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Tirzah Harper 09-04-2006 08:57 AM

This isn't CrossFit-induced but I figured this would be a good place to ask...
My husband had a rafter fall on his arm just below the elbow from two stories up yesterday during a barn raising. The main muscle in his forearm is swollen & bruised, but the ligaments & bones all seem to be fine. It's just very stiff today.
What's the best things to do to take care of it & speed the healing? Yesterday we iced it; today we soaked it in hot water with Epsom salts. We're trying to locate some arnica to help also.

Yael Grauer 09-04-2006 09:37 AM

Yeah, arnica is good--both externally and the homeopathic (those sugar pills in the blue thing) internally. If you can't find arnica you can also use witch hazel--frozen is best.

Hot and cold hydrotherapy can help, as can dit da jow if you can find a source for it. The best formula I ever found is called "Dr. Wu's Liniment Oil" which has to be specially ordered from the Chicago Center for Psychophysical Healing. If you're into Chinese remedies, you can pick up some Zen Gu Shui, which is almost as good.

I make my own "desert dit da" by steeping some local herbs (yerba del lobo, camphorweed) in rubbing alcohol and adding kitchen spices (cayenne, mustard) and essential oils (camphor, rosemary, etc.) and anything hot and spicy to it before straining it. It takes about 2-4 weeks to reach full potency and you have to spray it on outside (it's like pepper spray) but it works really really well.

If you can find any good salves, those can help too (calendula, St. John's wort, etc.)

Gut health is important so he's getting enough vitamin K (if he's eating kale, spinach, cabbage and cauliflower he'll be fine) and enough B-vitamins help speed healing, and vitamin C of course.

I wouldn't use all of these things at once :-) just pick a couple. I get bruised a lot in martial arts so I've gotten to experiment on myself and my classmates quite a bit.

Steve Serrano 09-04-2006 12:22 PM

Tirzah, the hot cold soaks are really helpful in these cases. The first day or two is good with just ice to keep that initiall swelling down.

After that try three-a-day treatments of about 16 to 20 minutes; with 2 minutes hot, two minutes cold. As cold and as hot as you can stand. Finish with the cold. That'lll open up the blood vessels and stimulate healing/blood supply, as well as get some of the pooled blood cells out of there. The ice will keep the swelling from getting out of hand and cool it off at the end. Sometimes a compression wrap helps keep the swelling down after the contrast baths also.

I too am a fan of Vitamin "M".

Glad the rafter didn't nail him in the head! Good luck.

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