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Kyle Johnson 11-15-2005 08:37 PM

Hiya guys, I’m having a serious problem fighting at the current height/weight that I am at. I'm 5'8 and weigh in at 225. I desperately want to lose weight but I can’t ever seem to find anybody that wants to seriously want to help me to find and construct a diet to lose weight as quickly as possible while still maintaining most of my muscle mass. It’s impossible for me to fight at my current weight and would like to try and drop anywhere from 20-40 lbs in the next 4-5 months if possible. My exercise level is high it’s just that I have a crappie diet. Can anybody help or perhaps help me find a diet that could help me out?

Kristian Palaoro 11-15-2005 10:24 PM

You are probably going to be inundated with cries for the Paleo diet. It is certainly a far better way than anything resembling "crappie," and I have seen no evidence that it is other than stellar.

As for dropping fat, I recommend taking advantage of fatty acid hydrolysis to drive ATP production when you wake up. If you have had no sugars (carbs) after about 9pm, your body will burn through most of the "blood sugar" by 8-12 hours later. If you hit the light cardio (125-140 heart rate) when you wake up, you will be burning almost all fat for fuel. Any other time after eating carbs will require about 30 minutes of effort before you burn fat.

Then I'd recommend the WOD for later in the day when you have a store of blood sugars and will be able to devote the most intensity. Burning fat at 125-140 hr is the most efficient in that you burn the most fat while preserving muscle tissue, with the least effort. If you push harder, in the absence of carbs you will catabolize some muscle, but burn more fat overall. It comes down to what you want more. Your body doesn't use fat for energy as long as it has carbs.

Intermittent fasting for about 12 hours has been a very successful device, especially when used like this. Fasting for more than 24 hours will produce a fat-conservation effect because your body thinks its starving, and it will catabolize muscle instead.

30 minutes of light cardio every day before a meal will burn off about a pound of fat a week, so 5 months later would be a little over 20 pounds with no diet change. Back to diet, keep a record of everything you eat for the next two weeks. Weigh yourself now and again at the end of two weeks. Calculate total Calories in, divide by days measured to give you average Calorie intake per day. Take total weight change, multiply pounds by 3,600 Calories to find excess or deficient total Calories, and divide by fourteen. This is how many Calories you are over/under for maintaining weight. From here you can figure how to change Calories to get 1 1/2 to 2 pounds off a week. Then change what you are eating to match desired Calorie intake.

Avg Calories in per day over 2 weeks: 3100 kcal
Weight change: +1 pound
Excess Calories per day: ~257
So to lose 2 pounds a week you would need to expend ~1065 Calories per day more than you intake. You could do this here in this example with 30 minutes morning cardio plus cutting ~ 500 Calories from the diet each day. Without a detailed food journal, you're only guessing, and you did say you were serious

There are far better learned people here to tell you about the Paleo diet, so I pass it off to them. Oh, and welcome to the family.

This took an hour to write. I hate my Commodore64, I swear I'm going to buy a new computer ... next year ... maybe.

Beth Moscov 11-15-2005 10:54 PM

Kyle - for performance with fat loss - athletes zone. Read the article "getting off the crack" in the back issue of the CrossFit Journal number 38 fl=&cip= 8&cat=cfjbak&catstr=HOME:cfj:c fjbak

The author, and an outstanding athlete, Nicole, is available on these boards at times for consultation as well. Read the article. Then ask her for help in how many blocks and such you should be on. It will seem like less than you think but you WILL maintain muscle while losing fat IF you stick to the diet. I know, I keep going on and off and when I am on, I am on both in losing and in performance, and when I fall off, I am off both ways too.

And, yes, there are many on these boards who do paleo diets within the zone as well but what Coach mentions in the crossfit seminars is the athletes zone.

