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Sam Rincon 06-19-2016 01:11 PM

Looking for someone to take a chance on me....

If you're have interest in my post please watch and listen to this video first.

Im not sure how this will be recieved on here but I'm looking for someone to help me become a competitive crossfitter from the ground up. I was trying to do my own research and build my own programming which led me to Bergeron's page and his explanation of an athlete he took a chance on is what led me to this idea. He gave him an endurance program and the guy went from not being able to run 200m to training with some competitive athletes in about 6 months (not saying that time frame applies to me) I can run 200m so no worries but I believe Im still just a little above a beginner. What Bergeron did is exactly what Im looking for. Give me goals, set expectations to meet in a certain time frame so I can show you my dedication and that I can actually do it. If I can't find someone thats willing to take a chance on me Im just going to follow Bergerons programming and alter it to my current limitations. I dont mind being someones guinea pig if there's a person out there with real knowledge trying to build their resumé as a coach. I'm trying to start as soon as possible.

Give me a shot and I'll give you all I got.

Ben Kissam 06-25-2016 07:54 PM

Re: Looking for someone to take a chance on me....
As far as competitive CrossFit programming goes, I don't have a ton to offer you there. I've coached CF for a few years and have okay numbers, but not much in the way of Games programming.

What I can offer, however, is Goals Coaching and accountability. My coaching practice is built for goal achievement through the "inner" workings- specific strategies in the form of perspective and belief shifts.

If you're willing to set the specific physical goals you're trying to reach, I'd be happy to work with you. I've worked with several CrossFit athletes already and they have seen some significant results.

Feel free to PM me or check out my email from the link in my sig if you're interested. Good luck!

Camille Lore 06-27-2016 09:00 AM

Re: Looking for someone to take a chance on me....
I'm not excited about where this thread is going. We don't allow marketing on here.

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