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Morgan McGaha 08-28-2010 08:01 PM

Diary of a Fat Troll
Well, since i am motivated enough(more like bored and have nothing else to do) , I'm gonna start to log my road to recovery.

Near the end of April 2010, I started to get sinovitis and patellar tracking issues in both my knees, severely in my right. Come May, I could barely walk and was not able to go up or down stairs, let alone work out. I was training for a marathon with my roommate and starting powerlifting at the same time (I am a noob powerlifter, only done it for about 4 months). Bad combo.

Since my little overtraining accident, I have gone from weighing 175lbs, 315lb squat, 385lb deadlift, 205lb bench to weighing 195lbs, 0lb squat, 185lb deadlift (first attempt in four months, lots of pain), and 235 bench.


1: [B]Be able to run a mile again.[/B] I dont care what the time is, I just want to be able to run again. The last run I did was 15 miles in a little over two hours. Pretty good for a troll with short legs, IMO.

2: [B]Be able to squat again![/B] Squatting is addicting. I love it and miss every moment with it.

3: [B]Lose the fat I gained.[/B] I dont care if I have a six pack or not. I just need to lose the weight. It doesnt help with the knee recovery having the extra 20lbs or so.

4: [B]Get my cardio back to where it was before the knee SNAFU[/B]

5: [B]Break 1000 by the end of the year. [/B] I had 905 and would have been over 1000 by now if I hadnt been so gung ho. I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

6: [B]Start doing Crossfit at the gym[/B]. 'Nuff said.

Im gonna post up some really embarrassing pictures of my fat self some time in the near future.

Now, for the log itself.

Morgan McGaha 08-28-2010 08:11 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
Today my knee was feeling okay. Not the best, but not the worst.

I am limited to what i can do, so dont troll me by saying "thats not crosfit blah blah blah."

[B]The workout:[/B] (Im following a little program by louie simmons to make my bench better, since thats all I can do):

[B]Bench:[/B] 145lbs 8x3 (only did 6x3, my left shoulder was killing me. I gotta fix that.)
[B]DB Bench:[/B] 60lbs 3x5 (again, shoulder hurt, dont know WTF is wrong)
[B]One Arm Row:[/B] 60lbs 3x8 (feels easier on the left than right.)

My knee was killing me around that time so I decided to skip the rest and go to crunches, since racking and un racking weight doesnt help.

Crunches: 3x25 (pitiful, but I did them. I need to plan my ab stuff better).

Then I stretched, and it felt damn good.

Overall, I need to work on abs. Tomorrow, Im gonna do cardio on the bike. If i am feeling spunky, Im gonna make the row machine my b1tch.

Morgan McGaha 08-29-2010 05:55 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
The knees were killing me today, again. I have done alot of walking and standing since I got to college. My knees no like. I have not been icing them either, even as i have ice next to me. Lazy. Anyways.

I did 10 mins of pathetic bike :(. I had 60 mins planned, but the knees said otherwise. I swear, if my knees were actual people, I would gladly kill them.

Tomorrow, is heavy bench day. I am also gonna sort out the little shoulder issue.

For now, I ice my knees. :cool:

Suzanne Campbell 08-29-2010 07:27 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
Ok Morgan, the name of your log is bugging me. Don't be hatin on yourself like that. Injuries can derail anyone's progress. Be proud that you're on your way back to CF awesomeness! :highfive:

Morgan McGaha 08-30-2010 03:29 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
Lol, Im not hating on myself. I would much rather be fat, happy, and squat 900lbs than skinny, have a 6 pack, and have chicken legs. The title is kind of an inside joke between me and my brothers.

Injuries do suck. But hey, it has made me appreciate being healthy waaaaaayyy more than I ever have. In a weird, twisted way, the injury was a good thing. Ill tell ya, nothing makes you appreciate being normal more than a knee injury.

Morgan McGaha 08-30-2010 03:45 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
Good news for today! Little to no shoulder pain! The knees were bleh, like usual.

Todays workout went soooo well! I was still jacked up on adrenaline when I went to class at 1, and I finished around the workout around 12:30. Good stuff.

I watched Dave Tates So You Think You Can Bench series. Holy crap, it cured my shoulder pain. Guess what the culprit was? Bad technique. Who would have known?:rolleyes: Those videos are a miracle.

[B]The Workout: Max Effort Day[/B]

45 lb bar 3x5
75 lb 1x3
95 lb 1x3
115 lb 1x3
135 lb 1x1
155 lb 1x1
185 lb 1x1
205 lb 1x1
230 1x1 I had a tiny bit of assistance near the end. But still got it. 240 here I come!
Tricep Extensions Elbows In: [/B] 3x5 55lb My left felt more burn than my right, need to fix that.

[B]Rear Deltoids:[/B] 3x10 115lb
Strict Chin Ups: [/B]: 3 sets to failure. I got 8, then 3, then 3. I was doggin it near the end. Needs improvement.

Overall, my bench technique has improved a crapload. I have realized I need to pay more attention to my technique in things other than squat and deadlift. Why I only cared about my technique in those two is beyond me. But, the workout felt great. I was pumped up out of my mind at the end. That hasnt happened to me since before the injury. I love the lifting high!

Morgan McGaha 08-31-2010 06:13 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
The knees feel fantastic today, for once. I was able to go down stairs relatively fast, which on a normal day would make me cringe at the thought of doing so.

I AM GETTING BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, Dynamic bench day and working on bench technique. Im pumped.:pepper:

Morgan McGaha 09-01-2010 04:51 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
Todays workout went well. The bros at the gym stared at me the whole time like "wtf? Why is he touching the bar to his chest?" It was nice though, the sexy crossfit ladies were doing squats right in front of me. I love the way my gym is situated;)

My technique has improved 100 fold since watching Dave Tates vids. I need to work on pulling my shoulder blades in more and general tighness.

[B]The Workout: Dynamic Bench[/B]
Warm Up to 10x3 140lbs using 3 different grips.

Skullcrushers 3x8 60lbs

Back extensions 3x10 35lbs

Skipped shoulders due to knees

Abs: I tried to see how many i could get in 2 mins. i got 42. Pathetic. I used to be able to do double that, which is still pathetic, but hey, whatever.

Planks: 30 seconds front, 30 left, 30 right.

Overall, good workout. My bench technique is getting way better. Still needs work, but its improving. Also, need to get the abs back in shape. They are pathetic. Hopefully, starting next month, I will try running and squatting again (if the knees feel up to it, which they should).

Morgan McGaha 09-02-2010 10:12 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
Just got done with Krav Maga. My knees are improving, I can kick again! (well, softly) Kudos for me. I cant wait till next month. Squat time! Tomorrow, I am going to make 240 on the bench my bit ch.

Morgan McGaha 09-04-2010 02:44 PM

Re: Diary of a Fat Troll
Total failure yesterday. I got crap sleep and had no energy. I got to the gym and started warming up. Things were good. I got to 185, then my elbows started killing me. It was pretty bad pain. Being dumb, i went up to 205. That just made it worse. I could barely make 205, which i can do 3-5 reps of. I was so mad/depressed/frustrated from not only the pain, but not making 205, that i called it quits.

I had to ice my elbows they hurt so bad. They feel way better today, but i can still fell some residual pain. Im so ****ed this happened. First the knees, the shoulder, now this. Im gonna give bench a rest for a week, re evaluate my program and fix the elbows.

I swear im cursed when it comes to bench press. I never got a single injury from squats or deads, but bench seems to be out to get me. Im so frustrated.

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