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Ben Kaminski 07-21-2005 07:07 AM

My health insurance provides a certain amount of money per year that is used to pay for blood tests, checkups, and those sorts of things. While the amount can roll-over into the next year, I would like to order a run of tests before the year is up just to use the opportunity. I have some idea of what things I would like to check, like fasting blood sugar, testosterone, thyroid indicators, blood lipids, but what might I be forgetting? Lead, mercury, other heavy metals or toxins? Bone density? By preparing this in advance I hope to get the most information possible from my visit.

Ron Nelson 07-21-2005 09:11 AM

This is just me talking, but I get a complete physical every couple of years. They test everything (yes, there too!) and give me an EKG. My blood panels usually cover the normal things like lipids, cholesterol, liver function, thyroid, stuff like that. Your doctor will recommend stuff based on your family profile. If you want to have some fun, ask for a treadmill test and see what level you get to.
3 years ago, I got to level 6 or 7. Better than some firefighters the doc tested!
As for the bone density; you're 23. I seriously doubt you have issues there, unless there's family history.

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