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Erin Davidson 11-07-2008 10:00 PM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength
Crazy Helen time...and man. Painstorm's not playing around. I say we do that one again sometime. I just can't stand not being better at it! :(

Patrick Haskell 11-08-2008 03:48 AM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength

Originally Posted by Jenna Rettenmayer (Post 441448)
Wow, great Helen time! that's awesome, especially after all that pre-workout stuff....looking good!

Thanks. I had to be quick with Helen. I'm doing a hybrid. It's not overtraining unless the metcon takes longer than 10 minutes. :p

Patrick Haskell 11-08-2008 05:27 AM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength

Originally Posted by Erin Davidson (Post 441480)
Crazy Helen time...and man. Painstorm's not playing around. I say we do that one again sometime. I just can't stand not being better at it! :(

I'll do it twice if you do. (OK, I'll do it twice anyways, but you can do better, so I'm guessing you will too.)

Patrick Haskell 11-08-2008 06:08 AM

More recovery logging
Haven't been tracking food portions these last few days. It's too time consuming to log to that degree, but I thought I'd log what I actually ate and what I did for recovery for the sake of my record keeping.

5.5 hours Tuesday night in the afterglow
7.5 hours Wednesday night
8 hours Thursday night
8 hours Friday night

Could have slept more each night, but the kids woke me up.

I've been feeling sore in the lower back/glutes toward the end of my 45-minute commute since I did Linda Monday. Form during Linda was solid, and I feel completely fine as soon as I get out of the car, but there's a dull ache/tightness that makes me crazy at the end of my commute.

Tuesday and Thursday: Foam rolling and SMR with tennis balls in the low-back/glutes to help recover from Monday's Linda. Thursday's session was fairly abbreviated, although I hit the low-back/glute stuff from Linda and quads from front squatting. I think I need a Lacrosse ball for the glutes, though. The tennis balls don't cut through the serious tension. I need a different tool for my hamstrings for the same reason, as even a stick won't bust through those puppies. Anybody got a suggestion?

Friday - hot tub. 105-degree water was too much for this unusually warm November, but it still felt good on the shoulders and feet.

It occurs to me that I'm eating the same thing a lot. This isn't ideal, but I think I've got bigger hurdles to overcome first.

Fasted Wednesday into Thursday - 14 hours. Didn't really plan this, but work kept me busy in the morning until my dentist appointment and despite a late dinner Wednesday, a fast happened. Fasting again today with more forethought.

Breakfast has been pretty much the same each day.
0.75-1.25 whole milk plain yoghurt
0.5-0.75 c. frozen mixed berries
1 t. spirulina
0.25 c. slivered roasted almonds
a few cups of partial-caf coffee with up to 2 ounces of cream total

2nd breakfast
2-3 eggs
with cheese and nitrate-free ham on Th & F
hard boiled on W

Lunch/snacks at work also similar
W - Turkey sandwich with lettuce on whole wheat bread with 1g sugar per slice
Th, F - antipasto plate with several ounces of turkey and/or nitrate-free ham, 2 oz. cheddar cheese, a dozen or so olives
W, Th, F - a dozen or so mini carrots, and 1/4c. homemade hummous, 2 small apples, 1 banana, 5-10 dried apricots, 1/4 to 1/2 c. roasted, 50% salted almonds or cashews, up to 1/4 c. raw brazil nuts

W - spinach salad with feta, dried cranberries, EVOO, and balsamic vinegar, beef & bean chili, 12 oz. whole milk
Th - 4 oz. tofu* and 2 c. broccoli, supplemented with 16 oz. whole milk
F - 5 oz. Chicken, 1/4 c. peas, 1/3 c. whole wheat spinach linguini :eek: (but at least it was PWO carb loading :rolleyes:), spinach salad with feta, dried cranberries, EVOO, and balsamic vinegar, 1 c. Breyer's vanilla

Aside from an over-reliance on salty deli meats, I feel pretty good about the week. I usually skip the pasta part of the meals, but I felt right last night, so I had a little.

