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Mike Howard 07-26-2008 01:34 PM

Mike's Workout Log
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I've been crossfitting for a couple of years. gradually becoming more strict in my WOD's. Starting this log to document my fitness level, and document my progress.

[B][COLOR="Red"][U]Today's WOD[/U][/B]
Overhead Squat 65 lbs

[B]Score: 9:50[/B][/COLOR]

Couldn't do overhead squats with 95 lbs so I scales it back. I'll have to build up to it.

Burpees were tough. Really got my heart pounding![/FONT]

Mike Howard 07-27-2008 10:36 AM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
Sunday July 27, 2008

3 rounds for time
50 sit-ups
50 straight leg dead lifts with 40 lbs (substitute for back extensions)
800 meter run

[B]Score = 28:38[/B]

This is the WOD from Friday. Did this one in my driveway / neighborhood. The run was the toughest part. My legs were sore adn tight from yesterday's WOD. Hven't run in a while so I should be able to improve on this.

Mike Howard 07-29-2008 05:58 PM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
June 28, 2008

Rest day. Played baseball today. Over 40 league. Wasn't pretty. We lost 8 to 0. 2 plate appearances. Base on Balls and Hit by Pitch. Made a nice backhand play at third base. Legs are sore from Crossfit.

Vanessa Sisson 07-29-2008 06:03 PM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
Hi Mike! Had to say hi since you are obviously a Red Sox fan. I have a friend that lives in Boston and he is Red Sox crazy. I think he's going to a game tonight. Do you workout out on your own or in a globo?

Mike Howard 07-29-2008 06:05 PM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
[B]Tuesday July 29, 2008[/B]

Crossfit Total
Overhead Squat = 135 lbs
Deadlift = 250 lbs
Squat = 225 lbs
Total = 610 lbs

This was my first CFT. I did it at a Globo Gym. I didn't have a spot, so I couldn't push it too far, especially the overhead squat. It's a goo baseline. Next time I'll shoot for 650 lbs. We'll see how much I feel this tomorrow.

What's a good CFT? I'm 44 yrs old and weigh 195 lbs. Is there a target relative to body weight?

Mike Howard 07-29-2008 06:11 PM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
I belong to a couple of globo gyms. one near work and one near home. I'm the only crossfitter at either. Although I've recently mentioned Crossfit to a few people and they've checked the web site and asked to try a workout with me.

I'm a major red sox fan. O go to their fantasy baseball camp every winter. On Monday, I'm playing a camp reunion game at Fenway Park.

Mike Howard 07-31-2008 04:21 PM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
[B]Wednesday July 30, 2008[/B]

Rest day!

Mike Howard 07-31-2008 04:23 PM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
[B]Thursday July 31, 2008[/B]

3 Rounds for time:
400M runn
21 kettlebell swings with 35 lbs
12 pullups
[COLOR="Red"][B]Score = about 15 minutes (no stopwatch!)[/B][/COLOR]

Mike Howard 08-02-2008 10:09 AM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
[B]Friday August 1, 2008[/B]

Rest day!

Mike Howard 08-02-2008 10:12 AM

Re: Mike's Workout Log
Saturday August 2, 2008

Maximum Rounds in 20 Minutes:
3 pullups
6 pushups
9 squats

[B]Score = 17 rounds
This was my personal best. Did it after playing baseball for 3 hours! Pullups are getting easy. My kipping has improved by doing the drills / progressions shown in the videos on the web site.

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