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Guy Erez 10-02-2010 09:30 AM

New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
Hey guys,

Currently am 16 years old, about 6-6'1 ft tall, weighing at about 195-200 pounds, I did some weightlifting, but with no serious diet etc but for a fair while, so I'm not a complete beginner, yet I had no endurance or general sport involvement so at least on the endurance side, I pretty much suck.

I will be going to the army in about 2 years, I'm aiming high so I need to get to some real good shape, mostly on the endurance side, combat style, a lot of running walking.. mainly endurance, but some strength-power is important.. thats why I want to try CF since it seems to involve the best of all worlds.

Now, for the target I mentioned, would the WOD be enough? or should I go on something a little different?

I would be glad for some help.

I want to also mention I'm going to the gym, though squatting is out of the option, we neither have a stand/rack nor a safety cage.. and we don't have kettlebells, yet I can manage to deadlift, bench press, overhead press, pull-ups etc.

Thanks in advance guys.

Carl Amolat 10-02-2010 09:35 AM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
Welcome my friend. Or Shalom.

For military specific fitness tips I recommend looking at [URL=""] (w/f/s)[/URL] and [URL=""]CrossFit Endurance (w/f/s).[/URL]. Both sites have some very solid advice and the CFE program has both strength/condtioning and a unique approach to endurance training that could be helpful.

Eric Montgomery 10-02-2010 10:47 AM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
WOD + maybe a little extra strength work + get used to hiking with a pack and flak jacket.

If you don't have a squat rack how about front squats and OHS? As long as you can power clean the weight up you can FS it, and if you can clean then back-rack it then jerk it overhead you can OHS it. Still probably won't be able to go to 1RM weights but you could go fairly heavy.

Guy Erez 10-02-2010 03:29 PM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
Hey guys,

Thanks for the good advice.

I think I will go with the WOD routine of CFE, should I start with about 4 days a week? or should I start with the 6 days a week with low intensity at first?

And another important thing.. well my gym quite sucks (the lack of a plausible stand emphasizes it pretty clearly) and well, except a deadlift, bench press and overhead press, (I know how to do them properly), the power clean might be problematic, its a pretty small (yet expensive) gym.. and since I will be doing my workouts after school, there's going to be tons of people there, and learning how to power clean, or even executing it properly in the gym would be a huge problem, is it really that important? if so I will need to learn how to clean first, then thinking how to somehow execute it with a 6 feet barbell, without killing anyone (myself included).

Thanks again!

Carl Amolat 10-02-2010 03:46 PM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
My .02 cents: Follow the CFE website recommendations as a single sport athlete (running) or a multi sport (running and swimming) if you intend to go for something that involves swimming (i.e. Gibush for S-13). Ease into it to prevent overtraining.

Here's a sample program, similar to my own:

M: CFE Strength and Conditioning WOD plus run (or swim)
T: CFE S&C WOD plus run (or swim)
T: Rest
F: CFE S&C WOD plus run (or swim)
S: 60-90 minute long slow distance run (basically a pace you can hold a conversation) or ruck (pack march with about 35 lbs to start with - increase weight as you get stronger).
S: Rest

If you're a single sports athlete, meaning no swimming is involved in your intended military selection, then take one of the run (or swim) workouts in the suggested training program, and just do the strength and conditioning WOD.

Guy Erez 10-03-2010 08:15 AM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis

It seems your quite familiar with expressions in hebrew like gibush, (and a fair knowledge knowing what S-13 is), may I ask is it some general knowledge or something beyond that?, (I'm asking since, it makes sense I know Delta force, Navy seals etc.., but I assumed not a lot of people knew about the Israeli special forces).

But enough BS, I think I would follow your advice, I won't be aiming for swimming since I'm not looking to get to S-13, you need to really love the sea, and well.., I don't, so its out of the question.

So I will take the single sport athlete, and make a training routine quite similar to yours (maybe a little change in the day's order).
Just about the long walk (the 60-90 minutes one), filling a school backpack with some stuff in it should do the trick?, and do you mean a slow paced walk or a pretty fast paced one?

And what about the power clean, is it indeed that important I should make a great effort to learn it and somehow execute it (hopefully not killing anyone on the way)?, if so I think I would take Eric's advice and power clean to front squats, it won't be as good, but it would be plausible.

