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SHANE WERNER 05-26-2003 09:46 AM

i was wondering, if i countinue to do the WOD at a good pace and started do do an hour highland training afterwards, (normal 3 or 4 hour after the WOD i will walk about a mile or 2 into the woods by my house which is very hilly, and drag logs around, throw big rocks carry heavy logs up and down the hills and basically play intensly for an hour.) plus started following a strict Paleo diet, how much fat is it likly to burn in 3 weeks time. i know that it really depends on the intencity of the work outs and the person doing it, but im just trying to build some broad figures. thanks for any help


Dan John 05-27-2003 07:59 AM

If you can do the Workout of the Day and Highland Games training, you are a better man than I! Wow!

If you go strict paleo on this, too, I would think you would really turn into a fat burning machine. The HG stuff seems to really make my metabolism heat up...I always have this exhausted feeling afterwards, yet when you write down what you isn't very much.

Sprinting with cabers, tossing 56 pounders and throwing rocks seems to be more exhausting than one may think.

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