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John Christopher Kleemeier 03-08-2007 06:57 PM

WOW. Just had the best workout of my life. Inspired by 300, I went to the local YMCA and worked my butt off. I was doing man makers with 15#ers (first time ever), then worked my way onto the 20#ers. Then, after about ten minutes, this kid who I got into a fight with last year walks into the gym, while I'm going ape poop on this difficult workout. Point is, just seeing this jerk made me train harder and harder, and I think I might've scared the kid a little. I don't hate him, but kinda feel sorry for him b/c he's probably not even gonna make it through high school.

Anyways, enough bantering, I'm going to email everyone I know, and post on myspace like a billion times for people to take the (wo)Man Maker Challenge, because it will change their life.

Ps I almost met Pukie, and my heart hurts, but in a good way.

Martin Schap 03-09-2007 01:50 PM

Man Maker Challenge? I've heard several different things called man makers, though now that I think of it most of them were shots. Mind explaining for the unenlightened? Good job, whatever it is. Nothing more satisfying than having an audience when you happen to really nail a tough workout.

John Christopher Kleemeier 03-09-2007 10:23 PM

uh. Well sorry, I posted the link on my myspace bulletin, but oddly enough not here. [url=][/url]

my buddy vince did em with 55#ers today. He's going D-1 for football next year at Penn State, so he's obviously in good shape, having xfitted for a couple of years, and he said they were hard. Fun though. Yeah, it was funny working out with him today, b/c I was in band, and he was in football and just the disparity was kinda funny of how long it took to do the workout/loads used.

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