I really appreciate your help, and I hope you will excuse me for my long replies (and my english which might be problematic).

Thanks a lot guys.

Carl Amolat 10-03-2010 08:28 AM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
Well my familiarity with Israeli Spec Ops is largely from documentaries we've had in the States and from my own study of military history. I recently polished off Brotherhood of Warriors by Aaron Cohen which detailed his time with the Israeli Unit Duvdevan (sp?). And I've heard stories about gibush in various media over the years. In the west there is a rising knowledge of Israeli special forces. Just look on wikipedia and you'll see articles that mention things about various Israeli military uits.

By all means change the program to suit you. Just remember don't start too fast and rest and recovery is just as important as beasting the heck outta yourself.

As far as the ruck is concerned I recommend purchasing a hiking or military surplus pack. Putting about 35 lbs worth of stuff in it is good but be sure it's stuff you can use if possible (i.e. sleeping bag/change of clothes/extra boots and the like). Also be sure you carry water with you. I train in a desert environment as well and know this to be the fact. Either a Camelbak (back mounted water system) or a big water bottle is a must. As for pace just start with a regular paced walk. Be sure you have a good pair of boots (either hiking or surplus military boots - caveat make sure they fit you).

I also recommend finding a buddy with similar goals to you. You can challenge one another and help each other out.

And if you're curious here's my training program: [URL=""]My Training Log (w/f/s).[/URL] Use it how you will for guidance. Just to clear up a few things the Wendler 5/3/1 approach is explained in these articles: [URL=""]Wendler 5/3/1 (w/f/s)[/URL] and [URL=""]Wendler 5/3/1 execution (w/f/s).
There are also plenty of military veterans from all over the world on this board. Many with far more experience than I. Seek their counsel as well.

Guy Erez 10-03-2010 11:19 AM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
Thanks a lot, its great to hear you take great interest in the Israeli army among army history in general.

I think the most difficult thing to do would be to actually execute all those exercises, I pretty much know how to deadlift, bench and overhead press, the rest is going to be tricky, point is, until I learn all those lifts, should I try to substitute them with other lifts I know?

The Wendler routine seems quite interesting, yet he mentions the squat there, and the maximum I can do is learn how to clean and front squat with it (or leg press...), so I need to think what can I do about those lifts for the meantime.
You got any advice concerning the new exercise issue and the squat?

P.S- I need to think how I can put 35lbs of stuff I can use.. I presume most of the stuff would be worthless, except maybe a bottle of water (unless I go hiking or something).

Thanks again, I hope I'm not too much of a bother.

P.P.S- you mentioned the CFE "suggested training programs" you refer to the one's on the home page, (which I think is the WOD) or to something else?

Carl Amolat 10-03-2010 11:53 AM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
Nothing wrong with putting something like a couple big phone books or something for weight but be sure your vital stuff (cold weather gear/sleeping bag/cell phone/water) is the top of the list.

The CFE suggested training program would be the running twice a week and doing the S&C work four of five training days.

[QUOTE]I think the most difficult thing to do would be to actually execute all those exercises, I pretty much know how to deadlift, bench and overhead press, the rest is going to be tricky, point is, until I learn all those lifts, should I try to substitute them with other lifts I know?[/QUOTE]

Use what you know and see if you or better still your parents can help you locate qualified trainers in other lifts.

Guy Erez 10-04-2010 07:20 AM

Re: New to CF need combat-endurance emphasis
Thanks again,

Let me know if I got it right, in the meantime until I will learn the complicated lifts, I will follow the S&C workout style just substitute it with things I know which seem to work on the same muscle group?

In my S&C workouts, do I add running? or the running days are purely for running?

for example

Sunday: S&C
monday: running
tuesday: S&C
wednesday: rest
thursday: running
saturday: rest

or is the running combined with the S&C days (then it would be like the routine I described above just that the running days become pure S&C days without running)

Bottom line is, are the S&C days supposed to be sometimes combined with running? maybe always? or never?

Would 2 running days be enough?

is the routine style mentioned above the order of things is alright? Or there's a problem with having a S&C after a running day or vice versa.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

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