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Benjamin R. Greene 03-29-2010 02:24 PM

My Midlife Crisis
I just started Cross-Fit yesterday, but I am very excited about this opportunity. I have studied exercise and fitness all my life and have long thought that sprinters, Olympic lifters, and gymnasts have the kind of bodies I wanted to look like. The emaciated marathon runner is not an attractive role model.
I have extensive experience in martial arts and weightlifting. I have an intermittent history in exercise, but I never have been able to be consistent with my workouts. I have all the usual excuses: I'm too tired, too sore, I think I might be getting a cold, I will have a drink and hit it tomorrow, the usual.
I am making a lot of personal changes in my life, including downsizing my business and trying to change my personal habits, so I figured devoting myself to a regular program of intense physical exercise fit right in. I really hope I can find the personal discipline to stick with this program. I know I could really use it. Last week I went to an MMA gym. I dominated two fighters, but the third guy whooped me pretty hard and I ended up taking a trip to the emergency room with an arm injury. I wasn't seriously hurt, thank God, but it was a wake up call.
In addition, I went on vacation recently and had some vacation photos taken. I looked terrible, like the out of shape middle-aged man with a beer belly I am. Very motivating.
On the good side, I ranked between intermediate and advanced on my beginning CFT, so that is pretty good news. Hopefully, I can improve on that. Also, my body fat is 19.8% percent, which is on the high end of normal. I am on the Paleo diet, although I regularly cheat. :( I am 41 years old, about 200 lbs, 5'9", for the record.
So, enough about my personal issues, on to the workouts. Yesterday, I did Saturday's routine in order to have a workout "in the bank" in case I missed one due to work or travel obligations. I felt pretty good, as I did it as Rx'd at 135 all the way through.
Today's workout was instant humility. I could only do one round, with tuck jumps substituting for the double unders, and with a 54 lb kettlebell. I finished in about 10 minutes.:eek: I couldn't even do one double under, and I really tried. Even throwing a tantrum didn't help.:ranting2:
By the way, I hope someone finds some encouragement someday from my scribblings about my personal issues. Let me know if you do.

Scott Ewan 03-30-2010 01:00 AM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Hey Benjamin,

You sound quite a bit like me !
I'm 5'9" (and a half;)), just turned 40, but a bit heavier and fatter (97kg/215lb, 27% fat:yikes:), with a history of weighlifting and martial arts. And fairly incosistent too - all the same "reasons"...
I'm also trying to make some major changes (aka midlife crisis :)), only it sounds like I've been CFing a few months more.

All I can say is: stick with it.
Some days you'll feel like a firebreather, others you'll feel like you've achieved nothing. Rest assured, neither of these are true - but every day you turn up and train, and every day you eat well, you're making a difference.
Like everyone else, you'll find some WODs suit you and your experience better (I like heavy WODs for example); others will humiliate you (for me, that's anything with body weight work). But over time you will see improvements and the imbalance will even out in the end.

btw Those vacation photos you mentioned - keep them handy, but don't look at them till you've been living your new lifestyle for few months. You'll see big differences.
My son found some old photos of me recently - even though I've still got a long way to go - he was amazed at the difference.

Keep posting - it's nice to know there are other like me out there![/FONT]

Benjamin R. Greene 03-30-2010 06:19 AM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
Thanks for the encouragement! :thanx: I really needed it after yesterday and today.
I did the first two rounds at 185# and with jumping and curling up pullups. Then on round three I dropped the bar while doing the squats, so I moved the weight down to 135 to try to grind out the rest. I finished five rounds before my left arm started just screaming in pain from the arm injury last week, so I called it quits. I am sitting here at home now and it hurts to just type. I am praying my Ibuprofen kicks in as soon as possible. I am so relieved tomorrow is my rest day. If I ever get to the point where I am really able to do these routines with any sort of fidelity to the actual WODs, the guys at Valley Fight Club in Hanford where I train for MMA better run! :evilsmile
This is definitely a workout series that will inspire humility, I can tell that already. To really do the WODs as instructed, every time, would challenge world class athletes. So, how long until you noticed some real changes to your physique or performance?

Benjamin R. Greene 03-30-2010 06:25 AM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
Oh, yeah, for the record my CFT was 315 squat, 365 deadlift, and 135 press for a total of 815. Not bad for a guy who really started to focus on his fitness and diet on Feb. 23, 2010, so only a month ago.

Scott Ewan 03-30-2010 06:51 AM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
[FONT="Century Gothic"]Yep, not bad numbers there.
At least you sound as though you have them well in context though ie not getting big-headed about it.

I thought my numbers were good going into CF too (again, pretty similar to yours), but I did come from a powerlifting background.
I soon learned that they mean nothing if I couldn't string any more than a couple of pull-ups together!

To be honest, I'm happy to scale down some of my weights now, though that decision took much soul-searching. The lower weights mean I can now get more out of the WODs - keeping the work rate high.
I've acepted now that it might take me a long time to do most WODs unscaled - I think I only managed 1 this month without some adjustment.
Try not to compare yourself too much to the awesome performances in the videos - yes they can be inspiring, but they can also show you how far you still have to go. I'd have given up on day 1 if I thought I had to compete with those guys.
I focus on improving [I]my [/I]performance and that alone.
But, from your last post, you seem to know when to call it quits - smart move!
I do some strength work on other days to keep my ego happy ;)

I'm not sure I've [I]seen [/I]big changes to my physique yet, though my wife tells me the spare tyre is smaller. And I can tell that I'm 'firming' up. I guess there's still too much fat to [I]see [/I]the difference. :shrug:
Oh, and my clothes are beginning to look and feel baggy... That's really been the change since just before last Christmas. And I've probably dropped 5kg/10lbs in that time too.

Looking forward to reading your log...


Scott Ewan 03-30-2010 06:52 AM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Geez! Sorry for the (really) long reply.
I do tend to ramble...[/FONT]

Benjamin R. Greene 03-30-2010 08:53 PM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
Hey, rock on, you replies are great.... Yeah, it really opens your eyes to the truly global notion of what is "fitness". What makes a fit powerlifter doesn't help a bit on pullups, jumping, etc. It sort of underlines the challenge. I think if I can keep this up for a year, I will see great improvements. Consistency is the key. I am really happy tomorrow will be my off day. I could use it.

Scott Ewan 03-31-2010 12:02 AM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]:pepper:

Keep posting!
Looking forward to reading how you get on.[/FONT]

Benjamin R. Greene 04-01-2010 07:28 PM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
I felt great about today's workout! I did 135, 185 (F), 155, 165, 175, 185 (PR), 195(PR!). RAWR!

Benjamin R. Greene 04-02-2010 06:52 PM

Re: My Midlife Crisis
Ok, another tough workout. I did 7 pullups the first round, then negatives from then on. I did 12 pushups first round, negative by last three, 5 or 6 sit ups each round, 9 or 10 squats each round.

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