24-2007 06:01 AM

It was a study done by Boeing (and other companies have done similar ones, including Lockheed), there's some info here:

The actual study (or a portion of it) is here:

Andy Shirley 07-24-2007 09:12 AM

I counter with:
"The notion that early retirement means less stress and a more relaxed lifestyle has fueled the belief that retiring young boosts longevity, Dr Tsai and colleagues wrote. However, these results indicate the opposite: Mortality rates improved with an older retirement age."

Matt DeMinico 07-24-2007 09:32 AM

Honestly, this has been a really really really pathetically crappy day, and at this point, I could care less, I just pointed out the results of the Boeing study. If people want to work their entire lives, then fine, but as for me, I've got more important things to do, and even though my job actually is of benefit to people I care about, I could be doing much better and much more productive things with my time than sit at a desk and deal with the bureacracy of a ridiculously huge organization.

Rich Stackon 07-24-2007 10:42 AM

^+1,000. I feel the same way at my job. When I am off, a huge weight is lifted. I have 12 more years to retirement, and I am counting down the days right now. The bureacracy is miserable here too...if it wasn't for crossfit, I think the stress alone at work would kill me while I was still working!! Retire early, live a happier, more relaxing life.

Andy Shirley 07-24-2007 09:03 PM

Sorry you had a rough day. I just pointed out results of another study, no need to take it personally. Hope you feel better! And believe whatever study makes you feel better about your choices relating to work.

Matt DeMinico 07-25-2007 06:32 AM

I'm fine, it's just the way companies treat people nowadays (and the way people let companies get away with it because they need to keep making payments on their ridiculous debt), it's no wonder people are dying left and right.

John Mark Trower 07-26-2007 06:01 AM

This reminds me of the statistic that more people die while playing golf than any other sport. Is golf inherently dangerous? No, it's a game many people play well past age 70; they're more likely to die wherever they are, and thus the higher mortality rate for the sport.

The study didn't address WHY people worked extra years, and more importantly the mortality of people who don't retire at all. Rush Limbaugh's grandfather worked daily at his law firm past the age of 100.

I'd also like to see the mortality of people who love what they do as opposed to those who hate their job. I suspect that stat would be more instructive.

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