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Cliff Miller 07-09-2011 06:20 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In


bench press using a 2 inch bamboo pole with 16 lb kettle bells suspended to it with red rubber bands. what a crazy way to bench but seemed to work wonders for shoulder rehab.

row for calories



zerker squat 265-285-300 (new pr)

amrap 12 minutes

30 12"box jump
40 air squats
20 lunges

steped on my chunk of chaulk between the first box/air squat transition and lost track somewhere late 2nd early 3rd round.

then a 2 hour cruiser bike ride in the flat valley much sun...

just getting ready for dinner....chicken on the bbq wrapped with bacon and cooked with the rotisire with yams in a cast iron wok under neath to cook the yams in chicken and bacon drippings.....can hardly wait

Perry Dean Freedman 07-10-2011 08:48 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Jim Colby;958426]Haven't had a chance to post much this week. Excellent work by all!!

Agreed. You also need to train for what your main athletic needs are. You really don't want to haul a bunch of bulky mass up Mt. McKinley. Strength to weight ratio and endurance are critical for something like that. Sounds like a spectacular adventure and a lot of fun!

Nice work and good run time.

[B][U]Tuesday, July 5 and Wednesday, July 6[/U][/B]
Busy in general and didn't have time to work out. Probably not the worst idea to take a couple of days off, although I hate doing it.

[B][U]Thursday, July 7[/U][/B]
[U]At Lunch[/U]
Ran 3 miles (first mile at 7.0 mph, second mile at 7.5 mph, third mile at 8.0 mph), then
Swam 1000M straight through. No time on the swim, since there's no lap clock at the outdoor pool. I should start wearing my racing watch.
[U]After work[/U]
Played around with the TRX suspension system and did some jump rope practice.

[B][U]Friday, July 8[/U][/B]
3 circuits of (5 DH pull-ups, 15 squats, 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, max unbroken DUs). Did 31/39(tied PR)/[B]40 (new PR) on the DUs[/B]. [I]Like a dumb-a**, I stopped and celebrated after I got #40 instead of getting as many as I could.[/I]
10 minutes of dynamic stretching
[U]Main Workout[/U]
20 minutes on the TRX trainer, working the core and legs really hard, then
2.6 mile run (289 foot high hill in the middle, 22:48). About a minute off the PR with very little effort. Ran very easy.

[B][U]Saturday, July 9[/U][/B]
Swam 1600M straight through, then drove home and
Cycled 25 miles (1300 ft of elevation gain, 1:28).
I was all set to soundly break my PR on my normal 25 mile route (with 1200 ft of climbing), when I came upon a downed tree and power line. I had to detour over a huge hill, so lost a lot of time, but still beat my old time. Different route though so I won't log the time.[/QUOTE]
Agreed. You also need to train for what your main athletic needs are. You really don't want to haul a bunch of bulky mass up Mt. McKinley. Strength to weight ratio and endurance are critical for something like that. Sounds like a spectacular adventure and a lot of fun!

True. My problem is that I think I'm grainy for everything and haven't settled on what my main sport/event is.

Deb Weber 07-10-2011 09:18 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
what happened to[B] Michelle[/B]??

[B]7_10_11 Sunday[/B]
brisk mile walk
box jumps

Jim Colby 07-10-2011 05:49 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B][U]Sunday, July 10[/U][/B]
Ran 20 miles (3:30, 650 feet of elevation gain, HR avg. 134, HR max 150, distance PR by 2 miles).

The purpose the run was to extend my "wall" and not to run fast. The targeted pace was at least 2 minutes/mile slower than my best effort. I'm targeting 9 mins/mile for the marathon in Oct and did 8:28/mile for the half marathon. I ran 4 minutes and walked 1 minute, averaging 10:30/mile. 10:30 might have been a touch fast, but not too far off my targeted pace.

I'm not gonna lie, this wasn't much fun. I didn't run until 2:30, so I think it was over 90 degrees. Two 10 mile loops with a nasty little 150 foot climb at the end of each loop. I didn't take much pleasure out of doing the hill the last time around. Overall, the first 10 miles were easy, the next 5 ok, and the last five would not be classified as entertainment. I forced myself to keep walking after this was over and stretched and rolled thoroughly. Showered and had a little nap, during which muscles I didn't even realize I had started! Anyway, I feel better now. These runs are hard but necessary and worth it.