Larry Lindenman 11-16-2005 06:00 AM

Athletes Zone + Crossfit + MMA training + walking. The Crossfit training and Zone will achieve two goals: conditioning and performance enhancement and fat loss. I recommend eating Zone proportions 40-30-30 until you reach 5% bodyfat (for most others I'd say 5-7%). Then up the fat intake until weight loss stalls and performance increases. This ain't going to be easy. I'd say start with 18 total blocks, which would break down to 5-5-2-5-2. You will have to weigh and measure your food, no cheat days, very few cheat meals (only much later in the process). Be consistant with diet and the WOD. I do the WOD in the morning, on an empty stomach (well coffee and water). You could walk for a half hour at night to increase calories burned but...with your SSP (technique and sport specific conditioning: rolling, sparing, heavy bag, speed bag, etc.) the extra walk hardely seems necessary. You sound young, so I wouldn't put time limits on this. Skip the next fight, get into real shape by doing the WOD and losing the weight. Your performance levels will go through the roof. You will be able to train SSP harder, longer, without degraded technique, and you will be a heck of a lot healther. Read Mastering the Zone by Berry Sears, read the CFJ Zone Meal Plans, and then ask questions. Later when you are firmly established in the Zone, you could shift to more paleo foods...for now, just get into the Zone!

Taha Mohamedali 11-16-2005 02:32 PM

Kyle, Welcome!
You have officially accessed the gold mine of fitness/nutrion nuggets :-)

I'm in a similar situation myself whereby I'm trying to drop fat as quickly as possible. More sleep at night is a good thing and will keep your hormones at peak levels and allow you to recover better and burn fat better. When I don't sleep as well, I nearly always don't eat as well or work out as hard.

I know about the morning cardio, but I've never done it. I will start tomorrow, Kristian, thanks for the reminder.

In terms of Zoning, what do people recommend for fastest fat loss?
let's say Kyle is a 14 blocker. In order to drop fat faster would it be better for him to eat the 14 blocks of Carb and protien and reduce the fat blocks? Or keep the zone proportions and eat fewer blocks. What is the "sweet spot" ? We all know that we need to eat fat to burn fat, i hypothesise however that one could get better results in terms of fat loss by eating the precribed amount of protein / carb and less fat beacuse it will reduce overall calories and keep the protien & carb intakes high enough to sustain good workouts and good recovery..

I have also heard of MCTs and CLA to be effective in assisting with Fat loss, but I don't have good data I can share on this.

Kyle Johnson 11-16-2005 07:14 PM

Heya, You guys rock hardcore, thanks for all the awsome info. my only problem is I have no clue what the Zone diet is. I cant seem to find any info and I dont have access to any books at the moment. Can any of you give me a breif overview or point me twords a good book to read about it ?

Larry Lindenman 11-17-2005 06:23 AM

Taha, your Zone block Rx will get you to your desired BF% without messing around. It is based on your lean body mass and is designed to get you to a low bodyfat level without compromising LBM. Don't mess with it until you are at your desired bodyfat level, only then start adding additional fat blocks one at a time (per meal). Kyle look at Lynne's FAQs linked on the home page, check, Google Berry Sears, and BUY THE CROSSFIT JOURNAL, ISSUE 31, TITLED ZONE MEAL PLANS. I believe the CFJ is the best source. A ffew minutes searching this board, under nutrition, will give you a month of reading material!

Larry Lindenman 11-17-2005 06:26 AM

CORRECTION ISSUE 21, MAY, 2004. Sorry!

Michael J. Joyce 11-17-2005 10:06 AM

The Zone... Larry has it dead on. It has helped me tremendously. In less than three months my body has become leaner, I weigh less, yet my strength (and everything else) has increased. It's good stuff.

Robert Wolf 11-17-2005 03:46 PM

With a little tinkering one can have all the goodies Kristian, Lary and others have mentioned:
1-Use the Zone to figure out a basline of food.
2-Partition the food into protien/fat and protien carb meals as per Kristian's recomendations (looks suspiciously like the Anabolic diet or some of John Berardi's stuff).
3- Do the above with an Intermittent Fast (looks suspiciously like what we have recomended in the Performance Menu).

Many thousands of people have simply adopted the Zone, used largely paleo ingredients (meat, veggies, nuts, seeds fruit) trained the WOD 3-on-1off and easily get to ~5% body fat with an amazing levle of fitness. If you are doing MMA I'd keep a very warry eye on how you train.

Good luck! The nutrition thing is a load of fun!

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