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Howard Wilcox 05-24-2007 10:37 PM

Hello folks,

I've had a nagging back injury since August of last year. Some have guessed SI injury and others a spinal issue.
When seeing a PT I actually failed the SI diagnostic test. It may be spine related, but it was very precisely located and didn't move so I was a little skeptical.

A chiro seemed to help, but wasn't outstanding (except for one very notable time where the pain went down by an order of magnitude).

It wasn't caused by training (embarrassing that it came from a company kickball game)...but heavy squats and deads seemed to irritate it. I actually have an old post about it. It had mostly gone away and I was back to squatting and deadlifting pretty heavy (for me, they are pitiful weights by any real comparison). But for some reason a month or so ago, it came back.

Today, in a continuing effort to figure it out, I went to a massage therapist. I told her all that and was hoping she could find some trigger points.

Holy. Crap. She suggested it might be the psoas. Ok, I'm game. To access it, she goes into the belly area. I cannot adequately describe this feeling. I felt like peeing and throwing up at the same time. It was intense. As she worked the muscle I could feel intense pain in the exact spot of the back pain. Finally, as I'm about to come off the table, it literally popped. Holy smokes what a relief.

I don't know if this was the sole issue or just part of the problem. I don't know if it will "hold"...but for now it feels much, much better.

She went on to work on a subscap injury and other stuff...but mainly that psoas thing was unreal to me.

If anyone else is having something similar, you might give this a try with a massage person.

Also, if anyone knows what I should do for followup (strengthening, stretching, etc...) please tell me. I would like this to be the beginning of the end of this so I can get back to heavy training.



Connie Morreale 05-25-2007 09:17 AM

watch the glute ham developer video with lecture. coach says some very interesting things about the psoas and lumbar distress due to bad form using the ghd for sit-ups

Wayne Nelson 06-01-2007 07:40 PM

No kidding, that psoas thing is a real treat, eh!?!. Was it on the right side? That side has the Illiocecal valve that actually refers pain to the low back. So in addition, she might also helped the IC valve, that is, if it was on the right. Does not apply to the left.

Psoas compensates for ineffective abdominals esp rect abd. Check endurance time of trunk flexion. Trunk extension endurance time should be 30% grater than trunk flexion endurance time.

Howard Wilcox 06-01-2007 08:06 PM

Nah, it was on the left. While it is much, much better...there is still some sensation in the back. Whether that is just residual fading away or the fact I haven't used heavy weight in a while (though I'm still swinging kettlebells and using the rower). Because of the chiro post I started reading DonTigney's (sp?) stuff thinking it could still be SIJD. The most painful thing now is if I sleep on my side. KB swings don't matter much (so far no heavier than 53lbs)...but if I sleep on my side, pretty sore the next morning...though it doesn't stay long. A little moving and McKenzie extension stuff and it's mostly ok.

I have no idea honestly. The psoas did make a difference though...whether it was the cause or just an indicator of the real problem remains a mystery.

And for the record, Wayne I'm thoroughly enjoying all your posts, very informative.


Wayne Nelson 06-01-2007 09:26 PM

Thanks Howard,


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