John Burch 07-11-2011 07:43 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
9x3 bench @ 135 with bands
5 shoulder press @ 95 115 125 135

7x7 Tate press @ 35

bent over row 6x6 @ 135

Indian club work

150 jump rope
8 Bear complex
16 T2B
6 Bear complex
14 T2B
4 Bear complex
10 T2B
2 Bear complex
90 Jump rope



Pat Quigley 07-11-2011 09:57 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
We all caught a break this morning. Showers last night. It was 78 degrees this AM.

Strenght: BS: 5X240,280,315.

WOD: AMRAP for 3-2-1minutes

KB Swings,35#
Wall ball 14 lbs
Double unders.

301. I have actually been doing double unders! I treat each jump as a 1 rep.max and I have been getting more and more. :kicking0::kicking0::kicking0:

Jim Colby 07-11-2011 11:43 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B][U]July 11[/U][/B]
Swam 1600M straight thru

Valarie Wright 07-11-2011 12:22 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Perry Dean Freedman;957212]I know that long distance training is antithetical to the cross fit philosophy, but it helped speed me up Mt. Rainier last summer with ease and up Mt. Washington this past winter in deep, deep snow, and 100 mph winds. I'm starting training for Mt. McKinley for next June (if my wife doesn't give me too hard a time). Could not do this type of activity without putting the mileage in. I still think there is a place and function for distance training. There really is no substitute.[/QUOTE]

I too favor endurance; but dont consider it 'antithetical'. [URL=""]Have you seen this?[/URL]

Im not at your level, but I have been looking into this page, its WODs, and adding little things here and there into my personal workout.

[QUOTE=Bill Houghton;957792]In celebration of putting up our named WOD's and Hero workout signs yesterday, I chose to do Filthy 50 (first time).[/QUOTE]

Ok .. I just google 'Filthy 50'. Scary stuff that! Good for you! Not something Im close to doing .. yet.

Our box has a Challenge coming up 1 September .. Ive been trying to figure out what mine might be.

[QUOTE=Pat Quigley;958961]We all caught a break this morning. Showers last night. It was 78 degrees this AM.[/QUOTE]

Im in GA, and by 7am, we are already hitting 80. Yesterday, at 11am, it was 93. No rain in sight.

Best to workout in the dark.

[URL=""]Monday Morning at the Junkyard ..[/URL]

Michelle Simpson 07-11-2011 12:55 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Hi Gang!!

It's been crazy busy for me at work so not much posting time.

Workouts are as consistent as ever and I'm getting stronger!

14# wall balls 40&30 rds, 8# 20-10-5 (all 10# balls were taken)
18" box
1pd KB

5 rounds for time
12 DL
6 Push jerk

1x7 pull-ups
2-4 inches away from strict dead hangs, any day now :D

Partner WOD
10 min AMRAP
55# OHS, Row for Cals.
Combined score of 193

Deconstruct deck and haul to the street for time! I realized as I hauled load after load to the street in the 95 degree heat that CF is serving me well.

Snatch 1 rep on the minute every minute for 15 minutes.
3 @ 55#, 12 @ 65#
This was the best snatch day I've had yet. The 65# didn't get away from me not once and I realized that I can now move up in the weight without hesitation.

Michelle Simpson 07-11-2011 01:09 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Valarie Wright;956703]

Hey Deb .. whats your schedule like? Now that Im doing CrossFit everyday (two weeks now), Im looking at adding more workouts. Do you do them morning and afternoon / evening, or all at once?

[URL=""]Short yet Intense[/URL] (Lol .. for me!)[/QUOTE]

Valerie I know you didn't ask me, but this was my experience.

I started CF 1 year ago, coming from a basic body building style program 3 days a week with HIIT cardio 3 days per week. I had always trained early am 5 days a week and then a slower active rest run on the weekend. Once I started Crossfit I decided to keep up the 5 days on 2 days off. However, it's been a year now and I'm doing more and more of the WOD's rx'd. I'm 48 and a mid week rest day is starting to become a requirement. Depending on the length of the morning WOD I might do some light cardio later in the day as stress relief if I have time as long as it doesn't cause me to fatigue and start struggling on heavy load WOD days.

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