*All food quantities wild-*** guesses. Milk quantities pretty accurate.

Patrick Haskell 11-08-2008 08:06 AM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength
Oops, one more note for completness. 1 T flax seed oil in the am (with multi-vite and vit C) and 5g fish oil in the evenings each day.

Scott Jenkins 11-08-2008 08:19 AM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength
Great work on Helen Patrick, and stormin first round, maybe if you had gone off a bit slower you might have hit the 9 minute barrier.

David Schneider 11-08-2008 09:31 AM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength

Originally Posted by Patrick Haskell (Post 441258)
PVCF joint mobility series x 2
(8x each of Dislocates, pass-throughs, OHS, side lunge, OH reverse lunge,
RDL to muscle snatch, reverse lunge curtsey, sots press)

10 chest to bar pullups (need to test max on these someday)

Ring work
5 skin the cat-dislocate to hollow hold, pike to L-hang
5 hollowhold to tuck front lever (5 seconds per position and per transition)
ring dips 9-7-7

Burgener warmup
High hang snatch x3 - 45, 75, 95, 105, 115x2+f

(Need more work here to jack up that second pull, but I think it's getting better.)

DB swings
American swing 25# x 20
One-arm swing 25 x 20 each
American swing 35 x 20, 55 x 6

Splits: 2:36, 5:51
400 splits: 1:29, 1:51, 2:12

Psyched by the Helen time considering I did not think I'd be able to hit this well. The practice swings had me tired by the end, but overall I think the technique work paid off. Almost a 2-minute improvement over July, buy that was coming off SS, so I may have been cherry picking here. Still, I had a 10-minute Helen as a goal for Fall, so check another off. :kicking0: Five down, ten to go.

Awesome Patrick! Finally busted "Helen's" ***! Sub 10 baby!

Nice ring work too my friend, that's my style... :cool:

Patrick Haskell 11-08-2008 10:09 AM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength
18.5 hour fast, but the workout started 17 hours in. That's too long for me (or at least I'm not used to it yet).

2:00 jump rope

Gymnastics work
shoulder rolls

Handstands & handstand forward rolls - freestanding less than 10 seconds, one press to handstand that I couldn't hold & needed a small jump to get started.

Get kicked off gymnastics mats - move to aerobics room to work with John Barney.

More handstand practice - up to 20 seconds of wandering wobbly freestanding handstand - stable for no more than 3 seconds at a time

Max handstand holds against wall - 1:00 belly to wall, 1:16 back to wall

Max L-sits on one aerobics step per side - 0:20, 0:20, 0:16

Still have a ways to go before the 0:30 ring or floor L-sit I want.

Heavy stuff
Back squat 45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 275x1, 285x2, 290x2, 295x1+f, 295f, 275x1+f

Food deficit caught up with me here. Each failure should have gone up, but I didn't have the dig-down strength going for me. I simply couldn't focus.

Push press 45x6, 95x5 - Who am I kidding? How about doing that metcon and then lunch. My wrist wasn't psyched for this after the handstands anyways.

No Metcon
Nope. C2 batteries are out, and the Y doesn't have spares. I took this as a sign that I should go home and eat. Maybe a metcon later, or maybe I'll just torment myself worse tomorrow.

Not a great day, but it was good to get 295 up. I've only done that on one other occasion, although I got 315 that day. 290 x 2 is a PR, too, so I can take comfort in my strength levels being generally high, even if I wasn't at my best this morning. :)

John Barney 11-08-2008 05:28 PM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength
Thanks for the help with the handstands and L-sits! Greatly appreciated.


Jenna Dodge 11-08-2008 09:55 PM

Re: Starting over with Starting Strength
Have you considered getting the trigger point therapy stuff (WFS)? It's the bomb-diggity. Seriously. It's like having your own personal massage therapist, except for it can be really painful. After using it, you get up and walk around and it's like a miracle man just descended up on your body and you can actually move. I recommend the whole-body kit. Oh, heavenly.

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