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Neil Duncan 08-09-2008 11:12 AM

Diet making sweat salty?
Well I've been zoning for a while now but moving more towards just 'going with what i feel i need' as I start to learn more about my body and correct nutrition.. (thanks to help from people like George) I find myself needing less carbs than I thought I would now I'm upping my fat a lot more, and my fitness feel great (I managed a 15 min full on nogi spar last night after a gruelling 2 hour MMA sparring session)..

But during said session I noticed that when I was literally dripping with sweat (for some reason it pours out of me now more than ever lol - increased muscle mass?) It was actually stinging my eyes later on in the session...

Would the change in diet cause this do you guys think? Or could there be some other reason?

Sean Dunston 08-09-2008 01:31 PM

Re: Diet making sweat salty?
#1 - I am just a super sweaty guy - it doesn't take much... any WOD and I will sweat for maybe 10-30 minutes afterwards.

#2 - I Zone. I have not noticed an increased salinity to my sweat since - it is always pretty salty and it does sting my eyes when I let it get in them

#3 - Be careful regarding dehydration. If you did 2 hours of rolling, then another 15 minutes of serious sparring, and your sweat (and more likely, urine) was highly concentrated, you need to REPLACE that salt in your body. That is why race volunteers hand out salt packs t the racers at long races (10k and over).

PS - best of luck with the Zone! Stick with it and you should see your performance numbers soar!

Neil Duncan 08-09-2008 01:41 PM

Re: Diet making sweat salty?
Interesting, never thought of the salt issue from such a long spar.. will have to look into good ways of getting salt into me.. salt packs can't be cheap lol

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